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How to Night-Time Potty Train Toddlers – Make the Nights Easier for you!

As you put your mind on how to night-time potty train toddlers you will most certainly come up with some kind of strategy. Your child is without a diaper and you have to keep that bed dry somehow. Many mommies simply build their upper arms and backs by pulling their toddler to the bathroom around mid-night to ensure that no accidents will occur. This method can be effective but if you are looking for how to night-time potty train toddlers without straining your back and arms you should definitely use potty training sheets.

Potty Training Sheets
Potty training sheets are sheets that you place under the regular sheets to protect the mattress from the mishaps. Your toddler will wet the bed but only the actual sheet and the potty training sheet. The training sheet can be extremely simple, made out of plain plastic. This is a cost effective solution but the most comfortable potty training sheets are made to feel and look more like real sheets. They also make less noise than a plastic sheet which is also important if you want a quiet and calm bed!

A Great Trick for How to Night-Time Potty Train Toddlers
If you want to save yourself a lot of work in the middle of the night you should dress your bed in one regular sheet then the potty training sheet and then another regular sheet. When your toddler has a mishap you simply pull off the wet sheets, dress your sleepy child and then put him back to bed. Chances that he will wet the bed again are slim so this saves you a lot of work with changing both his clothes and the sheets of the bed! This way you can also limit how many potty training sheets you need to buy to get through the night-time potty training period!

How to Potty Train a Toddler That Refuses to Stop with Diapers

It is becoming quite common to find children way past their 3 year old birthday and still in diapers. They know just when and what they want to do and they simply refuse to do so without a diaper. So how can you potty train a toddler that refuses to stop with diapers? There are several ways to make the transition easier but the most important is to keep relaxed about it and not make your toddler feel stressed about getting out of diapers.

If you haven’t tried a reward system this is your first stop. Explain to your child that each potty make equals a sticker, small toy, chocolate or something else that you know that they desire. Don’t forget about encouragement and showing appreciation and joy when your child chooses to do in the potty or toilet instead of in a diaper. This is a most essential step when you want to figure out how to potty train a toddler that refuses to stop with diapers.

Invite Older Kids
Invite older kids and have them show case how to go on the toilet. Let your child observe how it is done by peers that are close in age but yet a bit older so that the impression will be more effective. This is something that can really get the potty training going. You can also let the older child talk to your child about potty training by simply asking questions about how they go to the toilet when your toddler is listening.

Standing for Number 2
Many toddlers get used to, and find it easy, to do number 2 standing. It can be hard to switch from this position to a sitting one on the potty or toilet. To transit from diaper to toilet you can place a plastic bag on the floor and let the toddler do on this. This way they get to experience what comes out and how and you don’t have such a big mess to deal with. After this you move to standing on a foot stool to do the same over the toilet and eventually your child will find that it isn’t such a big deal to just use the toilet.

Get rid of the Diapers Early!
If you are already past the 3 year birthday the tips above can be very helpful for effective potty training but the very best advice is to start early. Most children can understand already around their first birthday and if you find a good and trusted method for potty training and go by it you can save yourself a lot of money and make your child’s life a whole lot easier!

Is it normal for a 4 year old to be in diapers?

Are you on your way with your 4 or even 5 year old to a psychologist since he won’t quit diapers? You might need some guidance in handling the situation but you can rest assure that you share this situation with many moms around the world!
Some toddlers just won’t give up the diaper so easily. They might function well during the day and do their nr 1 in the toilet but as when it comes to nr 2 they will keep it till they get home and can use the diaper. This is a very common scenario and you will find women in many forums online discussing it.

It is typically a very verbal and smart child that acts like this. He will know exactly what is going on and he will simply inform you that he prefers to do his in the diaper. You’ve tried to bribe him with fire engines and what not but nothing works. He might have done it on the toilet once or twice but then he decided to go back to the good old diaper.

A 4 year old still in a diaper is a frustrating situation but you should know that it happens all the time and soon enough he will switch to the toilet. Many are the stories where the kid suddenly just goes to the bathroom never to look back at his best friend the diaper again.

So if you are right now dealing with a 4 or even 5 year old still in diapers the best thing to do is to stay calm and patient. Don’t argue with him or try to get him out of the diapers by force. This could create a trauma which will be much more difficult to deal with at a later stage. Let him decide for himself when it is time to go on the toilet and just encourage him to do so by supporting him in his choice.

