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5 Cool Personalized Gifts for Mom

If you are looking for personalized gifts for Mom you have so much to choose from and you will most likely get inspired by just looking at different suggestions. Since the present should have a personal touch it usually means that you will have to add some feature that will make it stand out as especially for your Mom.

Here are 5 cool personalized gifts for Mom that you can consider. They are easy to get and they will most likely be appreciated now and in the future…

1. Number 1 on this short list with cool personal presents for Mom must be a photo canvas. Photo canvas is simply something amazing. You take a picture that you really like and then you transform it to a painting. It can still keep the original look and not be made into an artsy version of the photograph. This is a very good idea and you know just what picture your Mom would enjoy the most!


2. If your Mom is a tea time type of Mom you can consider a cookie jar and some matching tea cups to it. Engrave something personal on the cookie jar or make a joke of her dieting with a phrase reminding her not to open when she is alone at home. Personalized kitchen ware is a lot of fun and you will be able to come up with more options that can gladden the heart of your Mom!

3. Let’s return to the theme of photos… Make a family tree for your Mom. A family tree can include the people you know about. You can also do some serious research and dig out some people further up in the family tree. This information is not that hard to come by and if you don’t have pictures for the people you simply write down their names and what you found out about them.

4. Another photo oriented personalized gift for Mom is the scrap book. Make your own and write a little story to your Mom. You can write her poems and anything you feel like. If the glue, scissors and paper are not what you call a good activity you can also invest in a digital photo frame and stack it with the best photos from the family.

5. Last but not least, forget about the stuff and get her some sort of experience! Why not make a picnic together at the local skating hall? Choose a theme and bring her along. Nothing will get more personal than this!

Hopefully you got some cool ideas from this little list and now you should be ready to get that gift for Mom. Just remember that the most important thing for Mom will be that you DID remember so don’t feel stressed if you are unsure of how this gift will be perceived by your Mother. With love of course!

Personalized Gifts for Mom – Picking Photos for Personal Gifts

Personalized gifts are a challenge but also a lot of fun. There is really nothing like a gift which is custom made for Mom. You know her the best and if you think that she will enjoy a special photograph for a painting you will not have troubles getting her a unique present. Canvas art is something which has become increasingly popular since it combines two important types of art and media.


On one hand you have your photos and on the other you enjoy pretty paintings on the wall. By combining these two you get what is called photos on canvas and this is something that you can do a lot with. By adding a special frame and picking the right size you get art for your Mom but it is also a very personal gifts. Among all personalized gifts, photos on canvas are probably the coolest and easiest to match with different personalities.

Picking the right Photo for Canvas Art

If the personalized gifts with photos are going to keep a high quality, you need to pick photos with high quality. As you look at a favorite picture on regular photo paper you might say to yourself that it is an excellent image but this is not what is meant by high quality for photo on canvas. Since your printed picture is much smaller than the art you want to create you will stand a better chance for a great result with the original digital file.

I love you Mom!

I love you Mom!

The reason that canvas art of photographs has become so common lately is that regular camera users have cameras that produce pictures fit for magazines. If you have the original digital file of your photo, chances are great that it will be of high quality to blow it up in a larger size. This is something you must think about when you pick a picture for your canvas art for Mom. Luckily a modern digital presents plenty of opportunities for personalized gifts for the wall!

Choosing a Detail to Focus on

If you are not a professional photo editor you will not pay much attention to what goes on in your favorite pictures. You see your Mom and daughter have an ice cream together with huge smiles and chocolate stains in their hair. Right behind your Mom stands a janitor and chats on his cellphone. This might be a cool detail for canvas art but if you think the painting will be prettier without you need to inform the photo canvas company about it. They have skilled photo editors who can create a smashing picture out of your favorite photographs.

Many times it is a particular detail about a photo that we love and remember. Ask a skilled photo editor to enhance this detail so that your photo art will become as unique as you had in mind. Sometimes you might be able to do this by yourself at home with a regular photo editing program. After all, personalized gifts are all about the details that create the uniqueness that will make your Mom think it is the best present ever.

