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Can I Night Train without a Pull-Up Diaper?

Once you start to potty train your child in the day you also need to make a plan for how to get to the dry nights. There are several different methods for night time potty training and which one you will go for depends on your child, your energy levels and what you think is right. It can be hard enough to get through the mess of the day so if you feel that changing sheets and clothes in the night is more than what you need to deal with right now, you can always wait a bit with the night training.

When to Start Nights without Diapers

Some will tell you that it is time to quite the diapers for the night when your baby wakes up dry in the morning. If your child wakes up dry you can certainly go for it and simply switch to underwear and night training sheets. If your child is still waking up with a soaked diaper it is not necessarily an indication of the child not being ready for dry nights. If the child is keeping dry days it is certainly possible to get rid of diapers in the night as well!

Pull-Up Diapers

Pull-up diapers are meant to look and feel like underwear and they can come in handy when it is time for night time potty training. They are also an excellent choice in the beginning of the day time training when you want to take the child for a long car ride without risking a soaked car seat. The thing with pull-up diapers is that they are usually very expensive. You can expect a price 2-4 times what you normally pay for regular diapers. This is reason enough to ask if you can night train without the pull-up diapers.

Yes, You Can!

You can absolutely save the pull-up diapers for car travel, plane rides and other times when this sort of support comes in handy. In the nights, in your home, you can choose to be brave and use regular underwear just like in the day. It is smart to start sleeping without diapers during nap time. If your child naps at home this is an excellent opportunity for night time training to begin. Make sure to go right before sleep but don’t make an issue of it. If your child says that there is nothing there you should trust it and let them go to sleep without a toilet visit.

Expect Busy Nights

When your child starts to sleep without diapers you should be attentive and understand that if he or she wakes up and complains it is most likely because of nr 2. If you ask if this is it they will most likely tell you “no” but be smart and just take the child to the toilet without discussions.

Remember positive re-enforcement and tell your child that he or she is being a really big kid and does so good. This is very important in all potty training and especially for the night part. Keep cheering for every step forward and don’t get angry with the mess-ups. Soon you will see dry days and dry nights!

How to Move From Potty to Toilet When the Child Refuses

Moving from potty to toilet can be a daunting task for a child. Some children simply find it frightening to sit on the toilet. They fear falling in or tighten up when they lose the sense of balance that they have in a diaper or on the potty. So what should you do to make your child move from potty to toilet? There is plenty of advice online and in books for this and here is a great advice that Expertmom shares with you for free!

Children are Curious

You have probably tried to make your child move out of diapers or go from potty to toilet seat by promising special gifts. This is usually a method that does the trick but some kids are stubborn. If they have decided that they won’t go on the potty or toilet no gift will help! If you are in this situation you need to switch method but keep that special gift.

Children are curious and if you tell your child that there is a gift waiting after a successful nr 2 on the toilet this will start a new thought process in his head. You don’t even have to show the gift. Just point out where you have put it, out of reach, and let him know it will be his or her as soon as the move from potty to toilet is completed.


This is a great advice that can do the trick for you but stay patient! It might even take a few weeks before the move from potty to toilet is completed. Mention the secret gift once a day, and try not to nudge about it. Keep positive and calm and soon you will see that your child must get that gift by going on the toilet!

What Potty Training Equipment Should I Buy?

What potty equipment to get will depend on your and your baby’s needs. First of all, you don’t need everything prescribed by the experts. You are the true expert of your child and your household and therefore you will know the best what products will help your potty training the best. In fact, you might not even need a potty which by many is seen as a standard commodity for potty training.

Potty or Not…
Potty or not, that is the question! You will have to potty train but know that many children are ready to go straight for the toilet. If you get a toilet training ladder with seat for your toilet you save yourself a lot of time and efforts on cleaning and the child will naturally continue to use the toilet without it.

