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How Long to Use Gripe Water

Your bottle of gripe water says how long you can use it after opening but nothing about how long you can continue to give your baby gripe water. If your baby is suffering from reflux the gripe water might be a great help so how can you even consider quitting?
The good thing is that you can continue with gripe water as long as you’d like. Gripe water is perfectly OK for babies as well as grownups.

Use Natural Gripe Water
To make sure that it will be safe to use gripe water for an extended period of time you need to get an all-natural type free of alcohol. Natural gripe water is made up of ingredients that you could pick up at the store and make your own remedy with. Buying the natural gripe water ready makes it easier for you to focus on everything else that is being neglected when a little tummy is protesting.

When You Quit the Gripe Water
Don’t get into panic if your baby is still a bit fussy when you quit with the gripe water. There are plenty of things that you can do to treat a gassy tummy and ease problems with reflux. Make sure that your baby is wearing loosely fitted clothing that won’t put pressure to the tummy. You should also follow your usual routine for feeding and avoid laying your baby down right after feeding.

Carrying your baby is very good and something you can continue with after you stop with gripe water for the baby tummy to handle digestion better. Gripe water is not like a drug so you don’t have to ease your baby off the remedy. Quit when the bottle is out or get a new one. You decide when the gripe water treatments can come to an end!

Side Effects of Gripe Water

Gripe water is known as a safe and natural remedy for a fussy baby tummy. Still, you need to be very careful with what type of gripe water you get for your baby. There are certainly side effects to gripe water and depending on the ingredients of the specific type you get, they could be quite nasty. Here are some important things to think about when you want to avoid side effects of gripe water.

Today it is well known that alcohol can be bad for babies. The side effects are drowsiness and many believe that there could be other dangers involved that are yet to be scientifically confirmed. For this reason you should look for natural gripe water without alcohol.

Charcoal and Citric Acid
Charcoal in gripe water can also cause nasty side effects like dehydration. If you see citric acid in the list of ingredients it is also a bad sign. Citric acid can be dangerous also for adults, if overly consumed. Your baby’s system is still developing and you should risk problems with digestion by giving gripe water with citric acid.

Natural Herbs
Gripe water is natural with natural herbs but this doesn’t mean that the effect of these herbs is mild. Herbs like peppermint can greatly disturb your baby’s tummy. The side effects of such gripe water would be more crying from achy tummy! Try to stick to the herbs that are known as mild like Chamomile and similar.

A very problematic side effect of gripe water is allergy. If you find that the gripe water contains gluten it could be very bad to give it to your baby. Gluten can definitely lead to an allergic reaction in a young baby so if it is in the gripe water, just skip it and stick to the massage and prayers!

Knowing more about the side effects of gripe water which is not purely natural and mild should make you realize that it is worth it buying a real brand with the security of avoiding side effects. You won’t have to get many bottles of gripe water since your baby will eventually grow out of the gassy stage and be able to handle your milk and other foods without gas and pain.

Massage had no Side Effects!

You can invest some time in learning about baby massage since it is a method for treating baby gas that has no side effects. Read a book or take classes on baby massage to learn more about how to make your baby’s tummy feel easier to the joy of everyone!

The Ingredients of Gripe Water

Gripe water can be made of many different types of ingredients. These are natural plants and spices that are known for their soothing qualities. When you have a baby you realize that many of the natural remedies for upset stomach that you use is also what goes into the gripe water. In many cases it could very well be enough to give your baby some chamomile tea but it is easier to just get a readymade all natural gripe water.

Here are some of the ingredients that you will see listed on the gripe water bottle:

Anise – anise is known all over the world to help the digestion and reduce gas.
Angelica – angelica can be an ingredient of gripe water to help with the soothing part. Call it a natural pain killer if you want!
Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate) – baking soda can be used to remove fungus, baby thrush, on the tongue and it also decreases stomach acidity.
Caraway – caraway is another natural substance that can speed the digestion up and also help out with flatulence.
Cardamom – cardamom is a staple spice in Middle Eastern and Asian cooking. It has the same properties as Caraway and aids the digestion.
Catnip – catnip might make your cat dance on his hind legs but your baby will be cool and calm when getting gripe water with this ingredient.
Chamomile – chamomile is an ingredient of gripe water which is very popular. It calms and settles the stomach.
Cinnamon – this ingredient of gripe water also helps out with digestion and if your baby is vomiting it could give some relief also in this area.
Dill – dill can also settle an upset stomach and it has the ability to increase appetite. It also removes flatulence.
Fennel – gripe water with fennel will soothe the upset stomach, take care of gas and also treat hiccups.
Ginger – ginger is put in gripe water to take care of certain digestive problems like nausea and indigestion.

