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Review of Bop It

Bop It is by no means a new toy but it never seem to go out of style. If you played with it as a teenager you might not have thought about the possibility of giving this as a gift to your 4 year old but it is actually a great idea. This toy will introduce rhythm and concentration in a wonderful way. What a great break from the TV or computer games and how lovely with a toy that can be shared by siblings of different ages.

This is how it works

There are a few different versions of Bop It but they all include different task that you need to carry out. Honk the big button, twist one of the side handles, pull the other, scream, and so on… This is the game in a nut shell. Depending on the level you choose you need to do this at different speeds so you can raise the level for older kids.

Who will enjoy it?

Everyone loves Bop It! You can sit with the 4 year old, the 12 year old and Grandma and have a good time passing the Bop It around to cooperate. This is simply a fun game for anyone that is ready for a challenge. It is a must in every household and something you can give as a gift without any worries of how it will be received.

Bop It can be used in the car, at home on the couch, in the park, anywhere where you need something to stimulate the kids. Get ready to go nuts of the Bop It voice telling you things like “you can do it” and “I remember the first time I played Bop It…”

This is a cool game that can be recommended warmly by Expertmom.

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Gifts for the birthday party for a 4 year old boy

When you arrange a birthday party for a 4 year old, it will be very wise to make sure that all participants get a gift. It is quite common to give out gift bags to all guests and in these you can put all sorts of treats including a nice present. The best person to ask for advice is your soon to be 4 or 5 year old boy. He knows exactly what he likes to see in those treat bags so ask him first. You can also try to recall the gifts he enjoyed when coming home with goodie bags from parties. The good thing about gifts for 4 year old boys and 5 years olds that participate in birthday parties is that they don’t have to cost much at all. In fact, your local thrift store probably has things that won’t cost half a dollar a piece and yet make your little guests feel as if they won the lottery.

Pocket lights

Look for pocket lights. These are excellent gifts for a 4 year old boy as well as a 5 year old. You can usually find cool shapes like ice creams, ping pong rackets and other things that little boys enjoy. Anything with a button, light or noise will be a great idea for gift in the goodie bags so check out your local thrift store or online shops like Amazon to see what they have to offer within this category.


Yes, of course, balloons! You can get the regular kind or the kind that is meant for water games. Did you know that it is actually healthy for little kids to fill balloons with air? It gives their lungs a healthy exercise and this is especially great for asthmatic kids. The balloons also fit so well into the gift bags.

Stickers and glue

Stickers are always welcome gifts for 4 year old boys. They are also not the priciest thing on the market. You can probably find rolls with cool images that won’t cost you more than a few dollars or buy a package online. Glue is also a cool idea. Get the non-toxic kind. The parents will look like question marks when they see it but the little boys will know exactly how much can be done with a nice stick of glue…


You can also get big packages with small cars. Put one car in each goodie bag and you have the best gifts for 4 year old boys. These cars don’t have to be of the highest quality but if you are willing to invest in this birthday party present you might want to get the better kind made out of metal with doors that open. This will for sure be something that the guests will love, also the little girls because little girls can also see the charm in cars and anything else mentioned above!

Or why not ballons with a car theme…

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5 Questions to a 4 year old boy turning 5 year old

Hello Michael, you are now about to be 5 years old and we would like to know more about the kind of things you would like for your birthday. First of all, what kind of things did you want as a 4 year old boy?

Michael: I wanted a glue gun

Okay, a glue gun is obviously a nice thing to have; do you want this as a gift for your 5 year birthday as well?

Michael: Yes, and also the glue

What else would you like to have?

Michael: I need a bike, but it must have support wheels because I can’t bike on the big bike, it needs to be small, for me.

Would you like some special toy?

Michael: Now it is hot and Mommy says I can play with water so I would like water balloons and a water splash gun, it should be big.

One more question, are you planning a party for your 5 year old birthday?

Michael: Yes, we will have one in preschool and I will bring cake and gifts for all my friends. I also want ices.

Thank you very much Michael and have a lovely birthday!

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Finally 5… Gifts for a 5 Year Old Boy

When 4 come around many get to meet the monster. We are talking about the boy that snatches toys from others on the playground, refuses to share his own and gets time outs every other 5 minute. Welcome 5! This is surely a time to celebrate but what gifts for a 5 year old boy should you invest in? If he has been good at expressing his needs and desires during the past year you might have an idea but here are some pointers to remind you what he’s been wining about…

I want to bike!

