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Review of Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat

Graco products are known to be durable and practical. For example, the Graco strollers with matching infant seats are popular all over the world. So what about the Graco Nautilius 3-in-1 car seat which would be the seat that you replace the infant basket with? Most reviews of the Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 are in the positive but there are a few issues that you need to know about before you make the decision is to go for it or not. Don’t forget that this is the kind of car seat that you will be using for a while and maybe even pass on between children so it is important to make a wise and informed purchase.


For a safe car seat this is a good choice. Not only does it meet all security requirements it has also proven over and over in real life that it protects children as it should. People who went through car accidents while their child was seated in a Graco car seat came out of it with a child without a scratch. We all hope to never have to meet this kind of situation but a car seat must be prepared for it and the Graco 3-in-1 is!

For what Ages

The Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 has the grat advantage of being suitable from age 1 to 10. Yes, it is all about adjusting it to the right size so this is a chair that you can enjoy for many years to come. Maximum weight supported is 100 pounds and minimum 20 pouns and the chair has 3 position of recline to make it comfortable for long and short trips.


This chair has memory foam so kids sit and sleep in it very well. There is also a cup holder which comes in handy when you all get drinks and you just know that this means a mess in the back. Well, now it doesn’t have to! Part of the comfort part of a review of the Graco 3-in-1 car seat is your comfort when installing it.

You don’t have to be a technical wiz to get it done but make sure to save the instruction manual. Sooner or later you will want to take the seat out of the car for a cleanup and then it is good to see how it is supposed to be put back together again for maximum safety and comfort. By removing the back of this car seat you get a booster seat and this is easily done and will save you money on buying a booster seat separately.


The design and look of the Graco 3-in-1 car seat is a matter of taste. Some find it very nice looking while other parents find the design a bit on the dull side. This seat does not take as much space as many other chairs which is something to consider. The chair has a bit of a bulky look in the pictures but when you place it in the car you see that the impression is actually a spacious one which is also important, the big picture that is!


The Graco 3-in-1 car seat is one of the few high quality car seats in a price range below $200. To get the best price you should get it from Amazon. They are by far the cheapest place to buy and you get exactly the same thing as if you would have wasted time on going to a baby store. When you are done with your research and have decided to get the Graco 3-in-1 car seat you should simply get it online from Amazon!

Review of Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

Do you need an educational toy for your baby? The Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes is an excellent idea and the fact is that parents all over the US are raving over this toy. The concept is really pretty simple but the effects are an entertained and stimulated baby and that is not always an easy-come-by! Read more in this Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes…

What is the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes?

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes is really just a small toy with a handle and many buttons. It is perfectly fitted to the grip of your child and when the buttons are pressed classical music of Mozart, Vivaldi, Rossini and Chopin. The music is designed to fit children and the volume is also pleasant and suitable for their ears. As the music plays, colorful lights dance over the screen on the toy to also stimulate some visual activity.

Good Idea for Car Rides

When your child sits in the car seat you can hand him or her the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes. Parents reviews of Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes all talk about this situation and how much it helps to have a toy like this. No more crying in the back seat when you have a toy like this to offer. This is safety for everyone! You stay focused on the road and your child on the Baby Einstein and the classical music makes everyone relaxed and easy.

For Babies and Toddlers

Both babies and toddlers love this toy so you might want to get 2. It is a very good gift idea for any younger child and it will be appreciated by the whole family. Just make sure that it includes batteries. For this purpose it is better to buy it online with Amazon where no one test played the toy till the batteries died.

With Amazon you also get the best price and conditions for your Baby Einsten Take Along Tunes.

Review of Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether

Vulli Sophie theGiraffes Teether is a great teething tool and also very cute. Most people find giraffes sweet and appealing and this is truly one special giraffe. It is also perfectly kosher for those who need that. Before you order your Vulli Sophie for your child or as a gift you should read this review of the giraffe teether and get some more important information. Read on and learn all of the important details for Vulli Sophie the Giraffe teether tool!

What do Kids Say?

Babies and toddler love Vulli Sophie and bring her everywhere. You will find your child sleeping, eating and playing with Vulli. The designers of this teether had taken the teething toy concept further by making it a real toy. Forget about teething rings shaped like fish or animals this is something different and your child will notice. Since it is a real toy the child will naturally bring it along and that is why it becomes so useful and effective.
Parents have even reported that their children’s first word was “Sophie”, but this could be because of relieved parents repeating the name of the remedy!

How Much Chewing is OK?

