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Can Gripe Water Help an Adult?

As you treat your baby’s fussy tummy with gripe water you feel your own rumbling. It can be stressful with waking nights, to say the least! You also need something to calm down but can gripe water help an adult? Before you drop some of that magic potion into your own mouth you should read this article and consider where you are at and if you might need something completely different, like a vacation!

Before you start to administer gripe water for yourself, you should look into this book by Giulia Enders, Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ, it is all about the gut, it might just be that you need to learn a bit more about your own system and what you can do to relieve gas without having to take any medication or a well documented baby’s gas remedy Natural Gripe Water.

You can also see her talk a little bit more about our amazing gut in this video from a TV interview that she gave:

Gripe Water for Grown Ups

Of course you can take gripe water just like your baby. If you feel that you are suffering from a bloated and gassy tummy just like your baby you can give yourself a few drops when you treat your baby. Just realize that they can have a pretty bitter taste so you might want to put them in some water to drink. Take the time to feel your body and make a mental note of how you feel after you take the drops in order to decide whether they help you or not.

If you want fast results you might benefit from Gas-X, many claim that this product gives instant relief and that it is simply magic for an adult with a bloated tummy!

Chamomile Tea

If you feel the need to relax you might want to get some Chamomile tea. This is the herb that is found in most gripe water bottles anyways! Start drinking this tea and you will see an improvement both with your tummy and nerves. This tea is purely relaxing so you can drink cup after cup! If you get a good kind you could even leave the tea bag in and simply fill up on water every now and then.

Take a Break

Truth be told, your tummy is probably acting up because your baby’s pain is making you eat as you walk and try to soothe him. Couple this with no sleep and you have an excellent recipe for a troubled stomach. Try to get a break from your life every now and then! Have someone else carry your baby in the baby carrier after feedings and go get some rest.

You should also try to do what you love even if you feel guilty about doing something useless when your baby and household need you. They need you to be happy and relaxed so a break with a movie, friend or other activity that you love is in the interest of everyone!

Think about that when you start wondering if the gripe water is good for adults or if you should just go for Natural Gas Relief Tablets!

Is Too Much Gripe Water Dangerous?

When a baby is in pain from gas, gripe water can be one of the methods to treat the discomfort with by helping the digestive process work better. An important question that many ask is, “is too much gripe water dangerous for my child?” As you try to administer the drops a lot falls out of the mouth and you desperately try to get more in there. It is only natural that you fear that you might have given your baby an OD!

If you feel that the gripe water is not working and you fear that you might be giving too much, you can also try to administer some serious baby massage to get the wind out of that baby.

What is Too Much Gripe Water?

First of all you should check how many times a day you can give the gripe water and how many drops. If you have pretty much followed these instructions there is nothing much to worry about. This is especially true if you got natural and mild gripe water without alcohol. Don’t forget that there are many other things that you can do to make your baby feel better and treatment with gripe water should be coupled with other methods.

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Is Too Much Gripe Water Dangerous?

If you realize that you have given your baby twice or three times as much as the prescribed daily dose of gripe water you still don’t have to get upset. Gripe water for babies is very mild and even if you give your child more than the recommended you won’t hurt him. You can always call the company that produced the drops and ask if there are any side effects that you should worry about after giving an overdose of gripe water.

Even small doses of gripe water can give the baby the opposite results with more gas and pain, so if this happens it is more likely because of the type of gripe water you got than how much you gave.

Is the Gripe Water Working?

You need to give the treatment with gripe water some time to be effective. Don’t try to reach the results faster by giving more than the recommended. This will not help. Follow the instructions on the bottle and make sure that you massage, carry and apply the other helpful strategies for relieving gas in a baby tummy.

You might want to try something with probiotics for baby like Gerber Soothe Colic Drops that are said to work really well and fast. Just make sure to stick to a known brand that has been tested and approved. Remember that natural is not always the same as safe!

Remember that your feeding habits might be far more important when it comes to preventing colic in the baby. There are studies that show that using gripe water incorrectly and neglecting how the actual feeding influences the baby’s tummy might have the opposite effect of the desired.

