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Where Can I Buy a Baby Bjorn Carrier?

Baby Bjorn carriers are popular for their safety and ease of use. If you are thinking about a Baby Bjorn you might want to try a friend’s on first, or go straight ahead and buy one but where can you buy a Baby Bjorn carrier to a normal price? This is no the cheapest baby carrier around but if you buy wisely you can get it for a fair price. Don’t forget that Baby Bjorn carriers have the quality which last. It is quite common to see parents use the same carrier for several kids and even pass it on to grandchildren!

Buying a Baby Bjorn Locally

Your local baby store is bound to have Baby Bjorn products and this might be your preferred place for purchase if you want to get the product today. Just remember that you will have to pay a much bigger price when you buy a Baby Bjorn carrier in a regular shop. $100 and more is not an unusual price but if you are in a hurry to get started with your baby wearing it might be worth it. It all depends on your budget of course.

Getting a Used Baby Bjorn

You can also consider getting a used Baby Bjorn carrier. Check online boards for second hand sales or your local information board. It happens that people rush to buy a baby carrier only to realize that they don’t really need it and that’s why you can get a fairly new one used in most places. The question is if you will find Baby Bjorn since this is one of the most popular baby carriers around.

Expertmom Recommends

Expertmom recommends buying the Baby Bjorn carrier online with Amazon or similar. Buying with Amazon is safe and it also gives you the opportunity to get a new or used Baby Bjorn. The prices for baby carriers are usually better online and this includes shipping. A Baby Bjorn carrier is light weight and comes in a box which is suitable for mailing so it makes sense to buy it online.

How to Make a Man Wear a Baby

If your Man is just as passionate about baby wearing as you that’s great but the fact is that many men couldn’t care less about what sort of vehicle the baby is transported in. Some men find baby wearing dangerous and for them it takes more than a home sown sling to get help with the wearing. Here are some tips for how to make a man wear a baby. Once you get him started you will see that he’ll really catch on and that will leave you with more time and energy for other things.

Choosing a Baby Carrier

The first step in how to make a man wear a baby should be to present him with the best baby carrier. All men are different and some feel perfectly fine walking around with a hippie style wrap around their chest and back. For men that care about their appearance and look to be more slick this could very well be the kind of baby carrier that will make them shy away from the very thought of helping out with the baby wearing. Look into cool looking baby carriers like Baby Bjorn and choose a masculine color.

Ease of Use

All though wraps and slings are very popular by breastfeeding mothers they are not the way to make a man wear a baby. If you thought that it was hard to learn how to tie that wrap, imagine how he will handle it! Again, sporty baby carriers like Chicco and Baby Bjorn are meant for carrying babies without brains. They are safe and extremely easy to put on and off. You show him once and he is ready to go.

Hand Him the Baby!

Don’t get possessive about the baby wearing. Even if you feel that you have powers and enjoy doing it, it is smart and fair to hand the baby over whenever you can. If you go for walks together make it a habit to dress your Man with the baby in the baby carrier. This will lead to comfort that will make your Man take the initiative to start baby wearing without you around. Remember that babies sleep very well in baby carriers. You can stretch out and take a nap in your bed while baby sleeps on Dad’s chest.

This is how to make a man wear a baby, good luck!

Is Baby Bjorn That Bad?!

Baby Bjorn baby carriers have been rumored to be bad and Moms all over the world discuss whether the Baby Bjorn is that bad. Now, first of all, let’s get things straight; Baby Bjorn is NOT bad! The question is if a Baby Bjorn carrier is good for you and not if it is bad. Ask anyone that used Baby Bjorn for child after child and they will tell you it is a life saver. So you really need to estimate if this carrier fits your needs for baby wearing.

The Sporty Choice

A Baby Bjorn front carrier is a very sporty choice. The design is sturdy and you can move really nicely with your baby safely attached to your body. This is probably why many men feel that the Baby Bjorn Active carrier is a great choice. If you want your man to do that carrying you might see better results by getting the Baby Bjorn rather than a sling or body wrap.


Don’t expect to breastfeed while wearing your baby in the Baby Bjorn carrier. This will not work out! However, this type of carrier is excellent for after feedings when you want to get things done and make sure that your baby digests the food well while relaxing in an upright position. Again, this is also a great opportunity to hand baby and carrier over to your partner.