Order the Photo Canvas

When you have decided on photo, or photos, for your personalized gifts for Mom you can send them by email to a photo on canvas provider. They will ask you to fill in the details for size and other important information for your order. If you feel a need to talk to them you can always give them a call and discuss your order over the phone. This is seldom needed, since photo on canvas services work very smoothly online. You will see a preview of the ready art on your screen so that you can determine if this is what you had in mind.

When you are ready to order your photo on canvas art online you will get the time frame for delivery which will help you plan when and how to present your gift. Consider getting a frame and to invite someone that will be able to hang it on the wall once it is presented to Mom. Make sure to wrap your gift with glossy paper and ribbons for maximum effect. You might even want to celebrate the occasion with some bubbles just like in an art show. For these kinds of personalized gifts a drum roll is always in place!

Personalized Gifts for Mom – Photos as Personalized Gifts

When you are looking for personalized gifts for Mom online you will most likely come across ideas that have to do with the memories you have in your photo albums. Everything from scrapbooks to family photo trees can be great personal gifts for Mom and there is really not much that beats a special picture that you all cherish.


Today there are so many cool things to do with pictures and photos and you don’t have to stick to something small like a digital photo frame for the kitchen or Mom’s face on the cookie jar. These are cool gifts but when you consider making your Mom a canvas of her favorite picture from the family album they seem a bit distant from the coolest gifts game!

Making a Picture into a Canvas

If this is new to you, you should have a look at some of the most popular photo sites that can make your photo into a canvas to hang on the wall. Depending on the quality of your picture you might be able to blow it up to a full scale painting. Get a really pretty frame for it and you have a personalized gift for Mom that will get center stage in her house. The canvas will look like a painting but the picture is not distorted in any way. It simply adds texture and weight to your photo in a unique way.

Choosing a Picture for the Photo Art

It can be hard to choose a suitable picture for this type of photo art. You have a few on your mind, but the question is if they will do well on canvas. This is something you should be able to discuss with the company that will produce the canvas art for you. You shouldn’t have to be an expert on photo editing to arrange for this present. The staff at the photo company knows just how to ask you the right questions to get to the perfect picture.

It is quite common that photos taken with modern digital cameras work better than the old ones that you have from the 1970’ire but nothing is impossible and the photo business might be able to refresh your old picture and make it into a marvelous canvas for you to give away to Mom.

Picking a Detail from a Photo

Something that many miss out on when they are choosing pictures for canvas art as personalized gifts is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be one picture that makes it as a whole onto the canvas. If a picture has a special focus on the smile of a baby or another detail which is striking, the photo company can work with the picture I graphic programs to create a unique effect which will only include the most striking part of the picture.

If you have an idea for a picture that you really like you can discuss this with the photo on canvas provider and see it they think that they can create a unique effect for you. With the modern graphic technique everything is truly possible so make sure to get an opinion from someone that is artistically inclined.

Getting the Photo to the Photo on Canvas Provider

To get the picture that you like to the photo company you might have to scan it or simply attach your digital file to a mail. Be careful to follow the instructions of the photo site and to mark your file correctly so that you won’t risk any mix ups. Today everything works to efficiently through the Internet but it is perfectly fine to give the photo shop a call to see if they got your mail and if they understood your order correctly.

It is important that you send the photo shop a high resolution of your photo to make sure that it will look good on a bigger canvas. You can always ask for advice on how to scan it properly or simply send the picture by regular mail to the photo on canvas provider. Give this project ample time and enjoy choosing a picture and discussing the canvas size with the photo shop.

If you order a photo on canvas as a present for Mom you will give her the coolest of personal gifts so make sure to think all steps of the process through before you hit the order button and start looking into the mailbox for your special art project!