Like with any teething tool you need to know that it is safe for your child. Some parents have reported that their avid gnawers managed to chip off the paint from Vulli Sophie the Giraffe and they were worried for the child’s health. Don’t worry! Vulli Sophie is colored with natural non-toxic food colors and your child can wear off the color without risks!
Just how worn your giraffe will get is hard to say in a general Vulli Sophie the Giraffe review like this. Some kids don’t gnaw and bite as much as others and for these the giraffe lived on to be part of the toy box for many years. For children that need to chew a lot you might want to get a new Vulli Sophie at some point.

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe as a Gift
Vulli Sophie is a wonderful gift for a baby shower or birthday. The child will love it as well as the parents so you just can’t go wrong with this toy. If you have completely stalled for gift ideas for a baby that is still into biting and chewing at things this is the solution. Vulli is a good idea for a baby a few months old as well as for a toddler.

Where to Get it
You can get a Vulli Sophie the Giraffe teething toy in any toy and baby store but Expertmom recommends getting it from Amazon. This will give you the best price and also easy shipping and delivery. See the link below for your Vulli Sophie and have a happy teething period!

Is Baby Bjorn That Bad?!

Baby Bjorn baby carriers have been rumored to be bad and Moms all over the world discuss whether the Baby Bjorn is that bad. Now, first of all, let’s get things straight; Baby Bjorn is NOT bad! The question is if a Baby Bjorn carrier is good for you and not if it is bad. Ask anyone that used Baby Bjorn for child after child and they will tell you it is a life saver. So you really need to estimate if this carrier fits your needs for baby wearing.

The Sporty Choice

A Baby Bjorn front carrier is a very sporty choice. The design is sturdy and you can move really nicely with your baby safely attached to your body. This is probably why many men feel that the Baby Bjorn Active carrier is a great choice. If you want your man to do that carrying you might see better results by getting the Baby Bjorn rather than a sling or body wrap.


Don’t expect to breastfeed while wearing your baby in the Baby Bjorn carrier. This will not work out! However, this type of carrier is excellent for after feedings when you want to get things done and make sure that your baby digests the food well while relaxing in an upright position. Again, this is also a great opportunity to hand baby and carrier over to your partner.

What About Your Back?
People who claim that the Baby Bjorn is bad might have had pains in their backs from it. If you are not used to carrying a lot and come straight from pregnancy and birth to suddenly lift many kilos a day without breaks you can expect to feel this. Be careful and avoid strange movements while wearing your baby. Hanging the laundry can wait till you have free movements of arms. It really shouldn’t be all that strange to consider that you might want to slow your regular pace down a bit.

Eventually you’ll be back to the routines of the household chores. Meanwhile, enjoy your new baby and leave the laundry to later! Moderate use of a Baby Bjorn carrier should be a good idea for most so if you think that you’ll be fine using it for walk, burping and late fuzzy nights it is a good choice and indeed something very good!

Review of Baby Monitor Philips Avent DECT

The Baby Monitor Philips Avent DECT is a nice surprise for parents that have tried a few models and concluded that they were all a waste of money. As you will learn in this review of the Baby Monitor Philips Avent DECT, it has many benefits and can be used for babies as well as toddlers. The installation is easy and the design is stylish to make this product a nice addition to your baby’s room.

The Installation
When you get the Baby Monitor Philips Avent DECT it is pretty much ready to use. It comes neatly packed in a stylish bag so that you can see all of the components clearly and the instructions for how to set it up are user friendly. Before you start using the monitor you need to charge the batteries for 16 hours. Be patient and let the load fully! If you play with this you might regret it later when you have to buy new batteries sooner than what had been the case had you charged them properly from start. You should also wear them out completely before the next charge to extend the lives of the batteries and save your money!

Using the Baby Monitor Philips Avent DECT
One of the best features of the Baby Monitor Philips Avent DECT is that it has a walkie talkie function. When your baby calls for you, you can talk back. Many times this is all that it takes to make your baby fall asleep again. You stay comfortable in your bed and just “shh, shh, sweaty…” to the monitor instead of walking over there to do the same thing. As your child grows you can actually talk to each other through the monitor which creates some really good laughs and an easy environment where your child feels safer.

Speaking of safety, any Baby Monitor Philips Avent DECT review must point out that this device is without statics which is preferred for any apparatus for children and grownups for that matter as well! The design of the monitor is also safe and even if your baby gets a hold of it the worst thing that can happen is that you must press the button to reset the mode you wished for the monitor to be in.

