Can I treat Pinworms with Soap and Water?

Pinworms are very common and the good thing is that they are not dangerous. They won’t harm your child if they are treated witin reasonable time. Pinworms are difficult since they create a lot of discomfort which makes it hard for the child to sleep and concentrate. The constant itching can drive anyone crazy and when you realize that it is pinworms again you start to sigh and wonder if you should give medication again.

The chemical medication against pinworms is a pretty strong concoction which works effectively and if you had to use it once it is not much to talk about. But what happens when your child has the pinworms for the umpteenth time? You don’t want to continue with the medication so you start with natural treatments, some expensive in the nature store and others straight from your fridge.

If you wonder if you can treat pinworms with soap and water the answer is YES! Yes, it is possible to treat pinworms with soap and water but this demands a few conditions and these are:

You must have the time to wash your child’t bottoms when they are itching, night and day!
Your child must be old enough to understand not to touch their bottoms but come to you for a shower when it is itching down there.
You must have enough clean laundry to switch underwear, pants, and bed wear several times a day.

Does this sound like a lot of fuss? It is, but the great thing about treating pinworms with soap and water is that you don’t have to wait a month to see the results like with some of the natural remedies. As long as your child can cooperate on not touching the bottoms and you are willing to wash day and night, the problem can go away with this method. If you are 2 parents you can take turns in the nights when there will be a lot of service required since this is the time when the worms set out to lay their eggs.

Arm yourself with patience and go through the strategy with your child. A child around the age of 4 should be able to understand what you are trying to accomplish and be willing to cooperate to get rid of the itching. Good Luck!

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