These are just a few of the natural ingredients of gripe water. Every manufacturer makes gripe water with their little secrets to come up with the most powerful remedy. To get the best natural gripe water you should try a brand with natural ingredients and a good reputation.

Is Homemade Gripe Water Safe?

If you are wondering if homemade gripe water is safe the first thing that must be confirmed is who made the solution. If the homemade gripe water comes from your kitchen you know exactly what went into the bottle but if you got it as a gift from a friend it is not as easy to tell if it is safe to use this gripe water. When you make it yourself you can make sure that it is safe but the question is if you really want to risk the health of your baby just to stay polite to a friend.

How to Make the Homemade Gripe Water Safe
To produce safe gripe water at home you need to start by cleaning the area where you will make the concoction thoroughly. If you use a detergent you should also be careful that the soap or cleaning material is removed before you start brewing your gripe water. You might think that it is silly to sterilize your kitchen counter when the remedy is cooked up in a cup but it really isn’t. You will certainly place utensils like spoons right on the counter and if it has traces of soap or bacteria it could be very dangerous for your baby.

Next thing is to sterilize your utensils. Wash them in boiled water before you start producing your home made gripe water. Make sure to dry them off with paper towels or a new kitchen towel. Follow these instructions for cleanliness and you will get safe gripe water.

The Ingredients
For safe gripe water you should also be careful to work only with trusted ingredients that aren’t dated. Buy from a reliable store and never use a product which has been opened by anyone but you yourself!
Homemade Gripe Water from a Friend

It is lovely to have friends who know how to make gripe water and who care about you and your baby’s fussy tummy enough to make you a bottle. If you know the ins and outs of your friends kitchen and cooking the gripe water could be safe. If you have any doubts you can say “thank you” politely and simply refrain from using it. It might be uncomfortable to say no but it will be even more uncomfortable to deal with sickness in a baby due to gripe water which wasn’t OK.

Yes, homemade gripe water is safe when it is made in a clean environment with the best ingredients. If you have the patience and time for this, go ahead! If not, the easiest thing is to get natural gripe water online and just tell your friend that you’ve already got the homemade stuff from the factory. This way you avoid the mess and risks with homemade gripe water.

Is Gripe Water Safe?

Gripe water is not a new invention and you will find that most cultures are familiar with the effects of chamomile, dill and other possible ingredients in gripe water. To answer the question “is gripe water safe?” you need to consider a few different things. It is not only the ingredients of the remedy against your baby’s gas that need to be OK. Things like age and how you will give the gripe water also matter.

Age of Baby and Gripe Water
It is usually recommended to wait till week 4 with giving gripe water to a baby. Before this it could be dangerous for some babies to use certain types of gripe water and that is why most manufacturers refrain from responsibility before the baby is 1 month old. Mothers have and do use gripe water at earlier ages but it is best to discuss this with your pediatrician before you go ahead and apply the drops.

Gripe Water with Alcohol
Gripe water with alcohol is safe but many think that it involves a risk and therefore stick to natural brands of gripe water. If you find yourself with a bottle which states alcohol you can apply it to boiled water that is still hot. This should take care of the alcohol and let you use the gripe water you already got.

Is Homemade Gripe Water Safe?
If you make your own gripe water you must make sure to work only with sterile utensils. If everything is clean the gripe water should be OK to use. This is also a way to ensure that the medicine is completely natural since you supervise everything that goes into the potion. The easiest way to get safe gripe water is to order it online from a reliable manufacturer of natural gripe water.