What About Your Back?
People who claim that the Baby Bjorn is bad might have had pains in their backs from it. If you are not used to carrying a lot and come straight from pregnancy and birth to suddenly lift many kilos a day without breaks you can expect to feel this. Be careful and avoid strange movements while wearing your baby. Hanging the laundry can wait till you have free movements of arms. It really shouldn’t be all that strange to consider that you might want to slow your regular pace down a bit.

Eventually you’ll be back to the routines of the household chores. Meanwhile, enjoy your new baby and leave the laundry to later! Moderate use of a Baby Bjorn carrier should be a good idea for most so if you think that you’ll be fine using it for walk, burping and late fuzzy nights it is a good choice and indeed something very good!

My First Meeting with the Baby Bjorn Original Carrier

Susanna from Sweden tells us about her experience of the Babybjorn carrier.

Babybjörn is like milk and butter
In Sweden people have been using the original Babybjorn carrier since the early 70’ies. It is so well known that a review of the Babybjorn Original seems silly when you sat in one yourself as a child.

Actually I didn’t sit in a Babybjorn from early childhood. My first meeting with it came 15 years later when my father had remarried a woman who liked to be practical about things. A Babybjorn is certainly practical, especially when you make other people carry your babies in it. To be fair, the new witch in our household did most of the carrying herself but she also enjoyed sending me out with the babies snuck into the Babybjorn Original.

“Just put them in the Babybjörn! It is easy and you won’t notice that she is there when you shovel the snow off the drive way…”

Ehm, yeah right, I was definitely a strong 15 year old but let me tell you this much, the Babybjorn Original was not like a smooth caress on my back and the baby did way a few kilos. Now, this is the review of the Babybjorn Original carrier by a 15 year old. What happened 15 years later?

As my first baby came around I couldn’t see how I would make it without a Babybjorn carrier but the review of the Babybjorn Original stuck in my mind and I went for the Babybjorn Active. Perhaps it is easier when you carry your own babies but I didn’t feel that it was so heavy and annoying like I did 15 years earlier. Now it was fun and indeed practical.

You might wonder if the little girl I dragged around on my tummy as a 15 year old ever returned the favor and the answer is no! Conveniently she lives far away from us so I can’t give her a review of the Babybjorn Active carrier to convince her of how weightless my babies are. I am pretty sure she will use one as well one day, like most Swedes. Babybjorn carriers are simply too cool and practical to be ignored no matter if they are forced on you as a teenager or not!

All the best from Susanna Lidholm, Stockholm, Sweden

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Review of the Babybjorn Original Carrier

Babybjorn, or Babybjörn as it is correctly spelt, is a Swedish baby carrier brand, known all over the world for comfort, safety and style. Recently people focus a lot on their later brands like the Active carrier but the Babybjorn Original carrier is still going strong. If you are considering getting a Babybjorn classic carrier you should read this review of the Babybjorn Original carrier.

Comfort for the Back
A review of the Babybjorn Original carrier must start off with the back because this is where it differ the most from the other styles. The Babybjörn classic is the original and the layout is simple but very smart. Most of the weight lay on the shoulders and the upper back. To some this is not the most comfortable but it all depends on how you are wearing your baby. If the carrier is meant for every now and then the Babybjorn Original is an excellent choice. A person without back problems should be able to use this carrier for errands a few times a week and feel great. For this type of use the comfort level can be said to be an 8 from a scale of 1-10.

How to Use
Like all Babybjörn carriers, the Babybjorn Original is very easy to snap on. You can remove the front together with the baby if you need to put him or her into their bed for continued sleeping. The straps in the back are adjusted on the sides which makes it easy to tighten the carrier and loosen it when you feel a need to do so. You can also place your baby facing forward with this carrier which is great when he or she is awake. The use of the carrier gets a 10 from a scale of 1-10.

What Users Say
Users of Babybjorn Original carrier are happy with it and those who feel that they need something for longer hours of use usually upgrade to a Babybjorn Active to alternate with. Jenny Watson from Missouri, USA, said “I really love my Babybjorn original and I use it more than what I had initially thought. It has a cool design and both me and my husband enjoy wearing our baby with it.” Anne from Stockholm, Sweden, said “I was carried in Babybjörn Original so I felt that my kids should get the same.” Lindsay from Adelaide, Australia, said “I am thinking of getting the Baby Active for the next child so that I can have one in the car and leave one at home and enjoy the benefits of both.”

The Babybjorn Classic carrier should come to a cheaper price than the newer variants and considering the quality and functionality you get this is a very good product to buy for wearing your baby. To get the best price you should by it online.