Extra Features
Except for monitoring what is going on with your baby and giving you the possibility to talk back, the Baby Monitor Philips Avent also works as a night lamp with lullabies. You don’t have to use it but if your baby will feel soothed by it, the night lamp and lullabies are a great asset.

The Cost
The Baby Monitor Philips Avent is a good choice since you can use it for small infants as well as toddlers. You get maximum usage out of your money and the monitor can stay a favorite for many years, depending on the size of your family. Between kids you can also lend it to a tired friend who could use this support!

Expertmom recommends the Baby Monitor from Philips and wishes all babies and parents good sleep and happy awakenings!

Review of Rory’s Story Cubes

Rory’s Story Cubes is a nice game which activates kids and motivates them to think and make up stories. This is just what busy parents would like but as you will learn from this Rory’s story cubes review, parents might have to take a big part of this activity. This is not a game for your smallest kids but if you sit down to play it together it can work from around 3 years and up.

How it Works
You get a bunch of cubes with symbols of activities and objects. The story teller rolls the cubes and based on how they land on the table a story needs to be told. Older kids will pick up faster on this game but even with your older kids you might have to give them some clues to how to build that story.

Kids Play by Themselves
Rory’s Story Cubes can be played without your assistance and kids around 4-6 years old might very well enjoy this game all by themselves. It all depends on their character and imagination but many who bought this game for those ages found their children playing with the cubes without having someone listening to their story.

A Good Gift
Rory’s Story Cubes are an excellent gift for a family with many kids. One kid is bound to enjoy them and the parents will also like that you get them a mind game which is an activity to keep boredom far and away.

Where to Buy Rory’s Story Cubes
You can buy this game in any well sorted toy store but this Rory’s Story Cubes review will recommend Amazon for the best price and fast delivery. The game is small and light weight so it makes sense to buy it online and have it sent to you by mail.

A Dancing Dog, A Funny Toy!

Virtual animals are always popular and most kids find them entertaining. There are various degrees of how advanced the virtual toys are and the simplest versions are just toys that move to music. Dancing dogs, cats and other animals are not a joke though. For children confined to a wheel chair it can be the most wonderful gift. With interactive functions the child can choose tunes, motions and other actions.

A Virtual Toy as a Gift
If you want to give a dancing toy to a child you should realize that it will not last long if the child doesn’t understand to let it do its moves uninterrupted. This means that the more advanced virtual toys are only suitable for kids over 4. Younger children will try to hold the toy down and they won’t get why they should just let it move and dance.

A Dancing Dog
For a fun gift to a child that you love a dancing dog could be a lot of fun. Just remember to get batteries so that the child gets to enjoy it immediately. You should also check that the batteries compartment of the toy is safe, preferably with a screw lock. The most simple dancing animal is a really quite gift for children 3 years and up and it could be your solution when you have no idea what to give.

Funny for Everyone
A dog that dances to Led Zeppeline and other popular music is a great laugh for everyone who sees it. Therefor your virtual animal will be the perfect gift for the whole family. Remember that a laugh is extremely healthy so even if this toy is fairly simple it can bring a lot of joy to everyone involved.

Where to get Virtual Toys
Virtual toys can be found in any toy store but to save money you should get them online and have them sent to you by mail. Compare prices in online toy stores and make a wise buy. For a fun gift you can easily order a dancing virtual toy from Amazon. This one has gotten great reviews from parents of handicapped children:

For something completely brainless you can get a dancing dog like the one in this video below. This dancing dog has no special features… It just drives you nuts!

Review of Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table

The Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table is basically a basin with 4 legs for younger kids to play with. You fill it with water and let the kids put in toys and splash away. The idea is wonderful and any parent can see that this product will be greatly appreciated but the question is if this will be suitable for your house and kids. Learn more about this toy in this review of the Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table.

Kids and Water

Many that bought the WaterWheel activity table felt that it was the best type of summer fun for smaller kids. You don’t need to have much space to be able to use it but don’t place it inside where you don’t want water to touch furniture and electric equipment. A balcony or even the bathroom will be ample space for this water toy and you can be sure that your kids will be busy with it for as long as you let them!

Just remember that kids can get very creative with water. If you leave them with the WaterWheel activity table in the bathroom you need to keep an eye on them not to refill with new water when it is not really needed and only makes a mess. The best place to play with this is outside and if you want to, you can easily bring it to the park and let a bunch of kids enjoy together. You’ll be the love of all the other parents!

