5 Tips for how to stop biting Finger Nails

Biting finger nails is a bad habit that is hard to stop. Unlike smoking, no one else will suffer from this habit but the one that can’t stop biting the nails. This makes it even more difficult to stop, but once you realize what you stand to gain if you stop biting your nails you will find it easier to follow through with a method or technique.
Here are 5 ideas and tips to help you stop biting your nails now, read them and get inspired to quit the habit that has haunted you since childhood!

1. Make a Decision

The very first thing is to make a decision and be serious about it. Forget about all the times that you tried without any success. It is a well-known philosophy that if you truly believe that you can do something you will be able to do it. Just think about the people who know how to chop bricks with their bare hands. If they were to stop a second and think they might fail the result will be a crushed hand. This is the same in any area of life so take a deep breath, tell yourself that you are worthy of healthy nails and that you can do this!

2. Decide which Method

There are plenty of great methods for stopping nail biting and you need to find one that feels right to you. One example is using a nail deterrent like Mavala Stop. You can read a review of Mavala Stop here on Expertmom. This cure will make it hard for you to bite your nails because the deterrent tastes awfully. If you think you need something extreme and powerful like Mavala Stop you can go for it but there are also other techniques.

3. When a Reminder is enough

Sometimes it is enough to use some sort of reminder. If you don’t want to use any chemicals to stop the nail biting you could simply use gloves. It will look a bit funny but when you wear the gloves you are reminded of your commitment to stop the nail biting. To some, a colorful nail polish will also do the trick and serve as a reminder not to put the hands in your mouth.

4. When a Reminder is not enough

If you can’t make it with a reminder you can also work with rewards. This means that if you manage to leave your nails alone, long enough to see a white moon, you get some sort of present. It can be wise to relate this present to your hands and get something like a new and fancy ring. Make sure that you celebrate every victory and make it fun to beat the habit. Use nail polish to make your nails look better.

5. Don’t give up!

You will have to be very patient with yourself. Nail biting is in many ways tougher than smoking. The hands and nails are there and no one will ever bother you with your biting. Just remember that people will see your habit as a sign of weakness. This might hurt your chances for a new job or even a date so keep this in mind when you try to quit. If you fail it is never too late to try again. Tell yourself that you are a human being and it is allowed to fail. The one who never stops trying can’t fail, sooner or later you will get there so keep your chin up, and try one more time!

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