Personalized gifts for Mom –The 10 Best Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts for Mom can be something that she truly loves with her picture or name on it. It is possible to make any sort of present unique by adding something that is special for Mom. Sometimes this means that you need to add pictures of yourself and the grandchildren and sometimes it can be something which is not related to the family life at all. When you are looking for personalized gifts for Mom the most important is to get something that she will love, and not something that the store believes is just right for her!

Here are 10 suggestions for personalized gifts for Mom. Hopefully you will get some great ideas by looking at them. Remember that a personal gift is just that, personal! No one can really tell which sort of customized present that will be the best for your Mom and sometimes you just have to go with what feels right in the heart even if the head says that it is a bit of a weird gift.

1. Customized iPhone Skins

A great personalized gift for Mom can be a customized cover for the iPhone. This is if she has one of course! If she doesn’t have an iPhone one can look into other options for the phone that she has. Sometimes the producer of the phone has personalized gifts for the specific model to make it more attractive and fun to use. If you feel like you can leave the personalized gifts theme you might even want to get her a new phone all together since this is something for her personal use that is important and always needed.

2. Customized Mouse Pad

Do people use mouse pads anymore? If she is working on a regular computer she can use a regular mouse pad and a personal one is really cool. It might even be an awesome idea to get her a brand new computer with the mouse pad. This will be a really cool gift for Mom!

3. Personal Photo Art on Canvas

This is such a cool gift. Photo art on canvas is truly unique and also easy to like. You pick out one of your favorite pictures of Mom and turn it into a company that makes photo art of it. The picture will be blown up on a canvas and Mom can hang it anywhere in her house. An alternative is to make the picture of the grandchildren or Dad in case Mom is not so interested in having her own picture hang in the house.

4. Personal Cookie Jar

Get Mom her own cookie jar and decorate it with her picture or her name. It is possible to order personal cookie jars online and you can print anything that you want on it. This includes funny messages like, “Dad, don’t touch!”

5. Picture Frame Family Tree

This is the sort of personalized gift that Mom will always cherish. Getting a family tree for pictures is really special and Mom can alter the pictures when she feels like it. Make sure to include everyone and you might even want to add pictures of Mom’s parents and grandparents to make a bigger impact of the tree.

6. Scrap Book

A scrap book is also highly personal and you can design it as you like. To make good scrap books it helps to check out techniques but if you enjoy working with the glue and pen this is a fun activity. For those who can’t stand scrap booking it can be a cool idea to make a digital scrap book or have a professional version printed. Turn in your pictures and the texts you want to add and print the scrap book like a real book. This will be Mom’s favorite on the coffee table!

7. Clip Card for Services

If you are still living at home with a smaller budget you can surprise Mom with a gift that is worth more than everything mentioned above. Help her out and give her a clip card for your services. Write down things like, clean the car, do dishes, dust the top of the cupboards and so on. Mom will decide when you need to fulfill your promises written down in the clip cards.

8. Initial Letter Necklace

Initial letter necklaces are not just for children. Movie stars wear them and Mom will feel like a star when you get her one with diamonds. A letter necklace can be worn for special occasion on every day. It is personal and yet easy to love and it is not as eye catching as having the whole name spelt out. This might be one of the very best personalized gifts for Mom out there!

9. Deer Hunter Hunting Degree

If your Mom has an office she will love this joke. Make her a deer hunter certificate and frame it. Even better is to find a Best Mom version of this certificate and give it over with tickets to the spa. If you still feel like the Deer Hunter Hunting Degree is a cool idea you might want to add an hour or two at the shooting range to make the present a bit bigger and cooler.

10. Bodum Picture Travel Mug

Keep her warm in the morning when she sets out for the car with this lovely coffee or tea mug. You can insert a picture in it so that she will also be warm in her heart when she sees you smile back at her from the mug.

With that we end this list of personalized gifts for Mom. If you can think of cool alterations of these or other great ideas, feel free to add them in the comments!

Gifts for Mom – Things for Her Kitchen!