Review of Babybjörn Active Baby Carrier

Is the Babybjörn Active baby carrier a good choice? Read this review and learn more about this world famous baby product.

It is very easy to use the Babybjörn baby carrier and anyone should be able to figure it out fast. The actual baby sling has the instructions printed on the inside so that you will never lose the instruction manual. You can adjust the baby carrier to fit your baby by following the indications for the baby’s height. The Babybjörn Active baby carrier can be used for a newborn but even if the weight is according to the instructions you might want to wait a bit longer to feel sure.
Babybjörn Active baby carrier has easy snap on hatches on each side. This means that you can slide the baby out by opening the baby sling from one side or lay the baby sleeping on a bed by opening both sides. The baby can sit towards you or watching the world. You will not be able to breast feed in the Babybjörn Active baby carrier.

Baby Safety
Babybjörn Active baby carrier has a very robust feeling and it is safe. You should always check the hatches and straps to see that all is in place but you can expect this baby sling to keep your baby safe on you even when you move fast or jerky. There are opinions regarding the impact this sort of baby wearing has on a newborn and you should definitely learn more about these aspects before you start using it.

The Babybjörn Active baby carrier has a lumbar support which is supposed to help your back handle the weight of the baby better. If you are in good shape you will most likely enjoy this baby sling but if you already before the pregnancy had a week back you might get back pains from using it too much. This is especially so if you try to do things with your hands in front of the baby carrier with the baby sitting in it. This should never be done as it can lead to problems with back and neck!

It can get sweaty with a Babybjörn Active baby carrier and it is important not to over dress the baby when you are wearing it. Bring a blanket or buy Babybjörn’s special baby carrier blanket which fits all of their baby slings. In hot weather it is hard to avoid the sweat but this doesn’t matter so much when you enjoy the experience of a great baby carrier like the Babybjörn Active baby carrier.

Wear and Tear
Babybjörn is a Swedish brand which has been around for many decades. Their products hold a very high quality and they can last for many years. If all of the hatches and the fabric are still in good shape you can go on and use the baby carrier for as long as you want. A good thing is that you can wash it in the laundry machine but be prepared for possible rust on the hatches from this. Pick a dark colored Babybjörn Active baby carrier to ensure that it looks nicer longer!

Which is the best way to wear a baby?

If you never tried baby wearing you will most likely want to know which baby wearing method is the best. The answer to this question depends a lot on you and your baby so if you are wise you wait till after the birth with buying a sling, baby carrier or wrap.

For some women baby wearing is a life saver while others just can’t cope with it. Baby in arms doesn’t mean that you have to have the baby in your arms 24/7. The idea of baby wearing is that your arms will actually be free while the baby is in a place where it feels safe and calm.

If you can’t cope with carrying your baby in a wrap or sling you should consider just having it in arms as much as possible. If baby wearing makes you stressed and tense it is much better for the baby to be close to you but not on you. In such a situation you should try different types of carriers to see if it makes a difference. If not, then put the baby down and stay relaxed and happy!

Many feel that baby carriers like Baby Björn and similar are very comfortable and easy to use. These baby carriers are a bit restricted since you can’t move them around to different positions much and you can’t breast feed while wearing the baby.

Wraps are more adjustable to your needs and with this type of baby wearing you can switch the baby to your back when you need it. Some feel that baby wraps are a bit difficult to tie. Make sure to have an experienced baby wearer show you how to use it so that you get it right from start.

Don’t miss all the great baby wearing videos that you can see on Youtube. These can be a great way to figure out which type of baby wearing that will work the best for you. Through the videos you will get an idea of what is out there and with what you can start your baby wearing testing.

What are the benefits of baby wearing? The 5 top advantages

You see them everywhere, women and men that are wearing their kids in baby carriers, slings or wraps. Baby wearing is a great thing and today most parents, regardless of parenting philosophy, can see the benefit of wearing the baby. If you are still wondering if wearing your baby will be of any benefit to you, you should consider the following 5 top advantages to baby wearing.

1. Free hands
The most obvious and the biggest advantage to baby wearing is that you get free hands. You can climb on and off busses without having to bother getting the prom on and also make it to the driver to pay while keeping the baby safe. You can walk about your house doing stuff, talking on the phone without worrying about the baby waking up from sudden noises with the result of you having to soothe, again…

2. Baby is not fussing
When you wear the baby you will get less fuss. Babies love to feel close to someone, like they did in the womb. When they can see what is going on from the comfort of being on you they have no reason to cry from loneliness or pure boredom. You can also use a pacifier much more effective when the baby is right there in your arms with your hands completely free.