Buying gripe water online should give you a good price and the best product for your baby’s tummy problems. Just make sure to read the instructions for your gripe water before you start using it. It is never a good idea to get too creative with these things when you can rely on the advice of the professionals.

What can calm my Baby’s Tummy?

Is your baby crying from tummy pains? The good thing is that this is completely normal and it will stop once your baby’s digestive system has grown to better handle food. While knowing this is a comfort the sleepless nights are taking their toll. It seems that your baby will only be quiet while actually feeding and at this point you are ready to try anything just to get a peaceful moment to sit down and enjoy your little miracle. If you are asking yourself “what can calm my baby’s tummy?” you should check the following advice to see if there is something there that you haven’t yet tried.

Mom should be Active
Moving with your baby is good both for you and the baby and it can help to calm your baby’s tummy. If you have the possibility to take walks with your baby in a baby carrier in an upright position it can be a wonderful way to give your baby’s tummy some relief. After the feeding you simply place your baby on your front or back and then go for a walk. If it is a cold day outside you can wander your house to some good music. Make use of your free arms to make some order or why not catch up on the phone with a good friend.

Baby Massage
Baby massage and gymnastics have proven to be ways that can calm the baby’s tummy. You can learn several simple techniques. One funny way of moving that gas is to make your baby ride a bicycle while lying on his back. Move his legs as if he was biking. You can also move his legs folded towards his tummy area in soft but firm movements to make the gas move out and stop the pains. Other types of baby massage include massaging your baby’s tummy with your hands. It can be helpful to join a group with other mommies and babies learning how to massage the gas pains away.

Gripe Water
Gripe water is another effective way for treating your baby’s gas problems. If you use gripe water together with the methods mentioned above you should get a really good effect. You can make your own gripe water or buy natural gripe water ready to serve. Give it between feedings or with the bottle or breast. Gripe water that is natural and effective can be bought online and delivered straight to your door step for maximum convenience.

Is Gripe Water Safe?

Your newborn baby is having a fussy tummy and keeps on crying whenever she is not on your breast or in arms. In severe colic cases the situation can get so difficult that you start feeling ill as well from all of the hours of crying with no way to soothe your baby. Whether you r baby is suffering a lot from gas or mildly you might have thought about gripe water but is gripe water safe?

Gripe Water for Newborns
Most gripe water brands recommend you to start 4 weeks after birth. This is not exactly what you want to hear when you have a 2 week old that is crying day and night from pains but you might want to wait another 2 weeks to start the treatment. Don’t forget that there are many other methods for helping your baby’s tummy get rid of the gas. You should also look closer at how you are breastfeeding and of course what you are eating.

What do Moms do?
The truth is that there are plenty of Moms out there that give their babies gripe water before they are 1 month old. This doesn’t mean that you can conclude that gripe water is safe. No matter at what age you start using gripe water you should go for an all-natural brand. Try to void gripe water with preservatives and alcohol and especially so when your baby is just a few weeks old.

Homemade Gripe Water
You can make your own gripe water. (Check here on for the recipe for homemade gripe water) Basically some regular chamomile tea can do the trick but you need to be very careful to prepare the gripe water in clean utensils. It is easier to buy a safe and tested brand and try to follow the instructions not to take any risks. Remember that your baby is growing and soon her tummy will catch up with the world and be able to handle the food without gas and pains.

How to Make Gripe Water

Gripe water is a natural remedy for baby tummies that is fairly easy to make. When you make your own gripe water you must make sure to do so only with clean utensils. You should clean the area for preparation of the natural medicine with boiling water and also boil the cup that you want to make the mixture in.

How to Make Gripe Water – Ingredients:
Dill seeds
Chamomile tea
Sugar, brown or white

Take two table spoons of dill seeds and crush them to a powder with the back of the spoon. Put this powder into a clean cup and add chamomile tea. A tea bag will work just fine. To this you add boiling water, just like you would when preparing a regular cup of tea.

Don’t Sweeten your Gripe Water with Honey!
To make the gripe water tastier for the baby you can add a little bit of sugar. Don’t add honey as this can be dangerous for babies.
Let your homemade gripe water sit for 10 minutes before you strain it and add it to your baby’s bottle or drip 1-2 table spoons of it into the baby’s mouth as you are about to breastfeed.