Is it ok to give Mom things for the kitchen? While some would cringe when they hear the kitchen being referred to as “her kitchen,” others find that to be the most natural thing in the world. Moms that enjoy cooking and spending a lot of time in the kitchen in conversation and contemplation do enjoy gifts for this room. There are so many cool gifts for Mom that can be used in a kitchen and depending on your budget and possibilities you might even be able to renew it a bit.

Here are some ideas for gifts for Mom that can contribute to the experience that she has in her kitchen. If you are one of those that can’t stand thinking about Moms being rulers of the kitchen you should probably stop reading here and find a page with creative gifts for Mom or stuff that will let her develop her other personal skills and talents!

Stuff for the kitchen

Let Mom enjoy her cooking with new utensils. A new oven mitt or a sharp knife, these are items that she needs and she will use them till they fall apart. If you want to spend some more money on stuff for her kitchen you can make her a set of things to use in a certain area of the kitchen. Fill her kitchen ware drawer with new knifes, special peelers and other things that you know that she uses daily. If she has smaller kids it can be a cool idea to get utensils that will make it possible for them to join the party. She might only have one potato peeler and this will not let her have kids or grandchildren help out with the peeling when supper needs to get ready ASAP!

Entertainment in the kitchen

When Mom works in the kitchen she likes to listen to the radio, music or maybe special classes from her spiritual guide. You can make the entertainment in her kitchen more available through gadgets like a compact stereo that doesn’t take too much space and also doesn’t get easily hurt from water and food splatter. Consider getting her a nice CD rack or shelf for the discs that she wants to play on her boom box. If she is a modern Mom you might get her a system which plays MP3 straight from the computer.

In fact you might want to get her a smaller computer for her kitchen. Make sure that this computer will have access to the Internet. If she has a smaller laptop in the kitchen with Internet connection she will never be far away from the recipe that she needs or that son that is on her mind!

Clothes for the kitchen

There are certain clothes that are especially appreciated in the kitchen and these make for cool gifts for Mom. An apron is a simple thing but she will need it when she cooks up a storm or instructs the kids and grandchildren in how to bake a cake. Something that many miss out on is the importance of having comfortable shoes in the kitchen. They should be nice to stand in for a long time and also be easy to clean. If her floor gets wet she shouldn’t get wet feet or leave marks from her dirty sneakers all over the kitchen! Consider getting her a nice pair of Crocs to work in the kitchen with.

If your Mom is a serious champion in the kitchen you might even want to get her a little chef uniform with her name on the pocket. She might not get into the pants but a nice chef jacket can be very inspiring and make her feel like cooking the most amazing dishes like the true star that she is!

Big machines

Other great kitchen related gifts are the machines that can be used for cooking, washing and all the other things that go on in a modern kitchen. Get her a new baking machine, or why not a special frying-pan that can freeze fruit to become little deserts like in the fanciest restaurant? There are many cool kitchen tools that are big and special but be careful not to invade her space with something that she cannot use. Speaking about space, if she has a place for table and chairs you might want to get her new furniture to give the kitchen a nice new feeling and look!

Cleaning help…

This last note on great gifts for Mom that can fit her kitchen won’t be something that you can find on Amazon or in your local gift shop. Cleaning help is something that she needs a lot of in the kitchen and if you are serious about getting her a great gift this might be the answer to a budget that can’t support new kitchen machines or a renovation of the seating area. Make a clip card with an amount of kitchen clean ups that you are willing to give away. She will have to book you for the times when she would like someone else to see to the dirty pans and counter tops and you will have to stick to the commitment you made and clean with style.

Cleaning help is also the sort of gift that can be arranged with younger siblings and grandchildren that are old enough to handle kitchen items with care and consideration. Let her put her feet up while you sweep the floors and make those counters and dishes shine like new again!

Should I get Gifts for Mom when She says no?

