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Something Fun to Eat for a Child that needs to Lose Weight

Does your child need to lose weight? This is the reality for many families today and you are probably not unfamiliar with the ideas of what sorts of food are conductive for weight loss, and what sorts constitute absolute no-nos. The thing is that no one can change their pattern of eating in one day and your child should not have to suffer to burn fat. After all, children are children and certain foods belong to a happy childhood.

Here are some ideas for fun things to eat for a child that needs to lose weight:

Anything, but in small Portions!

First of all, if you can eliminate all of the junk food and empty sugar it is great. You can still allow your child candy and chocolate from time to time. Make sure to get the good stuff without food coloring and give small portions. This is done by simply buying smaller amounts. Even if the supermarket has a sale for 5 chocolate bars you get one and this one is meant to last the entire week. If you split a regular chocolate bar evenly among the family members it will not be a disaster for the child on a diet to also get a piece to look forward to.


Today there are so many tasty yogurts around and some of them are lethal for a child that needs to lose weight. Check how many calories are in the mix and try to stick to between 30 and 50. This will not be worse than eating a sweet fruit but it will offer some fun for a child that is overweight. You can also allow yourself yogurt when the sweet tooth is haunting you!

Ice Cream is Fun, make it yourself!

Ice cream is hardly what comes to mind when you are looking for fun snacks for a child on a diet but there are actually great types of ice cream available. You can buy ice cream that is low in calories and full of great taste but even more fun, you can make it yourself!

Get a simple ice cream maker and decide with your child what sort of ice cream that you will make. Get low calorie ice cream recipes online and try them out together. Not only will this give a child on a diet something fun to snack on but it will also be a lovely afternoon or evening activity. When you get your child involved in preparing and making the healthy food, the diet and fat loss will become easier and more relaxed. So invest in an ice cream maker and start having fun with low fat homemade ice cream!

Great Snacks for Kids that need to Lose Weight

If you have a child that needs to lose weight you are already aware of the fact that the potato chips, cheese doodles and other goodies must go. This leaves a vacuum and now you need other snacks for your kid. Just because a child needs to lose weight you don’t have to cut the joy of eating good food. If you are smart you can teach your child to appreciate food which is healthy and tasty. Why not get into this kind thinking you too?!

What you Eat Influences your Child

If you are telling your child to eat fruit while you avoid it, you can’t expect your child to do anything different. Children look at their parents and learn what is considered tasty and what is not. Make the good stuff an attraction by acting as if you are bummed when you are all out of apples, “who took the last apple?!” Try to think how you would normally act around the house when it comes to candy and cake and adopt this attitude. In the beginning it will be like a fun game but the effects are awesome!


Each season has different fruits and during the summer you can go for different types of melons. It is true that they include a lot of sugar but if you server delicious cubes of watermelon it will be both satisfying and also be a great idea for fluids on a hot day. Apples, pears, plums and nectarines can be better enjoyed if you cut them into smaller pieces to present them on a platter. Every now and then you can offer a child that is overweight stuff like ice cream, just make sure to place more fruit than ice cream on the plate!

Pretzels are pretty much OK to give as a snack to a child that needs to lose weight. They are low fat and give a satisfying feeling in the tummy. Just don’t overdo it and couple the pretzel bag with a fruit.

Apple chips

Some kids actually enjoy the chips made out of apples. They are basically think slices of apples dried in the sun to become similar to potato chips only chewy. Try these chips out and if you are lucky they can be a great help for your child to lose weight in a fun and tasty way.

Snack times

Remember that you need to set the times for snacks. If your child is having a snack every hour or so it doesn’t really matter what he or she eats. For a child to lose weight they need to eat steady meals and combine this with exercise. Routines are a must for anyone that wants to lose weight so make sure to apply them to your life for the best results.

How your Parenting can influence the Weight of your Child

If your child is overweight due to lifestyle issues your parenting is the key to solving this problem. You will have to get some professional help for your parenting style but if you get it you will certainly see that your child loses weight and stay healthy. It doesn’t have to be too difficult to help a child lose weight. The most important is to think about methods that you can incorporate in your house and lifestyle gradually and in a non-stressful way. The worst thing to do when a child is overweight is to start obsessing about it without actually starting any real program for change.

Find the Method that will Work for you!

You and your children are individuals and not every weight loss program for children will work or be suitable for your specific lifestyle. Therefore you should start by reviewing the options available to you. There are programs for weight loss for children that demand a lot of interaction. If you think that this will be good for your family then go for it. Other programs will demand more resolution from your side without anyone actually checking your child’s weight and progress week by week. Consider which type of weight loss program for kids that you find the most reasonable before you even sign up for more information.