3. Baby sleeps
Babies sleep well in arms. This is just a fact that women all over the world are all too aware of. You need the baby to sleep for your own peace of mind but also for baby to grow and develop healthy. Sometime baby wearing offers the best way to put baby to sleep. After a while you simply slip him into the baby bed to get some well needed grown up time.

4. Natural burping
After breast feeding the baby needs to be burped but to sit and try burping the baby for half an hour is simply a waste of time when you can just wear him and let it happen naturally. Many parents have discovered that their babies almost immediately burped after being put in a baby carrier or wrap. The upright position is also conductive for good digestion which is helpful for the baby and you!

5.You can hang baby on someone else…
Don’t forget that baby wearing can be shared. When baby is not fussy and sleeping sweetly in a baby carrier or wrap you’ll see that other family members won’t mind spending time with the baby. This will be a great help for a tired mommy that needs some rest and it will also give other family members the chance to bond with the baby in a peaceful way.

Back pains from baby wearing. What should I do?

You want to wear your baby and keep him in arms as much as possible but what should you do when this is simply too heavy? Some women do get back pains from using baby slings and wraps and this is not a very good situation. You need your back to function and feel good so take a break and read this if you are forcing yourself to wear the baby despite the pains!

Share the wearing
The first thing should be obvious, share the wear! Unless you are unfortunate enough to be completely alone with your baby you should be able to share the carrying with someone else. Baby wearing is an excellent opportunity for dads to bond with their baby at an early stage when they would normally feel a bit left out due to the lack of milk supply, mommy smell and right tone of voice. Let the men in by sharing the wearing!

Look into different baby carriers
The baby sling or wrap you are using might not be the best alternative for your physique. This is why it doesn’t make much sense to go and by expensive baby carriers before you know how they actually feel on you with a baby in them. After birth your body goes through changes and you will need to work up your back strength again. Make sure to do this right by wearing your baby right. Try friend’s slings for a few days before you invest in a new one.

Take breaks
Wearing a baby is great but it gets heavy for anyone. Take breaks and don’t overdo it. The baby can certainly spend time on the floor or in a pram. He will let you know when he needs arms again so don’t worry that you are ruining the bonding and trust by letting baby spend some time on its own. Your back needs this no matter what baby sling you are using!

Don’t wear at all times!
There are times when you should consider putting your baby down and be without a sling. If you are carrying on your back movements in front of your body will be fine but don’ try hanging laundry and similar things with a frontal baby carrier.

Many women have experienced sudden back pains by trying to lift in front of the baby. To keep your baby wearing healthy you need to consider how to move and lift things when the baby is on you. This is both for the safety of your baby and your back.

The Baby Björn Baby Carrier

Baby Björn is a Swedish company that is known especially for their baby wearing products. Their baby carriers and slings are well known in Sweden for many decades. The mommies of today remember how they themselves were carried in a Baby Björn!

There are different types of the Baby Björn carrier. The original structure of this baby carrier is always the same. You have a part in the front that connects to the straps in the back. This makes the Baby Björn carrier so easy to handle. You can put the baby in and out of the carrier fast and easy.

It is obvious that the strength of the Baby Björn products is their high quality. Baby Björn carriers have been around for so long that they have been tested enough for consumers to know that this is a good brand for baby carriers. You can trust the materials and the straps to hold the baby that they have been designed for. In fact, when you get a Baby Björn carrier you will probably use it for more than one baby and maybe even pass it on to someone else once it is no longer needed in your house.

The things that are not so convenient about the Baby Björn carrier are mostly related to how you will prefer to carry your child. One thing is that you cannot breast feed while wearing the baby in the Baby Björn carrier. You are also restricted to two positions, that of baby facing forward or facing you.

Some women also experience problems with back pains when using the Baby Björn carrier a lot. The pressure is always on one part of your back so you don’t get a chance to rest it. Even if Baby Björn have developed new baby carriers like the Baby Björn Active carrier which is supposed to be for people who carry a lot they still have not created a carrier which is really good for the back.

It is still recommended to use the Baby Björn carrier since it is of very high quality and safe. Many men also specifically like this type of baby carrier which is a very good thing for women who would like to share the baby wearing with their somewhat reluctant men!