As you can see it is pretty easy to learn how to make gripe water but if you feel that it is a lot of mess and something that you just can’t fit into your current schedule that makes sense. A baby with a fussy tummy is a lot of work and you want to use your free moments for other things. If this is the case you can either ask someone else to prepare the gripe water according to these instructions or you can simply by ready made safe and natural gripe water online safe and natural gripe water online and get it delivered in your mail.

How to Give Gripe Water to your Baby

Gripe water is known for its soothing properties and many parents use their own home made gripe water or buy readymade gripe water during the first months of the baby’s life. The gripe water comes in a glass bottle with a syringe that can be formed in different ways. Depending on how much you need to give your baby it can be more or less tricky to get it into his mouth. Some babies are fast to detect the gripe water as something unwanted and they spit it out as fast as you get it in there.

Here are some good advices on how to give gripe water to your baby. Try them out and hopefully you will be able to get that helpful potion into your baby’s system for a happy and calm tummy.

How to Give Gripe Water with a Bottle
If you bottle feed your baby you should be able to administer the gripe water fairly easy. You can either add it to the actual feeding or prepare it with some hot water in between feedings. Some say that you don’t need to give water if you are breastfeeding but if you are not doing so instead of the feeding there is really no harm in it. On a very hot summer day you can boil water and then let it cool before you mix in the gripe water. This should give your baby a nice soothing drink.

With or Without Alcohol
You might be using gripe water with alcohol and some babies simply don’t like it. To get rid of the alcoholic taste you can again mix the gripe water with some hot water. Be careful not to add the drops at boiling temperature but rather as the water cools down a bit. You can also try getting gripe water without alcohol gripe water without alcohol to be on the safe side when it comes to taste and reaction.

How to Give Gripe Water when Breastfeeding
If you are breastfeeding exclusively you might have tried to squirt the gripe water in with the syringe only to see it come out again in a gush. Try inserting the syringe at the corner of your baby’s mouth as he is feeding. Don’t worry if it gets a bit messy at first. Once you try it a few times you should be able to get the hang of the technique. You can also simply try to give the gripe water straight into the baby’s mouth but at a slower pace so that he won’t spit it all out at once.

How to Calm Colic – Natural Methods, Easy and Safe

After the initial scream as your baby comes out to see the light you really don’t want to hear that high pitched sound more than for feeding, comfort and other natural needs that the baby communicates to you by screaming. When you start to feel that the only time your baby is calm is when you are feeding him it can get very difficult to be a Mom and a human being.

Parents who suffer from babies that cry from gas know just how testing this period is. The only thing they want to know is how to calm colic, and how to calm colic fast!

Take a deep breath and remind yourself that your baby is growing which means that you are getting closer and closer to the time when the sleepless night and the colic attacks are over. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to put up with them without treating your child. A baby with colic is in pain and when you learn how to calm colic you also give your child release and comfort for him to focus on the joys of life like cuddling with you!

How to Calm Colic with Natural Methods
There is no reason for you to get chemicals to calm colic in your baby with. There are plenty of safe natural methods that can ease your baby’s discomfort and give you some peace of mind. Start by looking into Gripe Water. Gripe Water is a natural medicine that you drop into your baby’s mouth between feedings or as prescribed by the specific mixture that you get. It is easy to administer and if the Gripe Water is of high quality you will see effects and enjoy a calm and happy baby.

Learn to massage your baby to ease problems with gas. There are easy methods to learn that can calm colic beautifully. It is really a good idea to combine a Gripe Water treatment with regular massage. Baby massage is also a lovely way for you to bond with your baby without the back drop of screams.

Carry Your Baby
If you can carry your baby in a sling or baby carrier this is helpful against gas problems. This is especially smart to do after a feeding. Your baby’s digestive system is aided by the upright position and as soon as he is sound asleep you can put him down for a gas free rest. Many Mommies experience that the baby burps better in a sling or baby carrier and this is part of a natural way to handle colic and gas problems in babies.

If you find it hard to carry a lot you can try to let other people in on this part of the plan. Fathers can do a great job by taking over after the feeding with some sling activity!