Some children feel safer with a regular potty and if you do get one if should be adjusted to the size of your child. Make sure that it is easy to clean. Inserts are popular but according to many parents it is easier to keep a solid potty clean since there are no holes and crevices for dirt to get stuck. Expertmom recommends the Baby Björn potty for its simple and useful design.

Night Potty Training
For the night potty training it is great to get protective sheets. Get the kind that looks and feels like fabric to eliminate noise and discomfort. Your baby should not sleep less because of the protective sheets. One sheet is enough if you have the time to wash and dry it in one day to put it on the bed again, otherwise two sheets are recommended for easy use. Remember that you might have to bring your child to the toilet in the beginning as he or she does not know that they are waking up for number 2. The protective sheet should not be instead of a diaper!

Practice Pants
Practice pants are being debated. On one hand it is nice to keep the accidents off the floor and clothes but on the other these nappies makes it harder for the child to potty train. If you can handle a week or two of accidents this is better than practice pants. Get the practice underwear for trips and times where a mess up would be too much to handle.

The First Big One in the Toilet, and I Missed it!

Read Debbie’s story of her son’s first nr 2 on the toilet and get… inspired!

Big Ones!
Daniel had shown signs for toilet training for many months when I decided to take the plunge. His older brother was still fussy with moving from potty to toilet so I thought that I should let Daniel move straight for the toilet. I was planning to get a ladder with a seat for the toilet when he decided for himself to do nr 2 in the potty. It was all very exciting and I realized that we might be saying goodbye to diapers very soon.

As the big ones were getting there the small ones where getting, well what should I say, all over! I felt at loss after two weeks of wee wee all over our house. When the brothers started making a game of intentional urinating on our beds I became quite mad and threated to put them both in diapers again. Another game was to stand in front of a mirror and watch the liquid come out on whatever was below, mind my new slacks!

I composed myself as some of the nr 1 got into the right holes and started to the pep talks for the toilet. We sat a bit but there was nothing going on at that point so I didn’t get to see the diamonds go into the right place. I was certain that my youngest boy would very soon be moving straight to the toilet and just skip the potty. That would be wonderful potty training straight from the book I never had!

It did happen but not with me, in day care! As I came to pick Danny up from his caretaker she smiled and informed me of the advance. I made sure to reward him with an ice lolly and we were very excited but deep inside I couldn’t help but feel that I wanted to share that magical moment. Did I lose it? My mind? Probably, the fumes all around me indicate that soon I will get to witness the second go at the toilet.

Now I only wish that Daniel’s older brother will follow suite and move from the potty to the toilet. It really isn’t such a big deal. We all do it!

Greetings from Debbie Stuart mother of 3, Hamburg, Germany

Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up Review

Mommy’s helper Step Up is a potty training tool that can make things easier both for Mom and baby. This product is basically a ladder with a seat to make it safe and easy for your child to sit on the toilet instead of a potty. Read this review of Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up to learn more about how this potty training tool could fit into your bathroom.

This is a comfortable toilet seat with a cushioned ring for your child to sit on. It is also easy to climb on and the ladder also gives the child a perfect place for the feet which gives balance and security when sitting on the toilet. With the Mommy’s Helper toilet trainer you could completely forgo the use of a potty which means less mess to deal with.

You don’t need any special tools to assemble Mommy’s Helper toilet trainer and it shouldn’t take much skill and previous experience to get it all together. Just be careful not to apply too much force, especially if you haven’t followed the instruction but rather put things together as you think they fit. The best way to assemble this toilet trainer is to take a few moments and look the instructions over. They are easy to follow!

Mommy’s Helper toilet trainer is light weight but it doesn’t fold together. This means that you need some space for it in your bathroom. It should fit in by your toilet where you will most likely put it for your child to reach. This model is known to be so easy to put on the toilet that even the kids can do it themselves. For this reason you should avoid hanging it on the wall even if this might be your esthetic choice.

