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How to make mothers bracelets?

If you want to make a beautiful bracelet for Mom you should look into charm bracelets. These are really perfect choices for mothers bracelets since they let you add on editions. You could start by a simple charm where you add your mothers birthstone. Next year you add her name and so on. If you don’t think the charm bracelet is the best idea, a simple mothers birthstone bracelet might be just perfect.

Good luck!

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The best mommy jewelry

There are many different types of necklaces for Moms and whether you want to wear something that reminds you or your mom or something that tells that you are a mom you will find a lot of beautiful creations in stores online. With mommy jewelry you express love, love for your mom or the love you feel for your kids.

With a necklace like the one below, you can always wear a picture of your mom. This is a classic type of mommy jewelry and it becomes personal since you choose the picture to insert. It is also a nice gift to a daughter.

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If you want to give jewelry to your mother you can go for something stylish with a message. The below is just an example of this. There are many different versions of jewelry with little text messages that reveals the love of the heart.

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You can give this type of necklaces as a gift or spoil yourself with it. A piece of mommy jewelry is a lovely reminder of the love we feel to our parents and to our children.


Gift ideas for girlfriend when broke?

If you can’t afford the gift you would like to give her you need to think differently. Here are some cool gift ideas for girlfriend when broke that you will be able to afford. The idea here is that you will replace the money with some action, no silly, we are talking about experiences that she is not expecting. The rest you will obviously continue to give her, as usual…

1. A picnic – This is a wonderful way to connect. If you don’t live close to a forest or some naturally beautiful spot you can find something different. Pack a bag with her favorite sandwiches and take her to the nearest airport. Have lunch why watching jumbo jets fly over. Romantic and special.

2. Teach her something new – If you know something that she doesn’t, take the chance to teach her. Get her a knitting kit and let her know how to do it. The actual gift is not so expensive but the experience you have together making scarf out of yarn is a memory for life!

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3. A show – The serenade will never go out of style. User a karaoke system or sing without any props. Show up outside her window and let her hear the tones of the sweetness in your heart.

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Whens mothers day? Did you miss it already?

She bore you for 9 months, gave birth to you, fed you, soothed your boo boos and what not… If you are wondering whens mothers day you are most likely in a rush, thinking that you might have missed the day. Who has time to spell it right when today might be mothersday!?! Did you reach the second Sunday of May? Well, then yes, you missed it! At least if you live in the USA. In the UK it will be the 30th of March 2014 and the 15th of March 2015.

Something lovely for Mom

You don’t have to run out and by Mother’s days gifts. This is something you probably don’t have time to do when you are typing whens mothers day in a search engine hoping that you haven’t missed it. How about looking into mothers day poems that will show her just how much you care? You don’t even have to be cheesy, find something extremely funny and make her laugh. If you did indeed miss the day this could be a way to make up for it. Those who can’t compose their own funny poems for Mom can find them online and there must be some lines about forgetting about the most important person on earth and making her forgive you for it…

Do something together

She will probably enjoy a nice gift but even if you have the time to buy one, it is not always things that will express your true feelings for Mom. Try something different where you will spend some time together. A mothers day movie can be any film that you both feel interested in. Rent it and stock up with her favorite snacks or make it a night out to see the movie in a movie theater. Remember that doing something together can be far better than regular presents because it creates a memory that will be dearer to Mom than any diamonds or kitchen tools could ever be. If you have the time you could always get her a gift and present it as you have a snack before or after the movie.

Order a gift

If you still feel that mothersday demands a special gift you should be able to take care of this through your computer or phone. You really don’t have to hunt proper things downtown when you can order them online. Just go to Amazon or another trusted online store where you can find smart things and have them delivered to your door or directly to hers.

Here are some things you might want to go for and that can be found online:

• Chocolate
• Jewelry
• Flowers (real or fabric ones)
• Slippers and robe
• Skin care products
• Gadgets like an iPad or Kindle
• Rocking chair
• Workout equipment

There are so many things out there that could be just right for Mom. If you didn’t miss the date for Mother’s Day now is the time to take care of it. Write that poem (or find a good one online), order the flowers and set the date for your movie night, enjoy!

Expertmom reviews the Graco baby swing

I borrowed the baby swing from Graco from a friend when my third baby was about 1.5 months old and I do wish I would have gotten a baby swing for his older siblings. The question of whether a baby swing helps to soothe a baby has a definite answer, yes it helps! I am not going to say that my baby sits content in this swing day around because he doesn’t, but it gives me time enough to do dishes, brush other kids’ teeth, pack a laundry and write an article, and that is a huge help.