How Does Gripe Water Provide Colic Relief?

Gripe water is known by most parents as a remedy to use when the baby is crying from gas. Most babies go through a few months of fussy tummy and even if it passes rather fast it can be aggravating to have to listen to the constant crying. Parents that want to make their baby feel better and get some cool and calm in the house opt for gripe water but how does gripe water provide colic relief?

Gripe Water Ingredients
Gripe water is made of different types of herbs like fennel, chamomile and dill. These are ingredients that are known to have a soothing effect on the digestive system. Most of the commonly used ingredients for gripe water have been known for their colic relief effects for thousands of years. Therefore you can see gripe water as a safe and natural remedy for your baby.

Colic Relief for All Ages!
Gripe water is not only a great remedy for fussy baby tummies. Grown-ups can also use the drops to calm an upset stomach. The herbs are very effective in calming problems with gas or reflux no matter what your age is. If all of that crying is giving you an upset tummy, don’t forget to administer some drops for yourself as well.

A Cup of Tea
Think about it, you have probably enjoyed a cup of herbal tea at times when you needed to relax. Just like a cup of chamomile tea makes you feel better, the same ingredient in gripe water gives colic relief to your baby. The herbs that are used for effective teas are just as effective in gripe water. It is really that simple!

Safe Test
If gripe water will help you baby or not, can be hard to tell. In regular fussy baby tummies it should do the trick but don’t expect open miracles overnight. You should see a slow change in the amount of fuss and crying and that can certainly be enough for a tired parent to get some much needed relief! You will soon move from the question of how does gripe water provide colic relief to when will the gripe water provide colic relief?

Just continue giving the gripe water and try to apply other remedies for gas as well. Hopefully you will get through this difficult period in an easier manner by applying the right techniques and methods. Gripe water is a safe one so you’d be a fool not to try it!

Does Gripe Water Work?

Your baby’s tummy problems are keeping you and the rest of the block awake at night and you can’t think about anything else than what to do about this situation. Someone tells you to get gripe water while another one mutters that it doesn’t help. Who is right and does gripe water work? It all depends on why your baby is crying and if it is truly because of gas and fussy tummy.

What are you Trying to Treat?
Before you get a bottle or two of gripe water you must determine why your baby is crying. It is very easy to say that it is because of gas but truth is that babies can be fussy from many things. A typical sign of gas aches is that the baby is crying during certain hours and then calm down. If your baby is crying night and day you might be dealing with something more complicated like reflux.

Many babies are born with a hernia that becomes evident during the first months of his life. Your doctor might tell you that a baby hernia doesn’t hurt but you should know that there are also specialists that claim the opposite. Ask a doctor working with this and you will hear that in fact, many babies stop crying once they’ve had the hernia operated. Make sure to check your baby well before you decide that it is all about gas.

For Gas, Gripe Water does Work!
If your baby is suffering from regular gas problems and fuss because of this you have a great chance to soothe the pains with gripe water. Get a natural kind and try it out. This is not a big expense and you should definitely try it to see if your baby will feel better. You got nothing to lose so give it a try! If it does work for your baby you should make sure to share this wisdom with other parents who are also wondering if gripe water really works. Put a comment in this blog or post your own post about it for the sake of all sleepless parents in the English speaking world!

How to Give Gripe Water to a Newborn Baby

First of all, if you just had a baby you don’t want to start giving it gripe water without consulting your pediatrician. It is usually recommended to start using gripe water when the baby is 4 weeks old before that it could be premature and maybe even risky to try it. You might also not be completely aware of just why your baby is crying. A fussy tummy is easy to blame but there are also other issues like reflux that need more attention than just gripe water.

Getting the Gripe Water into the Mouth
If your baby doesn’t like to have gripe water squirted into the mouth you need to find smart ways to give it. A breastfeeding Mom can try to insert the syringe of the gripe water bottle when the baby lets go a bit of the breast. It says on the bottle that you need to give the gripe water before the feeding but don’t get hung up on this. Make sure to get the gripe water into the mouth and swallowed before you start making a schedule for when to give it.

