Can adults get pinworms from children?

Pinworms can make anyone feel tired. You wash and clean, and you use special methods to get rid of pinworms and yet they keep coming back. Suddenly you start to feel itchy and you wonder if you could have caught the pinworms from your child. It is disgusting to think about it but the truth is that an adult can get pinworms just like a child. The eggs are miniature and you won’t see if they are on your clothes, the couch, the table, a kitchen tool your child played with and so on…

I think I got them!

If you think you got the pinworms from your child you don’t have to feel alarmed about this. Pinworms are not dangerous and a grownup should be able to get rid of them fast. Make sure to increase your hand hygiene and especially when you treat your children for pinworms!

What to do…

If you are not crazily addicted to long finger nails it can be a very good idea to trim them short while dealing with pinworms. Long nails have a tendency to host all sorts of bacteria and unless you use a brush to clean them with each time you wash your hands, chances are that you have the pinworm eggs stuck under there.

Try to keep your hands out of your mouth! Even if you got the pinworms, you should be able to get rid of them by simply washing with soap and water for a few days and not give them the chance to get back into circulation. You can always use one of the treatments for pinworms that you offer your children. These will be just as effective on you.

Is it pinworms?

If you experience itching you might just be imagining. This is very common and it happens a lot when the kids get infested with lice. In fact, it is enough to speak about lice to feel an itch in the head so consider that you might be acting the same way with pinworms. It could be pinworms but don’t stress checking this out. If you just raise your level of personal hygiene to the strictest for a few days the itching should go away.

If it makes you feel better you can also do a quick rinse with the standard tools for colon cleanse that you can get over the counter in any pharmacy. However, don’t try this on your child as it might be a very frightening experience that serves no purpose when there are so many effective and easy methods for how to get rid of pinworms in children!

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