When you are working together as a couple to lose weight or help a child lose weight you need to do so in a sensitive way and also be united. Make time to discuss your goals and methods without the child hearing it. Remember that a child can find it very hurtful to constantly hear that he or she is overweight. Ease the child’s burden by working together and only discuss the negative points out of earshot of the child. You should also discuss how you will talk to the child that needs to lose weight about these issues. When you are working on a parenting plan for weight loss that is persistent and unified it will have the most amazing results.

You will also benefit

By changing your parenting to help your child lose weight you will also benefit. It is very common that parents of overweight children are overweight too. Make the diet and lifestyle change together and grow from it. Walks and other activities meant to stimulate fat burn in the kid will also be healthy for you. Spend the time to get in shape and to get close. By working towards a goal together your family will become closely knit and this is strength for the future.

Remain positive, if you could add that weight on you can certainly get rid of it! For sure losing weight takes longer time than putting it on but with a proper parenting style this work will become a pleasure and give long term results. Realize that the changes you make today for your child to lose weight will also influence the parenting style of your child as he or she becomes a parent. You are setting new standards that coming generations will continue to thank you for!

How to Help a Child Lose Weight

Children that are overweight suffer just as much, if not more, as grownups that are overweight. If you have a child that needs to lose weight chances are great that you yourself know a great deal about this problem. There can be many reasons for why your child has a weight problem but in most cases it is simply due to a lack of proper eating habits at home. For many reasons we don’t put the time and energy into the diet of the family as our mothers and grandmothers did. This has resulted in kids that are not eating properly and therefore become too heavy.

Here are some good ideas for how you can help a child that is overweight. They are mostly meant to make you look into the structure of your household and how you, yourself, deal with issues of fat, exercise and proper diet.

Self Esteem

First of all, if your child is overweight, the last thing you want to do is to make them feel bad about it. There are plenty of people in their surrounding who do just that and what is needed from the home is behavior that will strengthen their feeling of confidence and self-worth. Today it is very un-fashionable to be fat. People are proud and respected when they make parades about their desires in the bedroom but to be fat is certainly a stigma and not something that Western society and culture celebrates.

Be sensitive to this and understand that a fat child suffers a lot from not living up to the social norm and standards of our day. Focus on the positive characteristics that your child possesses and use these to get to a lifestyle which will enable permanent weight loss and health.

Changing your Diet and Lifestyle

Yes, you will have to change diet and lifestyle for your child to lose weight. You will need to do this together. This means that cabinets and fridge must be emptied of empty calories that just sit there to ruin the health of you and your children. You will also need to follow a proper schedule for eating. Get the help of a dietician. You should be able to get to go to one by simply speaking to your doctor. The dietician can make a program for food for the entire family which will be of benefit also to the family members that are not over weight. Remember that some people don’t get fat from the junk food but their bodies are ruined in other ways!

Get Moving!

You don’t have to sign up to a gym to start burning fat. Make quality time with your child by taking a walk together a few nights a week. Use this time to catch up on what is going on in school and what goals and dreams you share. You should also consider if it is possible to walk to school and playschool. If it is a matter of 10-15 minute walk you might want to leave the car at home a few days a week and get going earlier to catch this natural form of fat burning.
You can also help your child to lose weight by getting toys that stimulate movement. Examples of good toys for overweight kids are bikes, kick bikes, trampolines, roller blades, jumping ropes and anything that promotes active play.

Remember this next time you want to get a birthday present or just pamper your baby with something new to play with!

Does it make a Difference with a Teether?

Some babies suffer more from teething pains than others and when you see that your child is constantly rubbing at their gums a teether might be helpful. There are many different types of teething tools and when you pick one for your baby you need to keep a few things in mind. Foremost is safety but after this you can enjoy the cool designs available and get something which is both practical and playful.

A Simple Teether

Look, the simplest teether is usually for free and exists in your home already. Kids are good at finding solutions for soothing their itching and sore gums. It might be perfectly sufficient with fingers or the edge of a treasured toy. The thing you need to think about here is that finger sucking could become a habit and it is much easier to remove a teether toy than get rid of such a habit. This works much like a pacifier, and indeed a pacifier can also be a teether.


If you are already using a pacifier you can be lucky enough to go through the teething period without much noise. Many children find the pacifier soothing enough and you don’t realize that they are actually suffering from itchy gums. Put the pacifier in the freezer every now and then to give an extra cooling effect, especially when you do see that it is being used for this purpose.