Where to get Mommy’s Helper toilet trainer
A Mommy’s Helper toilet trainer can be found in baby product stores and online. Since this is a light weight product you can cut a lot of the costs by buying it online. This will also save you the trip to the store. Expertmom advices you to get this toilet trainer by a recognized online merchant like Amazon where the prices are always competitive and you know that your buy is safe and secure.

Cheap Potty Training

It is time to get rid of the diapers and as you start to look forward to move forward and save that weekly expense of a package of diapers you realize that this too will cost. Potty training is no longer a natural part of each home which is done with whatever exists in the bathroom. Today everyone seem to agree that potty training includes potty chair, training sheets, pull up diapers, stickers, toys, books and all sorts of gadgets meant to make the young ones want to move out of the nappies. Is there such a thing as cheap potty training? Well, you can make the potty training cost effective by following these advices.

Skip the Potty
You don’t really need a regular potty to potty train. It will be much cheaper to go straight for the toilet. Use a regular foot stool and let your child learn to sit on the toilet as good as he can. If you want to make this a tad easier you can invest in a potty seat with latter. This shouldn’t be a major cost and it will save you a lot of cleaning.

Get ready for the mishaps. If you insist on using a diaper because you can’t handle the accidents you are causing yourself the additional cost. For cheap potty training you need to accept the accidents and be ready to clean floor, carpets, couch and so on for a week or so. This is part of effective potty training and it lets your child experience what goes on with bowel movements.

You can cut the costs of potty training by getting cheap rewards. Get a bag of actions heroes for a dollar or big cool stickers for a few cents. A child loves any little trinket and you know just which type is good for your baby. It is not so important if this toy will last or not. The issue here is to reward and give a surprise to stimulate your child to use the potty.

Free Potty Instruction
You don’t have to buy a potty training book. In fact, for cheap potty training you should make use of the internet where most things can be found for free. Make a potty training playlist on Youtube. So many people have filmed their angels doing on the potty and all you have to do is let your child sit and watch. Very soon he will get that this is something he can do as well and simply emulate the heroes of the movies.

Cheap potty training is absolutely possible. As long as you are ready to forgo certain comforts and think out of the box!

Using a Potty Seat with Ladder

When times come to start the potty training you might want to use the potty that worked so well with all of your older kids. You could also try something different like using a potty seat with ladder. There are several great versions of this practical potty chair and it will save you and your baby time and efforts in learning to manage without diapers.

This is How it Works
The potty seat with a ladder is made out of plastic and comes in a flat box ready to be put together by you. Most models are fairly easy to assemble but if you know that you can’t deal with IKEA furniture and other do-it-yourself concepts you might want to ask someone else to put the potty seat together. It needs to be assembled correctly to stand sturdy on the toilet.

Once the potty seat with ladder is put together you can let your baby have a trial. The versions with handles by the seat are extra popular since they add comfort and a feeling of safety to the child.

Getting Used to the Potty Seat
Let your child play with her new potty seat with a ladder. For a child the ladder is fun to climb and you need to be easy with this so that the potty training will be fun and pleasant for the child. Try reading a book while sitting on this new seat just to get used to the idea of sitting on it. If your child is not ready for it, don’t push, sooner or later it will come to use!

Clean and Easy
As a parent or caretaker you will love the potty seat with a ladder. You don’t have to clean a regular potty but just flush like you always do. This makes potty training clean and easy and that is something the child will benefit from as well.

Maybe you should simply toss that old potty out and try this new concept for easier and cleaner potty training that will be fun for all of the family?! Just make sure to get a good brand that will stand solid and not come apart from your child playing with it. Check reviews before you buy!

When to Move From Potty to Toilet

When you should move from potty to toilet depends a lot on your child and how you potty train. Many believe that it is not necessary to use a potty at all. Today there are excellent solutions for potty chairs that fit the toilet seat. You can get potty inserts or even a latter with handles for maximum comfort. If you already started with a potty and feel that it is time to move up to the toilet there are a few things to keep in mind.