Now, let’s look at the actual baby swing to review its pros and cons…

Putting it together

The Graco baby swing comes in 3 different parts that are easy to assemble. You don’t need a manual for this because the parts show you where they should go and how. This is a plus both for the actual process of assembly and for moving the swing around. Remember, I borrowed mine and we managed to pack it into a small car without any problems.
The swing is powered by 3 size D E95 batteries (the big ones) and it can be used for weeks without needing new ones (of course depending on how much you use the swing) The batteries are also easy to insert and you don’t need a screwdriver for this. A kitchen knife will pop the lid open but siblings won’t be able to do this, perfect!

Putting the baby in the swing

The swing has belts but I never figured how to get the upper part to fit over my baby, the lower belt is enough to keep him in so this doesn’t bother me. There is also a tray, with 2 toys, and this tray folds over the baby. I am not completely satisfied with the tray function because it can easily snap over the hands and fingers of the baby if you are not careful when putting it in place. You must raise the baby’s arms when sliding the tray in place.

Effects and music

The baby swing from Graco comes with a few classical tunes that can be played while swinging the baby. These are pleasant and I find that the rest of the family enjoys hearing them. You can also play white noise like birds chirping but I personally find these sounds annoying so I don’t use them. There is also vibration in the chair but I don’t use this either as it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference to the baby.


The speed can be adjusted in 6 steps. I find that level 1 and 2 are fast enough and levels 4-6 makes my head spin. Since my baby is starting to be too heavy for the swing (to 9 kg) I find that I often have to give the swing a push to make it run smooth. This could also be due to need of new batteries and it is not something that bothers me. You can swing manually if you want to.


To clean the swing you can take the fabrics off the chair and run them in the laundry machine. The materials are easy to keep clean and the rest of the swing is made of plastic parts that are easy to wipe off. The only detail that could be tricky to clean is the belt but the one in my swing is in perfect condition, this most likely because you don’t really feed a baby this age in the swing so it stays clean. Just make sure to instruct older siblings not to play with food, colors or other staining materials around the swing.


This Graco baby swing review will simply have to give the swing thumbs up. It is a big help and even if you will only use it for a few months it can do a lot to keep you sane and happy during a period when things can be very hectic. I would say borrow one if you can and buy one when you know that you will hopefully use it more than once.

Since the swing stays in such nice condition it should be perfectly fine to buy one that has been used without much difference from a new one.
I will put this post under gift for Mom because this is a great gift for a new Mom since it can really help out during the day and night!

How can I make a copy of a famous ring with loose diamonds wholesale?

Dreaming of that perfect ring? Longing to wear that famous diamond engagement band worn by Jennifer Lopez, Princess Di, Priscilla Presley, or Elizabeth Taylor? With loose diamonds wholesale available online your dream can become a reality. While the rings worn by these four women contained many carats and cost millions, duplicating a famous ring is not out of the question. With a little ingenuity and the help of a diamond specialist you can design a ring that dreams are made of!

Famous Rings from the Past

Before the 1930’s engagement rings were not as widely worn as they are today. When the diamond mines in South Africa began extracting a surplus of diamonds, jewelers around the world recognized the opportunity for mass sales. The silver screen added to the allure…soon every engaged couple was seeking the perfect ring, no longer a luxury but a necessity, a statement symbolizing a bond that would last a lifetime!

Elizabeth Taylor is known for sporting a 33-carat, flawless, virtually colorless ring, presented to her in 1968 by her husband, said to be worth between 2 ½ and 3 ½ million dollars. This ring was just one of the many rings women around the world sought to emulate.

When Elvis Presley asked for Priscilla’s hand in marriage, she received a 3 ½ carat diamond surrounded by 21 smaller diamonds…the effect was stunning!

Famous Rings Today

Lady Di was the envy of millions of young women when Prince Charles gave his princess-to-be a lavish, blue-oval 18-carat sapphire encircled with a stunning array of diamonds.

Jennifer Lopez received an equally stunning pink diamond ring weighing 6 carats. Three white-diamond baguettes and an equally beautiful band of platinum accented the stones. At the time the ring was said to cost over a million dollars. The diamond created a huge demand for pink diamonds for weeks afterwards.

Copying Famous Rings

Then and now jewelers are asked to create beautiful replicas of famous jewelry. To duplicate the look of the original jewelry can be an expensive endeavor. The diamonds and type of metal used in the jewelry have a strong bearing on the final price. Famous rings can be duplicated in many ways. With a little creativity and the right loose diamonds, gorgeous jewelry can be designed in ways that closely match those worn by the rich and famous. While it’s possible to use synthetic diamonds the look is never quite the same, real loose diamonds wholesale can’t be beat. Like everything else in life, there’s really no replacement for the real thing, unless of course it comes to duplicating the precious jewels worn by the rich and famous!