Cooling Teethers

There are some very simple teethers with fluid inside that can be cooled down to have a better effect on the gums. These are usually available in any pharmacy or grocery store and they are pretty efficient. However, some of these teething tools can start to leak the water if your child is persistent enough and this is a bit scary. They can also be too plain to be of interest to the child but this is a question of personality and taste.

Cool Teethers

The very best teethers are shaped like toys and the child can play and gnaw away to everybody’s satisfaction. In fact, getting a teether toy meant for this purpose is probably the safest solution since the materials and colors used are not harmful for the child to gnaw off. For children that are eating on their toys this is a smart solution and one that doesn’t cost much. Get a popular toy teether and surprise your baby with it. It will become a treasured companion for Mom and baby, also for after the actual teething period.

Natural Remedies against Cough – 3 Easy Steps

If your baby or child is coughing it can be nerve wrecking for everyone involved. Getting up in the middle of the night when all you want to do is turn over and sleep is sometimes extremely aggravating and you must practice patience and lots of love to get through a period of coughing. You don’t have to rely on medicine from your local pharmacy to do something about the cough. In fact, there are great natural remedies against cough that you can apply right now. Read on and learn what you can do to treat your child’s cough, at home and without medicine!


This is a well-known trick and you’ve probably heard about it. If you never tried it before now is the time! Onion is a wonderful natural remedy against cough. All you have to do is chop a few pieces of onion and place them in a bowl or in a plate. Put this plate in your child’s room. It should be placed far away from where he actually sleeps since the smell of the onion can be quite strong and fragrant. The principle is pretty simple; the onion will attract whatever is making your child cough. Sound strange? It is, but it works and that is all we care about when our children are coughing all the way through the night!

Olive Oil and Salt

This is a natural remedy against cough which has its roots in the Far East. You take a little bit of olive oil and add some salt. Heat the oil till the salt has dissolved. When the oil is touchable you take it in your hand and rub the mixture on your child’s chest. This is a wonderful remedy for cough and it works whether your child is coughing dry or with mucus. You can apply it when your child wakes up from the coughing and before he goes to sleep. It is safe and effective!

Sleeping Position

Another great advice for how to make your child sleep with a cough is to place him on his tummy. Children often start coughing as lots of mucus and snot collects in the airways and to make it easier for them to sleep you should place them on their tummy. It is also good if the child can use a pillow and sleep with the head slightly raised. To make this work well you should check in on your baby every now and then and adjust the sleeping position.

These are some of the very best natural remedies for cough and they have proven to work both for Moms all over the world. Something you must remember when it comes to cough is that you need to act with a lot of patience and understand not to play around with your child’s health. If that cough has a deep and scary sound it is not smart to play around with your own mixtures of cough medicine. Go and see an MD that can listen to your child’s lungs and assess the situation. Natural remedies are great and should be used but never at the expense of your child’s health!

Can Gripe Water Help an Adult?

As you treat your baby’s fussy tummy with gripe water you feel your own rumbling. It can be stressful with waking nights, to say the least! You also need something to calm down but can gripe water help an adult? Before you drop some of that magic potion into your own mouth you should read this article and consider where you are at and if you might need something completely different, like a vacation!

Before you start to administer gripe water for yourself, you should look into this book by Giulia Enders, Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ, it is all about the gut, it might just be that you need to learn a bit more about your own system and what you can do to relieve gas without having to take any medication or a well documented baby’s gas remedy Natural Gripe Water.

You can also see her talk a little bit more about our amazing gut in this video from a TV interview that she gave:

Gripe Water for Grown Ups

Of course you can take gripe water just like your baby. If you feel that you are suffering from a bloated and gassy tummy just like your baby you can give yourself a few drops when you treat your baby. Just realize that they can have a pretty bitter taste so you might want to put them in some water to drink. Take the time to feel your body and make a mental note of how you feel after you take the drops in order to decide whether they help you or not.

If you want fast results you might benefit from Gas-X, many claim that this product gives instant relief and that it is simply magic for an adult with a bloated tummy!

Chamomile Tea

If you feel the need to relax you might want to get some Chamomile tea. This is the herb that is found in most gripe water bottles anyways! Start drinking this tea and you will see an improvement both with your tummy and nerves. This tea is purely relaxing so you can drink cup after cup! If you get a good kind you could even leave the tea bag in and simply fill up on water every now and then.