The Toys Included

The Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table includes toys and these look great and fun but some buyers have said that the boats don’t really sail that well. It all depends on the age of your kids and what they enjoy playing. You don’t have to play with boats to enjoy the WaterWheel table! Smaller kids are happy to just pour water in and out of cups so this is definitely a toy worth the while which is something every review of the Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table will let you know and truthfully so!


The table is stable and holds the water well which is important when you have a bunch of toddlers playing by it. It is also easy to change water and store it when not in use. The plastic also makes it easy to clean and store for the winter when you bring it inside.

What do Buyers Say?

Most buyers agree that this is an excellent toy. Some feel that the sailing boats included should be of higher quality while others see no problem with them. On a scale 1-10, Expertmom gives the Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table a 9 since it is very cost effective and many hours of great activity for kids that are home from their playschool.

Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up Review

Mommy’s helper Step Up is a potty training tool that can make things easier both for Mom and baby. This product is basically a ladder with a seat to make it safe and easy for your child to sit on the toilet instead of a potty. Read this review of Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up to learn more about how this potty training tool could fit into your bathroom.

This is a comfortable toilet seat with a cushioned ring for your child to sit on. It is also easy to climb on and the ladder also gives the child a perfect place for the feet which gives balance and security when sitting on the toilet. With the Mommy’s Helper toilet trainer you could completely forgo the use of a potty which means less mess to deal with.

You don’t need any special tools to assemble Mommy’s Helper toilet trainer and it shouldn’t take much skill and previous experience to get it all together. Just be careful not to apply too much force, especially if you haven’t followed the instruction but rather put things together as you think they fit. The best way to assemble this toilet trainer is to take a few moments and look the instructions over. They are easy to follow!

Mommy’s Helper toilet trainer is light weight but it doesn’t fold together. This means that you need some space for it in your bathroom. It should fit in by your toilet where you will most likely put it for your child to reach. This model is known to be so easy to put on the toilet that even the kids can do it themselves. For this reason you should avoid hanging it on the wall even if this might be your esthetic choice.

Where to get Mommy’s Helper toilet trainer
A Mommy’s Helper toilet trainer can be found in baby product stores and online. Since this is a light weight product you can cut a lot of the costs by buying it online. This will also save you the trip to the store. Expertmom advices you to get this toilet trainer by a recognized online merchant like Amazon where the prices are always competitive and you know that your buy is safe and secure.

Review of the Babybjorn Original Carrier

Babybjorn, or Babybjörn as it is correctly spelt, is a Swedish baby carrier brand, known all over the world for comfort, safety and style. Recently people focus a lot on their later brands like the Active carrier but the Babybjorn Original carrier is still going strong. If you are considering getting a Babybjorn classic carrier you should read this review of the Babybjorn Original carrier.

Comfort for the Back
A review of the Babybjorn Original carrier must start off with the back because this is where it differ the most from the other styles. The Babybjörn classic is the original and the layout is simple but very smart. Most of the weight lay on the shoulders and the upper back. To some this is not the most comfortable but it all depends on how you are wearing your baby. If the carrier is meant for every now and then the Babybjorn Original is an excellent choice. A person without back problems should be able to use this carrier for errands a few times a week and feel great. For this type of use the comfort level can be said to be an 8 from a scale of 1-10.

How to Use
Like all Babybjörn carriers, the Babybjorn Original is very easy to snap on. You can remove the front together with the baby if you need to put him or her into their bed for continued sleeping. The straps in the back are adjusted on the sides which makes it easy to tighten the carrier and loosen it when you feel a need to do so. You can also place your baby facing forward with this carrier which is great when he or she is awake. The use of the carrier gets a 10 from a scale of 1-10.

What Users Say
Users of Babybjorn Original carrier are happy with it and those who feel that they need something for longer hours of use usually upgrade to a Babybjorn Active to alternate with. Jenny Watson from Missouri, USA, said “I really love my Babybjorn original and I use it more than what I had initially thought. It has a cool design and both me and my husband enjoy wearing our baby with it.” Anne from Stockholm, Sweden, said “I was carried in Babybjörn Original so I felt that my kids should get the same.” Lindsay from Adelaide, Australia, said “I am thinking of getting the Baby Active for the next child so that I can have one in the car and leave one at home and enjoy the benefits of both.”

The Babybjorn Classic carrier should come to a cheaper price than the newer variants and considering the quality and functionality you get this is a very good product to buy for wearing your baby. To get the best price you should by it online.