Little boys and girls love to bike and he has seen his friends busy with all sorts of two wheelers. Now he is ready to try it by himself but skip the balance trainer! The best gifts for a 5 year old boy are the ones that he can use for a longer period of time. That’s why you should get a real bike that he can grow with. Just set it so that he will reach the ground and remove the support wheels. Let him slide and glide till he gets it. For many little boys this will be maximum one afternoon while others need some more time. A bike is truly a great gift!

Glue guns are awesome…

If he is a creative little boy he might be asking for a glue gun like the one his preschool teacher is using. Don’t give him a glue gun but get him something to craft with, perhaps a crafts set, or something that will remind him of the tools that his teacher is using. There are so many cool crafts items to give as a gift for a little boy that likes to get busy painting, cutting and gluing. A regular stapler can keep him busy for many minutes at a time.

Walkie talkie

Walkie talkies are fabulous. These little gadgets usually don’t cost much but they will provide him with hours of fun. If he has siblings the gift makes a lot of sense and it will encourage them to play together. Just make sure that this gadget comes with batteries.


If you can stand the noise it might be time for drums. There are certain kids that just can’t seem to get enough of the songs and beats they learn in preschool and hear on the radio. Drums are really cool instruments and something that quite small kids can start with. If you think this will be over the top you might want to go for a regular electric piano with beats included so that he can enjoy seeing the effects that he can accomplish by simply pressing the buttons…

Get active

It might feel tempting to get him a new movie or computer game but try to find something that will get him moving instead. While games and movies can be a great help for busy parents they are not the best gifts for a 5 year old boy that should learn more about the world and his own abilities. Therefore it is highly recommended to stay away from these couch warming type of gifts and invest in sports equipment, regular board games, books or something else that will force him to think and do.

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Healthy Gifts for a 5 Year Old Boy

There are so many unhealthy and yet popular gifts for young boys. It seems that every kid knows what Angry Birds are and if they won’t get to play the game on their Mother’s phone they will find other ways to follow the stories of these weird birds and their friends. If you are looking for healthy gifts for a 4 year old boy of for a 5 year old boy, you might find it hard to find anything that is not meant for passive entertainment. Well, it isn’t, but you have to start thinking differently. If you are not ready to get rid of the TV you can still do a lot of things to change the environment at home. Here are some healthy ideas to trade for those less healthy gifts…

Instead of Video Games

Video games are NOT healthy. In fact, they are a huge waste of time. Today kids will sit by their television for hours. They switch from regular TV to the games and then it is bedtime. If you are thinking about getting a new game for the PlayStation or other gaming console you should stop and consider what sort of behavior this will promote. Instead of getting Wii games where the kid will get off the couch, get the real deal. A 4 year old kid can start playing tennis, soccer just as well as a 5 year old. Invest with your time and take him out for some physical activities. If this is impossible get something that can keep him busy at home like a trampoline.

There are also board games and yes, you will find the Angry Birds version. If you get your 5 year old boy a board game you must make the time to play with him. He is not old enough to play by himself and he will most likely demand that you let him win!

Instead of Movies

Movies can be helpful as babysitters when you really must get some quiet time but if you overdo it they are very unhealthy for your child’s development. The movies are a very passive activity and should be traded for something that will engage the boy. There are fantastic pre-school books to work together in. You might not think that he is ready to learn the ABC but you will be amazed how fast he can pick up reading and writing if you start by sitting a little bit each afternoon. Trade the movies for learning books and play him story tapes while he build with Clics and other cool toys for this age group.

Instead of Violent Toys

It is tempting to get the soldiers and guns because he most likely asks for them. However, these are not necessarily the type of toys you want him to play with. Get him a cool robot that can transform into a car or truck instead. Another idea is to get something that relates to airplanes or space travel with the same kind of convert function to tease his imagination.

Instead of Cell Phone

OK, if you even thought that a cell phone would be a good gift for a 5 year old boy, something is not right! Cell phones are not good for grownups and they are certainly a bad idea for a child. If you want him to play with the concept of talking on a phone, go for walkie talkies or something similar. Remember that there was a time when people got by perfectly without portable phones? Save your child from all of the bad influences that he can get through the phone and go for something more playful and easy without the games and other passive entertainment.

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Glue, scissors and paper – that’s what he really wants!

Every kid is different but there are similarities when it comes to their interests and hobbies. If you are looking for a gift for a 4 year old boy, you might be looking at the wrong things. You think that he wants a puzzle or perhaps a new ride on toy when in reality he is just looking for something to cut to pieces. If you are looking for a present for a little man that has proven his skills with the scissors you need to re-think your gift ideas!

What he really wants

Little boys that like to cut paste, and paint can’t get enough of this. You don’t even have to get him anything fancy. If you do invest in a really nice drawing book you can be sure that soon it will resemble a puzzle ripped apart. If he gets to do what he wants with the booklet, he will start by cutting pieces from it, glue some of them back and paint. This is why you need to get the gifts from the thrift store or by cheaply online.