Many meet a “no” from Mom when they try to figure out what gifts for Mom that will be the best, and the question might pop up in your head: Should I get gifts for Mom when she says no? What if she is just being polite, trying to make you feel easy about an upcoming birthday or holiday? In reality she would love a gift and you are missing the point!
Here is what to do when Mom declines gifts…

If you must give her a gift

If you must give Mom a gift, (and you do!) you can always let her know that her polite refusal won’t make any difference so she can either let you get something that she will truly enjoy or let you waste your money. Yes, this is a bit of a harsh approach but with Mommies that try to act like if they don’t deserve anything this might be the only thing that works!

Check with her friends

You can also fish around a bit with those that she is on a friendly basis with. They might know a bit more about stuff that could cheer her up. Since she doesn’t feel that they will get her the gifts, she is easier to share this information with friends. When you are looking for gifts for Mom you can even ask her best friend to do some silent digging…

Get something practical

Ok, so she doesn’t want a special gift for Mom that will be only for enjoyment and rejuvenation, but something practical will always be a good idea. You know where she lacks for stuff and if you don’t just scan the house in your mind. Give her kitchen or bedroom a lift with some new furniture or help her install GPS in her car. These are gifts for Mom that will be for the greater good of all and this is usually something that Mom can accept and be happy about.

Don’t forget about plain old flowers, they are always a hit when it comes to Moms that decline gifts and claim that they don’t need to be celebrated!

5 Gifts for Work at Home Mom

When Mom works at home there are plenty of things that can make her day easier and more fun. Whenever you have a reason to get gifts for Mom you should consider getting something for her office or wherever she works in the house. The term work at home Mom is really a bit silly since every Mom works at home! Still, there are work-at-home-Moms that do double shifts at home and these gift ideas are especially for this category of Mommies.

Here we go, 5 gifts for Work at Home Mom:

1. Chair

Does she sit comfortably when she works on the computer? There are so many cool chairs for office work and you will get inspired just by looking at the different models. Surprise Mom with a kneeling office chair, and give her better posture by that computer.

2. Lap Top

Among the best gifts for Mom that works from home we will find the lap top. She has her regular computer but she can’t bring it on errands and sometimes it would save her a bunch of time if she could just get stuff done while waiting in the car. Get her a smaller lap top for back up and fun.

3. USB Cup Warmer

A USB cup warmer is an excellent gift for Mom. With this she can keep her coffee or tea hot even as she completely forgets about it while digging into some work on her screen. This gift will show her how much you care about her wellbeing at work even if her job puts her in the vicinity of your own house coffee maker.

4. White Board

Does Mom have a white board to map out her idea on? A white board will make your kitchen feel like a professional office. Make sure to get her the markers as well. She can also use the white board to leave notes for the family and it can be a great place for placing little messages of love to Mom that she will discover when she needs it the most.

5. Massage Pad for Chair

If she is happy with her regular office chair you can get a massage pad for it. If you get the electrical kind she can get a professional massage whenever she feels like it. You won’t be there to give her the backrub and yet you will be with this sort of gift for Mom!

Best 3 Gifts for Successful Mom

What can you give to a Mom that has it all? Well, it isn’t all that uncommon that a Mom that is really successful feels otherwise. You see things that she can’t see and if you want to make sure that Mom sees what a great person she is you can give her gifts for Mom that will make a Mother feel thankful and happy about life. Here are 3 suggestions for gifts for Mom that will make her smile and cherish all of her accomplishments.

Let’s start with something spiritual…

The Garden of Gratitude

This is a must read for anyone that wants to feel true joy in life. People that are especially successful don’t necessarily feel all that grateful about it. This book is written by an Israeli rabbi and it is full of insights that will make her a successful Mom if she wasn’t one before. Get a copy for yourself while you are at it!

On to the physical…

A Photobook

There is nothing like a scrapbook to remind her of what a great success her life is. If there are already grandchildren she will be thrilled to see their pictures next to hers. Make the scrapbook by hand in a lovely album or order a professional scrapbook from a photocompany. The professional style makes a lot of sense for the accomplished Mom since it makes the scrapbook look like a real coffee table book!