Is your Child Ready?
Many children feel a bit scared by the toilet for many reasons. They fear the height as well as the possibility to fall in. Using a potty is not the same as parting with the big ones into the toilet so it is smart to show your child that this is where you put the number 2 when you clean out the potty. If you see that your child panics on the toilet you need to move a step back and take it easy. There is really no point in pushing for it as it can create a trauma and only delay the move from potty to toilet.

Sitting Comfortably
Try to sit your child on the toilet just for the sake of sitting. Read a book while just sitting there and show your child that this can be a comfortable place to sit. Try to do this daily and sooner or later your child will get the hang of it and feel more comfortable about moving from the potty to the toilet.

Show how it is done
You should make it clear to your child that you also use the toilet like everyone else in your family and circle of friends. Let your friends older kids demonstrate how they sit on the toilet and talk about how you and everyone else sit on the toilet for number 1 and 2. This will also help in mentally preparing your child for moving from potty to toilet.

Do Potty Training Methods Work?

It is not always easy to move from diapers to regular underwear. If your child feels ready during the coldest months of the year you need to catch the moment and be prepared to change clothes several times a day. This scenario is just one reason why parents choose to wait with the potty training. Diapers are very convenient and the modern dry-feel solutions hinder your child’s natural inclinations to get rid of that sack between the legs.

There are many different types of potty training methods to go for but how can you be sure that the one you pick will work. Do potty training methods work for every child? The true answer to this question is that potty training methods work but every method is not a perfect match to every child.

To decide which potty training method to choose you need to be in tune with your child. If you have a very active child that finds it hard to sit down and listen to a story for more than 2 minutes you might want to skip the potty training methods that focus on reading about the subject together.

The best potty training methods don’t have to cost you extra money for the plan. You will have to get tools like potty seats, potty training sheets and similar no matter what method you choose. Chances are that your next door neighbor has the best method for you so check your options carefully before you buy into a 3 step potty training method online.
Don’t despair! Your child will get out of the diapers and a few years from now you will be able to explain how that happened and brand it your own potty training method. Who knows? Maybe you’ll sell it online, after all you know that it works 100%!

How to teach your Child how to sit on a Toilet

Many potty training methods recommend going straight from diaper to toilet. Even if your child knows how to do his big ones on the potty he might be afraid of the toilet. Teaching the child how to sit on the toilet demands some patience and good tricks. Don’t panic if your child says no to the toilet. Sooner or later she will want to do it just like everyone else!

Sitting on a Toilet
For a small child it can be quite scary to sit on a toilet. It is high up and it is harder to keep the balance than on a potty. To make the seat more comfortable for a child you can get simple inserts that makes the seat of the toilet suitable to your child’s size. There are plush ones that give your child a soft cushion to sit on. These inserts are easy to clean but if you are potty training a boy you need to be prepared for number one to end up opposite the toilet as he learns how to sit on it.

Fear of letting go
It is quite common that kids fear letting the number 2 go into the toilet. This is a natural process that you can help them through by numerous tricks. One thing you can try is to put plastic wrap across the toilet. This is a prank that some people like to pull on public toilets since the plastic wrap is hard to see. You want to have the wrap over the toilet but a bit looser so that it still can catch the mess. When your child sees the plastic she might feel easier about letting go since it won’t fall far down into the toilet.

Learning how to sit
In many cases children feel awkward about sitting down for number 2. This is especially so with boys. If you child needs to learn how to sit on a toilet you should practice it when there is no pressure to actually go. Read a book on the toilet and try to show your child that it is a safe and comfortable place to sit. Girls have the advantage of sitting down for number 1 and boys can actually benefit from starting this way since it makes the number 2 on the toilet easier.

Another nice thing to try when you want your child to learn how to sit on a toilet is to get the potty training seats with latters. This type of insert for the toilet gives the child a place to put the feet and also handles to hold on to. It is a great tool for potty training and your child might use it for comfort as long as the toilet feels like a tall chair.