How can I mount loose diamonds?

The Classic Diamond Solitaire

One great way to mount a cut stone, when you’ve purchased loose diamonds wholesale, is in a classic solitaire engagement ring. Solitaire engagement rings provide timeless beauty and elegance. Placed within the perfect setting the single loose diamond speaks for itself.

What are the requirements then of selecting just the right solitaire diamond, and what type of setting lends itself to a perfect classic arrangement? When getting ready to buy the diamond solitaire, it’s necessary to look at the Four-C classifications (cut, color, clarity, and carat), the shape of the diamond, and the setting. A well cut diamond accentuates the unique qualities of a natural diamond, adding “fire’ and excitement. The four characteristics used when buying loose diamonds for a diamond solitaire are listed here.

Carat weight

The weight of the diamond is classified as the number of carats. Traditionally this is one of the first attributes to consider when buying a loose diamond.

Clarity of the diamond

What makes natural diamonds so unique are their characteristic marks. Usually more valuable diamonds are known for having fewer flaws.

Color of the diamond

Diamonds are ranked according to a D to Z scale. Colorless diamonds fall into the D – F range and diamonds with a yellow tint fall into the S – Z range.

Cut of the diamond brilliance

Expertly cut loose diamonds are in high demand. Precision cut diamonds are elegant and well respected for their brilliance and shape. Nature determines the clarity, cut, and color and the craftsperson defines the cut. The more highly skilled the diamond cutter the better the results!

Diamond shape and the setting

Diamond shape contributes to the beauty and value of loose diamonds especially when mounted in a classic solitaire setting. Perfect mounting sets off the unique qualities of the stone, embellishing all of the finest features. The selection of diamond shape is determined by the preference of the buyer and the specific type of jewelry to be created. Round, oval, square, and heart-shaped diamonds are a few of the most popular choices on the market today. The metal used in the setting is also important. Choices include yellow and white gold (available in 14 and 18 carat gold), and platinum. Yellow and white gold are more readily available and tend to scratch more easily. Platinum is more expensive and durable but more expensive to repair than gold.

Understanding and buying loose diamonds wholesale is an art. With a little knowledge and understanding, loose diamond enthusiasts are well on their way to selecting and owning these gorgeous and timeless treasures. An exquisite loose cut diamond, when properly mounted, makes for the perfect classic diamond solitaire!

Can I buy wholesale diamonds and then bring these to a jeweler?

Yes, you can buy diamonds and bring them to the jewelers. Most jewelers will be more than happy to work with customers who bring in wholesale diamonds. Besides taking diamonds to the jewelers why not consider some great online options available for your loose diamonds. A few simple tips can help you before you even enter the jewelry store. Take the time to make decisions ahead of time so that you won’t risk becoming sidetracked by suggestions that may not suit your needs, your budget, or your personal style.

Tips – start with a budget

Decide ahead of time how much you plan to spend. This price will include the diamond purchase, jewelry setting, and the cost for mounting the stones.

Have a clear idea about the type of diamonds. Understand the significance of the 4-C’s. The number of carats, the color, the diamond clarity, and the cut, all are significant features. Even though no two diamonds are the same loose diamonds fit into distinct categories. The shape of the diamonds will also play a role in the type of jewelry decisions that you will make. So take the time to consider each aspect and establish your priorities.

Choose a setting that’s right for you and your diamonds

The solitaire and pave settings are two of the most popular styles for diamond rings. While these are often highly sought after styles, other settings are also popular. It’s necessary to have a warranty and certificate for the diamonds and for the setting. While it’s preferable to have them supplied by the same jeweler, it’s not absolutely necessary as long as you’re guaranteed an appropriate return/refund policy that includes delivery.

Buying diamonds and jewelry online

Buying diamonds and settings online from the same site offers several advantages. Once you’ve located a reliable dealer who offers a diamond certificate coupled with a warrantee/guarantee, you’ll have many great options available to you for selecting the perfect piece of jewelry. Online shopping provides many advantages over shopping in the traditional jewelry store. Most sites have extensive lines of jewelry available to their customers. You’ll be able to select price ranges within the scope of your personal budget. Because your selections will usually take place on the same day there is less of likelihood for surprises or hidden costs. Large inventories provide a great range of wholesale diamonds and beautiful settings. You can buy wholesale diamonds online and then bring these to a jeweler. You can many great options online for all of your jewelry requests. With a simple search you are ready to turn up countless possibilities all suited to your needs and budget.