And something for bonding…

If your Mom is always busy she might just wish for some time with you. This can be easier said than done since her friends and committments are always knocking on her door. To create some quality time together you will have to take her along on some kind of event. Go for a spa treatment or why not a walk in the woods with a pick nick? Just make sure that you will have plenty of time for just being together. This will be a chance to make a memory for life and Mom will love the idea and your desire to be just with her!
Do something together!

Gifts for Mom that will warm her Heart

Who doesn’t want to give Mom a gift that will warm her heart and soul? As we start looking for ideas for gifts for Mom we really want to come up with something that will stand out and truly show her how much we care. Not that she is asking for it, the truth is that Mom will find it endearing that she gets a gift from her children. When the gifts for Mom graduate from being drawings and crafts from school they can take on a new meaning.

In a sense you are interacting as grownups and as such you have a much better idea of what gifts for Mom that will be the sweetest. You don’t have to spend more money just because you want to come up with a grownup version of the stickers on a paper. There are plenty of lovely gifts for Mom that will be unique and not cost a fortune.

Here are some ideas for gifts for Mom that won’t be too expensive but still make an impact of heart and soul:


Oh Yes! Mommies tend to love chocolate so why not spoil her with something different. Get her a brand that spells out luxury and good taste. Tell her not to open the package till you have left her alone with a good book or perhaps a complete DVD set off her favorite show.

Snuggly Gifts

She took care of you all those years and you have no idea how many times she went to adjust your blanket, unless you are now the blanket adjuster of your own brood! Why not get her something snuggle that will keep her warm as she relaxes at home. When you show that you care about her staying warm and safe, she knows that the gift is straight from the heart and it will almost reach the same level of excitement as the crafts you once painstakingly prepared for her.

The Best Tea ever

When you get to the cold months of the year it becomes fun to drink tea but don’t let Mom sit and sip some regular Lipton! If you have never tried the Celestial Seasonings tea you have missed an American gem. This tea is produced with so many considerations in mind that you will feel great just buying a box. Expertmom can vouch for this tea and especially recommends the Tension Tamer as a good choice for a Mom that needs to kick back a bit. You can get Mom one box or several to let her enjoy tea like never before. Make sure to try this tea and spend some quality time together over a cup or two…

4 Cool Gifts for Proud Mom

Moms usually suffer from being a bit proud, proud of you and your children. This is a sickness and joy that comes with being a mother and some of us are better at hiding it while other just can’t help themselves but spill that pride all over the place. If you know a proud Mom you will appreciate these ideas for gifts for Mom that is proud. These items can help her find the right media for her feelings of satisfaction and she will most likely find them highly appropriate.

Chances are that you can’t go wrong with any of these gifts for Mom is she is truly a proud one. Have a look at the list and you will get why…

1. Documentation

Proud Moms must have easy access to documentation of their accomplishments. You can always get her a pretty photo album and paste the pictures in it. Scrap books are cool but did you ever hear about the professional albums that look like real books? These are amazing and can easily adorn the coffee table for guests to share the joys of Mom’s life. Another cool idea is to get her a digital photo book. This will let her bring her cherished pictures anywhere and in style!

2. Conversation

Yes, a proud Mom has to share her pride and joy with her friends. Hopefully they are also satisfied individuals that enjoy sharing their lives special moments with Mom. To facilitate Mom’s conversations you can give her a complete set of phones, fax and answering machine. This will most likely be needed if she talks on the phone a lot and her current handsets have already lost the print on the dial buttons.

3. A new Camera!

Let the proud Mom snap pictures of the things she loves the most and why not give her a new camera to do this with? Digital cameras are awesome gifts for Mom and there are so many different models to choose from. Make sure to get a kind that is easy to use and perhaps small enough to fit her purse.

4. Massage Chair

Massage what? You don’t get the connection? Well, actually, a proud Mom spends a lot of time thinking about the things that she is so proud of and while she does so she deserves a nice massage in her own massage chair. This is also one of the gifts for Mom that will have you stalk her house for ever. Try a few moments in a massage chair and you will see how it lets your mind float to where it enjoys life the most!