The more he trusts you the more he is likely to listen to your advice so don’t force the issue. He will grow out of it and you will certainly not have to worry about having to change his diapers till he moves out!

Books and methods for potty training online

If you are considering buying a potty training method online you might do the right thing but consider all of the free material that you can get through the internet. Fir sure, there are some classic potty training books which can be both helpful and enjoyable for you and your child but these are also available at the library.

The great advantage with the internet is that you can get stuff for free and this includes potty training books and methods. There are plenty of generous moms out there who have published their potty training methods in blogs and through Youtube. All you have to do it follow their potty training stories and see if this is something for you.

The professional potty training methods and books might look snazzier but they aren’t necessarily better. To decide if you really want to buy a potty training method online you can always check it out, online! There are plenty of reviews and comments on every potty training method that is being sold online so you can easily check out if it looks like it works.

Sometimes it is nice with a ready kit for your potty training and if you buy it online you can get a better price than in your local store. There might also be potty training methods that are cost a small sum but you won’t get anything in your regular mail. Instead you will get regular emails giving you advice and support during your potty training period.

Good luck on getting the right potty training material online!

Fast Potty Training

Who doesn’t want to get rid of the diapers fast? With fast potty training you will also soon be rid of diaper rash and the big costs of disposable diapers. If you can potty train fast depends on your patience, willingness to clean up mishaps and most of all if your child is ready or not.

If your child is showing signs of being ready to potty train you could opt for the fast track. Even if the child only displays a few of the “ready for potty training” signs it could speed things up if you just get it started.

First of all, taking of a diaper is a great thing to do if you want to make your child aware of what’s going on. If you are afraid of messes you might consider using cloth diapers for the potty training period. When the child feels that he is wet he will understand faster that this is happening and he will also be much more interested in handling it in a more pleasant way.

If the weather is warm the fast way to potty train is to remove diapers and accept mishaps. Dress your child in underwear and be prepared to throw them out. Place a potty in a place of easy access and encourage your child to use it by giving stickers or small surprises when he does.

If you want really fast potty training you need to train also at night. Put protective sheets in the bed and let the child understand and feel what it is like to get wet when doing number 2 while sleeping.

Fast potty training means that you have to put more effort into the cleaning and also that you have to be very patient and never upset with the progress. If this sounds like too much you might just have to pay the price of expensive diapers and changing them for another few months till the child will tell you that he has had enough and wants to potty train fast!

Are you ready for potty training

The focus in potty training lies mostly on the child and this makes sense. You are looking for the baby to show signs of being ready for potty training. Is the baby talking about number one and two? Is he or she aware of the bowel movements? Can you discuss the process by reading books and watching movies?

As you go through these essential questions for potty training you tend to forget about yourself. Are YOU ready for potty training?

Some parents feel resentful of moving from diapers to potty because it entails many mishaps and a lot of extra work cleaning up after them. You don’t have to feel bad about if potty training seems like another daunting task to get through. If your baby is already asking you to start the potty training you won’t have much choice but to go ahead with it.

Some babies simply take off their diapers and start their own potty training. If you are lucky it will go fast and you will have a week or two of cleaning floors and mattresses. If the baby goes ahead to potty train you will simply have to get ready whether you are or not.

If things are moving more slowly, you can get yourself ready for the potty training by learning more about different methods and also by setting some kind of schedule for yourself. Go for the warm season when it will be easier to keep the baby without any pants so that you will have less laundry to deal with.

Make sure to have things that you need to deal with the mishaps. This includes plastic gloves, sheets, wet napkins and lots of patience. If you are ready for the potty training it is bound to work smoother and faster to the benefit of everyone involved!

Is my baby ready for potty training

You can easily find the signs for when your baby is ready for potty training. Most pages online on the subject of potty training will let you know that you should check for your baby being aware of his bowel movements. Things like the baby going to the side to do number 2 are a sign for potty training time.

Other important signs for when your baby is ready for potty training are that he and you will be able to communicate about it. When the baby has word for potty it is also easier to start the potty training. Every baby has their own language which the parents will know about so words for potty doesn’t have to be actual word but can be sounds.

You don’t have to get all right on the ready-for-potty-training list to start the potty training. The best way to know if your baby is ready for potty training is to simply start somewhere on that list. Start talking about potty, try going an hour or two without a diaper and check carefully for your baby’s reaction.