5 Fast Mother’s Day Gifts that you can afford

It is that time of the year again; we are just around the corner of the International Women’s Day which means that we need to take some time to think about how we will celebrate Mom when her special day arrives. Most Moms don’t really make such a big fuss about Mother’s Day gifts, for them your health and happiness is what matters. Even so, why should you not spoil Mom a bit when you have the chance? Right, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you can certainly make her happy by simply giving her a hug and kiss and show her how much you appreciate being her child.

1. Flowers

This is probably the simplest gift that you can ever come up with if you have to get something that should be bought in a store. Yet, a bouquet of smashing flowers is the most enchanting of Mother’s Day gifts. She will feel spoiled and honored that you took the time to get her something beautiful that was arranged especially for her. If you want to make it a bit more than just the green stuff you can add chocolate or simply make it a bouquet of chocolate roses!

2. Electronics

This is a big group and here you have many different items that could cost more or less. If you know that Mom is vying for an electronic reading plate you could look closer at different models of Kindle or iPad. Kindle could be a wise choice if your Mom is only beginning to discover the wonders of Internet and gadgets. This, since it is so easy to understand and use. iPad has advantages when it comes to the features that it includes but if she is mainly looking to read her magazines, newspapers and books on it, the Kindle is a good choice that you can find for a reasonable price.

3. Clothes with print

Why not get a t-shirt or something similar with print for Mom? This is a funny idea and also something that can be used. If you have a lovely picture of the two of you have it printed on a t-shirt, apron or other clothing that she enjoys to wear. This is not expensive and it is also a memory for many years to come. When there are grandchildren in the picture she will most likely love to get a print with their smiling faces.

4. Print on Canvas

If you think she would enjoy that print on the wall instead you can go for a . This is also within the affordable frame and you can easily get it done online. All you have to do is pick a high quality picture, if you have a digital one it is the best, and then you send this to a provider of photos on canvas to have it produced in time for the day of celebration. If you click on the banner below you can look closer at such a service and learn more about how this can be done.


5. Help Mom!

So far we have mostly looked at presents that can be bought. Indeed it seems a bit silly to think that the best Mother’s Day gifts can be bought! A good idea can simply be to help her out with something. Take care of her lawn; paint her living room or anything that she would like. This shows her that you care enough to use your precious time on her. When you are done with the cleaning or fixing you might want to take her on a little pick nick in the backyard where you treat her to a cake that you baked just for her. OK, store bought is also fine!

5 Gifts for Mom that likes to read

If Mom likes to read there are so many cool gifts that you could give her. Some people thought that the age of computers would spell the end of the traditional book but this turned out to be a false assumption. Books are more popular than ever and today we can read them in so many different formats. When people are reading on their cell phones it is obvious that some of the very best gifts for Mom will have the traditional theme of literature and reading.

Here are 5 gifts for Mom that likes to read. They should help you come up with a good idea for how to celebrate Mom. Remember that one does not have to stick to birthdays and other celebrations to give Mom a present. She deserves one just because she is your Mom and you love her!

1. Electronic Reading Plate

If your Mom likes to read books and magazines, it makes a lot of sense to get her one of the popular reading plates. Choose iPad or Kindle and make sure to show her how to download her favorites from the internet. If you want to demonstrate just how practical this sort of present is, you can give it to her in a smashing hand bag. This will make her realize how convenient it is to read books on an electronic reading plate.

2. The Book about your Lives

This is another cool idea for a book for people who blog. If you have children and you have blogged about them for a long time your Mom will certainly enjoy getting a copy of the blog in book format. This can easily be arranged by companies that produce hard copy versions of blogs.

3. A Book Club Subscription

If she is truly a book worm, get her a subscription to a book club! This way she will get new interesting books all the time. If you let her join one which also has some sort of discussion forum, she will be able to discuss with others about the book. It is an intellectual gift that will give her lots of stimulation and entertainment.

4. How to Book

This is also a fabulous gift idea for Mom. Think about that hobby that she always wanted to get into. Perhaps it is gardening, perhaps skin care, whatever it is, you can get her a how to book that will let her get into the hobby with heart and soul.

5. Autobiography

This is another safe choice for a Mom that likes to read. You know who she admires and you can check if this person has an autobiography to get her. There are so many cool books about famous and important people. Just check if she already has it before you order. If it is a newer book you might be able to get it signed if you follow the guest appearances in book stores online and offline. This could be very cool as a gift for Mom!