Take a Break

Truth be told, your tummy is probably acting up because your baby’s pain is making you eat as you walk and try to soothe him. Couple this with no sleep and you have an excellent recipe for a troubled stomach. Try to get a break from your life every now and then! Have someone else carry your baby in the baby carrier after feedings and go get some rest.

You should also try to do what you love even if you feel guilty about doing something useless when your baby and household need you. They need you to be happy and relaxed so a break with a movie, friend or other activity that you love is in the interest of everyone!

Think about that when you start wondering if the gripe water is good for adults or if you should just go for Natural Gas Relief Tablets!

Do Natural Remedies for Pin Worms Work?

The problem with pin worms is that they are expert at surviving and finding new hosts. If there is an outbreak of pin worms in your child’s play school it is not enough that you treat your child. If the place where your child is not kept clean enough and the other kids keep on coming there with the eggs and worms your child is bound to get it back. After treating your child once or twice with medication you ask yourself if natural remedies for pin worms work. After all, it seems a bit scary to continue with medications every other week.

Clean Means NO Worms!
Before you even start thinking about if natural remedies for pin worms work you need to look at your house and the place your child stays in during the days. Is it clean enough? When there is an outbreak of pinworms you need to clean your child very carefully but also the house. Bedding should be changed daily and washed or hung in the sun to get rid of eggs. If you can fill your house with sun this will be very good since the eggs can’t survive direct sunlight for very long.

Do the Natural Remedies Against Pin Worms Work?
The answer to this question depends on what remedy you get. If it is a concoction with worm wood it is very likely to do the job. The thing with natural remedies for pin worms is that they usually take more than a one-time treatment. You might have to administer drops twice a day for a month. Still, this is a good idea since the treatment will kill off the worms and eggs in a natural way.

Just remember to couple the natural treatment with effective cleaning and good hygiene of hands. Keep those nails short and don’t be afraid to ask your child’s caretaker to do the same!

How to Give Gripe Water to a Newborn Baby

First of all, if you just had a baby you don’t want to start giving it gripe water without consulting your pediatrician. It is usually recommended to start using gripe water when the baby is 4 weeks old before that it could be premature and maybe even risky to try it. You might also not be completely aware of just why your baby is crying. A fussy tummy is easy to blame but there are also other issues like reflux that need more attention than just gripe water.

Getting the Gripe Water into the Mouth
If your baby doesn’t like to have gripe water squirted into the mouth you need to find smart ways to give it. A breastfeeding Mom can try to insert the syringe of the gripe water bottle when the baby lets go a bit of the breast. It says on the bottle that you need to give the gripe water before the feeding but don’t get hung up on this. Make sure to get the gripe water into the mouth and swallowed before you start making a schedule for when to give it.

With a Pacifier
If your baby is using a pacifier you could add the gripe water as he takes the pacifier. Alternatively you could use your own finger to stimulate some sucking to get that gripe water down properly.

With a Bottle
To give gripe water with bottle works pretty much like when breastfeeding only you have an easier angle to see what you are doing. Just don’t try to mix the gripe water into the formula as it won’t have the effects that you are looking for.
Don’t expect immediate effects of the gripe water and stay calm. With patience you can calm your baby’s fussy tummy and soon enough the cries from gas will be a memory to laugh about!

How to Choose the Right Gripe Water

You know that you want to try gripe water for your fussy baby but now you need to know how to choose the right gripe water. If you have the time and energy to make it yourself you can easily make great gripe water at home. Homemade gripe water is safe if you make it in clean utensils and use good ingredients. Read on for more advice on how to choose the right gripe water…

Buy in a Store
If you go to a local store or pharmacy to get your gripe water you can’t do much research on spot. For this reason you should make a call first and check what brand they carry. Before you go to pick your bottle of gripe water up you check it out online and read reviews. This should make the buy easier and better informed.

Buy Online
If you are anyways online checking for the right gripe water you might as well buy it online! The greatest variety of gripe water is found online and that makes it easier for you to be picky with your choice. Find the kind you like and order it. This will save you time to hand your baby over to another caretaker and go for a walk and completely forget about fussy baby tummies and gripe water!

Natural Gripe Water
Make sure to get natural gripe water without alcohol. Today it is hard to find gripe water with preservatives, coloring and other harmful substances, go for a brand which is all natural and you’ll be on the safe side. You should also check what type of bottle the gripe water comes in. It is good to get gripe water with a syringe as part of the bottle. This way you can apply it when you breastfeed or with a bottle.