What type of pens to get?

There are 2 things to keep in mind when you decide to get pens for a 4 year old boy. They need to be non-toxic and they should also be cheap. Even if you get him the highest quality he will manage to wear the pens out in one night. Get him a large quantity of pens that are cheap, non-toxic and easy to wash out. He doesn’t have to get all of them at once. Make sure to give a few here and there to make them last longer.


Glue should also be non-toxic and easy to handle. The glue sticks are usually the best idea and these come very cheap. If you get him a tube with liquid glue he will use it all in one shot. Little boys love to glue so this is really a great idea, especially if he is the type of boy that will try gluing things with anything that looks a bit like gel.

Craft projects

If it is important to you that he creates something nice and lasting you can get some cool wooden objects from the hobby store. Let him decorate a wooden box and make it into his private storage place for his pens, glue and paper scraps. This will encourage him to keep track of his things and to make sure that all lids are on before he stores the pens in his special box.

Good luck with the gifts for a 4 year old boy. Remember that things like egg cartons, paper cups, toilet rolls and similar are excellent objects for a young man looking for anything to cut, glue and staple into! Yes, a stapler is also a good idea…

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The Best Gifts for 14 Year Old Boys

Looking for gifts for young adults isn’t really all that difficult. In most cases you will find that the best gifts for 14 year old boys are things that you would like as well. At this age the child is no longer too young for gadgets that must be handles with care and he can also enjoy mature things like going on a cool adventure. To find the very best presents for a boy that is turning 14 it is always smart to discuss it with him but once you are ready to buy the item that he would like, it makes sense to get it online. Remember that electronic gadgets and sports apparel can get quite pricey. You are better off getting this online where you can easily compare prices before you buy.

Before you decide what to get him…

If you have a list with possible gifts you need to consider what will last the longest. Just like you didn’t buy him certain things at 4 because you knew they would break within the hour, you shouldn’t make the same mistake at 14. A feature of the best gifts for 14 year old boys is that they are of good quality. It makes sense to save up a bit longer to get him that video game or phone that he so wants. Next time he brings his friends over you can give them a snack and sit down to hear their thoughts on gadgets and stuff. You will be amazed to discover the sort of tips for gifts that you can get from such a conversation. If there is no time for friendly chats with snacks and ice cream you can simply call his best friend and get the top list of the most wanted items right now.

Here are some useful ideas for things that you can give a 14 year old boy. You will most likely recognize some of them from his conversations with you and with friends. Have a look and get ready to surprise the boy like never before!

A New Phone

Samsung has rapidly taken a leading position as a Smartphone producer. He is most likely talking about the latest edition and that will cost you a nice amount of money. The good thing is that previous versions of Samsung Galaxy are very good and they come to reasonable prices. Just check with him what versions of the phone that he would be interested in before you buy.


Take the boy on a shorter trip to some interesting destination. Fly, stay at a fancy hotel and go shopping in a cool are. There are many cool cities to choose from and places like New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and Miami has plenty of activities and events that will suit his age and personality. Most of all it will be a special trip to remember forever.

Nintendo Wii

This is a game console that is suitable for many different ages and you can rest assure that you will get into the games yourself when you can stand in front of the screen and use your body to win different sports and challenges. This is the sort of gift that will let you play together, parents, friends and kids.

Nintendo 3Ds

This is a different type of gaming console that he can bring along in his pocket or in his bag. It is a sweet little thing that he will most likely be very interested in. If he doesn’t have one already this is a lovely gift for a 14 year old boy.

Digital Camera

There are many cool digital cameras and at this age he might be interested in such a gift. Send him off on the class trip with a new camera or bring it on your own outing!

A Watch

A watch can also be a great idea. If he is into sports you might want to get something that he can use for his training. Check out cool watches for sport purposes or models that are fancy if this is what he is looking for.

These were just some ideas for what to get him. Hopefully this list with some of the best gifts for 14 year old boys gave you some useful ideas. Good luck on finding the best gift to the best price!

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5 Healthy Gifts for an 8 Year Old Boy

Today it is only too common to see young children who are not fit. While the world of fashion demands a slim and trimmed body, the world of the 8 year old boy is not necessarily a place where this will happen. One might think that young boys don’t concern themselves with these matters but that would be a lie. Boys are just as subjected to the current body ideals as girls. That’s why you could consider looking for healthy gifts for an 8 year old boy that will help him get active and stay trim. Here are some suggestions to consider…

1. Anything with Wheels

If he doesn’t already have a bike it is not too late to get one now. Just make sure that he will have a place to use it. If he doesn’t it will only collect dust on a balcony or in the basement. When you think about healthy gifts for an 8 year old boy, wheels have a natural place in the picture. Get him roller blades or classical roller skates. These are easier to store than a bike and they might also be safer to use if he can’t bike right by the house. More ideas within this category are: skateboard, scooter, or why not a radio controlled car to run around with outside or in the house?