With a Pacifier
If your baby is using a pacifier you could add the gripe water as he takes the pacifier. Alternatively you could use your own finger to stimulate some sucking to get that gripe water down properly.

With a Bottle
To give gripe water with bottle works pretty much like when breastfeeding only you have an easier angle to see what you are doing. Just don’t try to mix the gripe water into the formula as it won’t have the effects that you are looking for.
Don’t expect immediate effects of the gripe water and stay calm. With patience you can calm your baby’s fussy tummy and soon enough the cries from gas will be a memory to laugh about!

How to Choose the Right Gripe Water

You know that you want to try gripe water for your fussy baby but now you need to know how to choose the right gripe water. If you have the time and energy to make it yourself you can easily make great gripe water at home. Homemade gripe water is safe if you make it in clean utensils and use good ingredients. Read on for more advice on how to choose the right gripe water…

Buy in a Store
If you go to a local store or pharmacy to get your gripe water you can’t do much research on spot. For this reason you should make a call first and check what brand they carry. Before you go to pick your bottle of gripe water up you check it out online and read reviews. This should make the buy easier and better informed.

Buy Online
If you are anyways online checking for the right gripe water you might as well buy it online! The greatest variety of gripe water is found online and that makes it easier for you to be picky with your choice. Find the kind you like and order it. This will save you time to hand your baby over to another caretaker and go for a walk and completely forget about fussy baby tummies and gripe water!

Natural Gripe Water
Make sure to get natural gripe water without alcohol. Today it is hard to find gripe water with preservatives, coloring and other harmful substances, go for a brand which is all natural and you’ll be on the safe side. You should also check what type of bottle the gripe water comes in. It is good to get gripe water with a syringe as part of the bottle. This way you can apply it when you breastfeed or with a bottle.

Do You Give Gripe Water Every Day to Your Baby?

Gripe water is meant to help your baby’s tummy with digestion and also soothe it when gas is keeping you all up, day and night. A fussy baby tummy is no game and anyone who has been in this situation knows how it can turn everything upside down. Once you get gripe water you might not see results from the first drops but with some patience the gripe water should make a difference.

How Often do I Give the Gripe Water?
Most gripe water is meant to give when you feed your baby. If you have a set schedule you can choose to give the drops of gripe water before each feeding. To begin with you can give the gripe water morning and night and then increase the times you give it as you see fit. Gripe water doesn’t work the same way for everyone so it is important that you are sensitive to your baby’s cues rather than feeding him gripe water according to the instructions on the bottle.

Breastfeeding and Gripe Water
If you breastfeed you might do so on cue rather than every 3 hours. In this case you might not want to give gripe water by every feeding as it could become too much. With many feedings a day it can help a lot to apply different methods of relieving gas along with the gripe water. Carry your baby in a baby carrier and give it massage in the abdominal area a few times a day.

Every Day
You should give the gripe water every day and not go too far in between the drops. Natural gripe water is not dangerous for your baby but make sure that you keep the syringe that you give it with clean. It is preferable not to touch your baby’s mouth with it if possible. You should also try to use your gripe water within reasonable time. If it sat on the shelf for more than a month you might want to get a new batch, especially if you touched your baby’s mouth and your own hands with the syringe when it was in use.

Home Remedies for Colicky Tummies

A baby’s fuzzy tummy can be a painful experience for the entire family. No one gets to sleep and it seems to never end. You try to fix your diet, breastfeed not to breastfeed; there is no lack of advice. Before you run to the store to buy a remedy for your baby’s colicky tummy you should go through this check list and see if you have tried the suggested home remedies. Don’t worry, the tummy will settle eventually and then you will all be able to sleep, eat and enjoy each other’s company just like you dreamed it would be during the pregnancy!

What are you Eating?
If you are breastfeeding you do need to check this carefully and get advice from a pediatrician who understands the connection between your body and your baby’s tummy. If you are giving formula you might want to switch and this is also something to discuss with your pediatrician.