If you feel that the potty training is just too much work and messy you can always give it some time. When your baby is truly ready for potty training you will not be able to stop him from getting rid of the diapers. The fact is that many times the baby makes it clear to the parents that he is potty training. It is really one of the most natural things in the world so just relax and let nature take its course!

Products for potty training

If you decided to start the potty training there are many products that could help you or simply collect dust in your closet. This article goes through some of the most common potty training products and gives you an evaluation of their necessity.

Potty training product 1
Toilet insert – A toilet insert is simply a ring which makes the hole in the toilet smaller so that a small child can sit safely and comfortable. For little girls this is excellent while little boys will let you clean around the toilet for number 1 each time they use it.

Potty training product 2
Toilet seat with ladder – The toilet seat with latter works much like the toilet insert, only it comes complete with handles on the sides and a latter. The latter is also a great place for the child to place the feet to sit more comfortably and feel safe up on the toilet.

Potty training product 3
Foot stool – A foot stool is a must when you potty train. You need it to reach both toilet and sink for washing the hands.

Potty training product 4
Training diapers – the potty training diaper is a diaper which can be used as underwear, meaning the child can pull it down like underwear. This is good to use when you will be in places where and accident might be difficult to handle like in the car or even during sleep.

Potty training product 5
Pee sheets or protective sheets – Pee sheets are better to use than the training diapers when you are teaching the child to stay dry throughout the night. These sheets make sure that any mishaps won’t meet the mattress.

Potty training product 6
Potty training video – a potty training video can be helpful but it isn’t necessary for successful potty training. Just find a method that works for you and use videos for free online on Youtube when you feel the need to watch someone else struggle just like you!

Potty training product 7
Potty training literature – potty training books for kids are always good tools for talking about and explaining why we are moving from the diapers to the toilet.

A toddler still in a diaper

Is your toddler still in a diaper and you are starting to panic about it? Read this article and take action!

If your toddler is still in a diaper despite being way past his 3 year old birthday you might start to feel a bit worried. The child is probably very verbal and otherwise normal and when you ask him to use the potty he refuses. Potty training seems to have gotten completely wrong somewhere because the toddler refuses to use the potty.

“I don’t like the potty, I only want the diaper. The diaper is good for me.”

Comments like these can be very frustrating to hear. Your toddler has obviously made up his mind and this at an age where stubbornness is a tell sign.

You should try to relax and take a step back. Your toddler is normal. You might have been able to potty train him at an earlier stage but the fact is that it didn’t work out that way. Now you will have to patiently wait for your toddler to make the decision by himself.

Speak about using the bathroom in a very positive way and encourage him with his most desired toys. Even bribes might not work but sooner or later he will prefer to use the bathroom for his needs. The worst thing to do is to stress about it.

If you feel nervous and worry about your toddler’s development you should definitely speak to a professional who might be able to help you by speaking to your child. Just remember that too much commission around his refusing the potty might just lead to additional setbacks.

As hard as it might seem, your best action right now is to not take action and act as if everything is just as it should. Soon enough you will hear a proud little one announce that he did in the right place!

How to potty train

There are many excellent methods for potty training and no one has the only key to successful potty training. Here are some examples of how you can potty train your child. Take a look at them and then learn more about each individual method to understand it better in detail.

Crash course potty training
An extremely effective method of potty training is the crash course potty training. This means that you simply remove the diapers and let the baby learn by trial and error. As you might have guessed, this method of potty training entails many mess ups and you need to be prepared to take care of the accidents. It could be wise to start potty training in this fashion during the warm months of the year.

Potty training talk
Many methods of potty training are based on talking a lot to the child. You talk about using a potty and try to time it with the times he actually has to go. You can also read books on the subject and perhaps sit the child on a potty while reading. Most parents use this method more or less as it works well as a supplement to other potty training methods.

Potty training videos
Another great way of potty training a child is to show him videos of potty training. You can pay for this or simply use all of the free contributions on Youtube. If you use random videos of potty training from Youtube oyu need to work out your own method and decide how you are going to let the child understand to copy the kids in the movies.

There are professional potty training videos online which are part of a complete potty training course. These could be a bit expensive but many of them come with great results and considering how much you spend on diapers it might be worth it!