2. A Membership in a Sports Club

There are so many fantastic sports out there. Many times we only know about one or two of them due to our own interests. A great sport for boys and girls is swimming. Swimming is good for the coordination, the lungs and all of the body. It is also an activity that can be practiced year around at the indoor pool. Check out what sports clubs you have in your area and take him for an introduction to see where he would like to join.

3. Trampoline

This is a healthy option for the entire family. If you are lucky enough to live in a place where the weather permits the use of a trampoline outside year around, go for it! Otherwise you will need a big garage or a basement that can fit the trampoline. Also make sure to get one which is safe and easy to install and use.

4. If it must be Video Games…

Then opt for the Nintendo Wii. It has the sports games where you have to get off the couch and move along as you play. This is a lot of fun and most 8 year old are vying for one of these consoles.

5. If he likes to Dance

Get a dance game! There are plenty of them and you can get the version that will fit your entertainment center. Go for a DVD dance game or get something for the game console that you have. This is also one of the best gifts for an 8 year old boy that is not spending enough time with the family. Get together and dance!

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Gifts for an 8 Year Old Boy when you are on a tight Budget

Finding the right presents for a boy that is about to turn 8 can be a pleasure or a nightmare. It all depends on what sort of things he had in mind and what you can afford. Not only this, gifts for an 8 year old boy can influence just what he will be doing during the upcoming months. You want to make sure to get him something which is good for his development and yet something that he vies for. This can be done and here are some ideas for the things that you could get while on a tight budget…

He wants a new game console

8 year old boys are already too familiar with the world of gaming. Even if you are raising him with many activities that are far away from the TV and couch, he most likely loves a good game now and then. If you realize that the gifts for an 8 year old boy that you will be tuning into are within this area you can still save some money on getting the right thing. The newest gaming consoles are the most expensive and you can save hundreds of dollars by getting one of the older trusted models that are still compatible with newer games. If he is looking for PlayStation you can opt for PlayStation 2 which comes to a lower price and yet provides him with the gaming experience that he is looking for.


For boys that are deep into the world of sports there are most likely several items on the wish list that you can afford. Check with him and ask him to name several sport apparel that he would like. You should be able to find something on this list that fits your current budget. If there is a specific thing that he wants dearly you could also get together with other family members to get it. Likewise it is perfectly fine to hint to other parents that are coming to your party to ship in for this item that he wants so much. They will be happy to see how you handle the situation since this lets them know that they can do the same which will save you all from a lot of junk and also gladden the boys when they get the presents that they truly want!

Brands and off-brands

There can also be a lot of money to save on off-brand products but you need to be honest with yourself on this one. Would you get off-brand things for yourself? If not, then you can’t really expect you 8 year old to be any different. When you are looking for gifts for an 8 year old boy, you will realize that many of the things are available to cheaper prices in off-brand format. If your family is used to thinking out-side of the box with stuff that have names you can hardly pronounce you can certainly go for it. Off-brand is not the same thing as low quality and you should get the same standard when it comes to guarantees as you would with the familiar brand.

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How to Choose a Gift for an 8 Year Old Boy

To pick out a gift for an 8 year old boy you will most likely get some information from his friends or parents. If you are the parent you are well aware of some of the things that he really cares about. With an 8 year old there is no point in trying to be too creative. Get him what he truly wants and make sure that this is something which is good for his development.

Something to make him move…

If this is an 8 year old who does not participate in any sort of sport or like to cruise the street up and down on his bike, you should consider something which will get him moving. There are many cool forms of bikes and skates that will make him want to go out and move. You can also consider something like a trampoline for the house. If he is already into sports he probably needs some new props for his practice.

Video games

You can certainly go for video games or a console but it is important to pick the right one. If this is something that interests him, he will know exactly what sort of video games console that he wants. Talk to him about it and make sure to get the right equipment!


There are probably many different types of electric gadgets that he is interested in. If you are not part of the immediate family you need to be careful with things like cell phones and other things that the family might not be too keen of. A safe option is to get a gift card for a store that sells many different sorts of gadgets so that he can pick exactly the kind of gift that he is interested in.

These were some tips for how to pick gifts for an 8 year old boy, enjoy!

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