Massage and Movement
Try to massage your baby’s tummy and move his legs up and down in bicycle movements. Some baby’s do very well with this type of massage and immediately relieve pent up gas. Movement can also be achieved by putting the baby in a baby carrier and walk around. Try to do this after feedings and check if your baby is burping once hung on your front or back.

Gripe Water
You can make your own gripe water. In fact, some chamomile tea might be enough to calm your baby’s colicky stomach. Just make sure to make your home remedies for fussy baby tummy in clean utensils. Clean cups and spoons with boiling water before you start. Why not make yourself a cup of chamomile tea as well to relax a bit from all of the fuss?!

Helping Hands
Try to get help from family, neighbors and friends. You can even pay a babysitter to come and wear your baby as you take a nap or get something done at home. This doesn’t cost much and it helps you keep your mental health and get through the time of baby colic without losing all hopes of any future siblings for your little siren!

How Effective is Gripe Water for an Infant with Colic?

You keep getting the advice to get gripe water for your crying and kicking baby but just how effective is gripe water for an infant with colic? In most regular cases of babies with gas, gripe water is effective and very helpful but there are times when you might need additional help. If your baby seems to suffer a lot from gas you should have your pediatrician check her up to determine that it is truly a case of regular gas problems.

Fussy Baby Tummy
It is very common that babies have problems with gas during their first months in this world. If it is your first child it can all come as a chock and you have a hard time relating to what people say to you about things getting easier in a short while. For all you know, you’re in the middle of a sleepless nightmare with nowhere to go.
If your baby has passed her 1 month birthday you should definitely look into natural gripe water and see if it will relax your baby’s tummy.

Great Miracles
When you get gripe water you shouldn’t expect immediate great miracles and instant restful nights. Your baby needs to start the treatment and gradually you should see a change in her behavior. It is important that you follow the instructions of the gripe water carefully. Don’t make your own plans for how to give it and when and if you do, don’t blame the gripe water if it isn’t effective.

Natural Gripe Water is Best
Natural gripe water should be effective when you give it correctly. You can even make your own gripe water but it is much easier to buy it ready made. There are many trustable brands of gripe water that come in bottles that make it smooth to give the baby the drops.

For the best results you should combine your treatment with gripe water with other activities meant to ease your baby’s gas problems. Look into baby massage and be careful to burp your baby well after feedings by using baby carriers or simply keeping her in upright position.
Remember that in the long run this period of baby colic will soon be a memory and you can get through it without losing your mind. Get gripe water, you have nothing to lose by trying it!

Gripe Water – How Much Gripe Water Should I Give?

Gripe water that you buy in a store or online usually comes in a bottle with a tool to administer drops. You don’t give your baby more than a few drops by each feeding so this is very convenient to buy readymade natural gripe water. If you decide to make your own home remedy for the tummy troubles you could always use a similar style of bottle. You might have one left from some other treatment; just make sure that it is thoroughly clean before you use it for your baby.

How Many Drops?
Each bottle of gripe water comes with its specific instructions and you also need to consider the weight of your baby, just like you would do with any other medicine. Gripe water is natural but natural doesn’t always mean mild and harmless. Be careful when you start with the treatment and check for your baby’s reaction. If your baby is allergic to any of the ingredients of gripe water you must immediately stop the treatment and it that case you’ll be glad that you didn’t overdose.

If the bottle says 2-3 drops by each feeding you should stick to 2 drops to begin with and perhaps not by every feeding. When you see that your baby is handling the gripe water well you can continue to use it more frequently and in bigger doses. Always contact your pediatrician if you feel that something is not OK. When it comes to the health of your baby there are no silly questions!

Buying a New Bottle
If you see that the gripe water is working well for your baby you need to keep track of how much you are using so that you can order a new bottle in time. Since gripe water bottles tend to be of dark color you need to hold it up against the light every now and then to see how much you have left. It is easy to order gripe water online and get it delivered straight to your door step. This is also a very good solution when you suddenly realize that you are out of it or when you understand that you must start some kind of tummy treatment quickly but can’t get to the store for various reasons.