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How to Make a Birthday Party for Toddlers

A birthday party for a toddler can really be quite easy to arrange. You just need a few different activities and food that works well for toddlers and you are set. Also, don’t forget that these types of parties demand a gift for the toddler and his friends. All kids love to walk home from a party with a gift bag so this one will become one of your main points when planning the fest. Here are some tips for how to make a birthday party for toddlers and unforgettable one!


The first thing to think about is the food. Let the kids eat once they arrive. You can either arrange a snack table at their own height or actually have them sit around a bigger table. Having big bowls of chips, cookies, and other sweets is smart. Give them little cups and help them serve themselves in these. For drinks it is enough to have some soft drinks. Some toddler will drink freely from a regular cup but others still like the sippy cup so make sure to have a few of those for your guests! You can also make a birthday cake with a nice decoration but don’t expect toddlers to pay too much attention to this.

Story or Song

After the food you can let the kids play a bit with the gifts for your child. Make sure to have space on a floor and put out the cars, dolls and blocks in stations so that they can gather around their favorites. When the toddlers have played freely a bit you can gather them for a short story or song. If you know how to play the guitar this is a great idea. Little kids love to sit in a ring and hear song and story with an instrument. Make sure that the story and song are age appropriate. You can check what they sing in their playschool and copy this for recognition.

Cool Activity

If you want to make more activities for the kids without having to engage too much yourself you can advance the theme of play stations in your house or yard. A hot summer day makes it possible to let them play with water with different sorts of water toys. You can also use a plastic pool for kids, year around, and fill it will balls to make them a ball bath.

Gifts for the Toddlers

When the party is coming to an end, time has come to bring out the toddler party gifts. Make little bags with candy and some small gift. In thrift stores you can find very cheap toys like cars and crayons. These are excellent for the gifts for the kids. It might be wise to hand them the gift as they leave the party since they will enjoy it on the way home or later on which will be appreciated by their parents!

Expertmom loves this birthday cake from

Something for Mom and the Kids to do, fast!

It is summer and your kids are home. Camp is over and you have to be Mom, Teacher, Cook, Entertainer and everything else. Now, to get through these last of summer fun you need some good tricks up your sleeves. This will help you put up with the hot and sticky summer days and the nudging for Mom to get things moving. Here are some ideas for what you can do right now with your sweaty and bored brood and their friends.

Stay at Home

If you have AC and you’d rather stay home than face the heat you need to find some activity to entertain the kids with. Start by promising them a good game and a treat if they tidy up their room and the house. This means picking up their toys and putting them in place. You can help them and get some cleaning done at the same time. When the house looks nice again you will have better peace of mind to start some game with the kids.

Possible Games

Board games are great for days around the kitchen table. Place some snacks and cold drinks and sit down together. If you have smaller kids you can set them up in their baby chair or with something that will keep their hands busy like carrot sticks or stickers and paper. Start a good game and get into it. Kids love when Mom is in the game for real. No acts. Beat them and do it with a smile!

Good ideas for board games are Memory, Lotto games, dice games and creative games where you are supposed to guess things and come up with stories. A great idea here would be a game like Rory’s Story Cubes but only if the kids are big enough to make their own stories out of pictures.

Coloring Books

When mixed ages are around the table you can bring out some coloring books. Let some kids color and other place stickers on the pictures. For older kids there are great games with paper and pen. One is very simple. Each person draws one part of a body without seeing what the others are adding. Each one folds the paper to cover the picture he made. In the end you get a very funny figure to laugh at together.

Face the Heat!

You can also head out to the park and let them burn off some steam. Ignore their objections and just go out to see what happens. Even older kids will find something fun by the swings so just get out there and see what you will find. Hopefully there will be other bored and hot Moms in the park to suffer the last days of summer with!

The Best Gifts for a 3 Year Old Boy – Great Ideas

A 3 year old boy is a hand full, but also a lot of fun. Little boys aren’t all that hard to please and if you need a gift for a 3 year old boy you can basically get him anything that rolls, make noise and comes apart. It all really comes down to the type of budget you had in mind but be aware that expensive toys break just as easily as the cheap ones and 3 year old boys LOVE to break things!

Low Budget Gifts

If you need a gift for a 3 year old but you can’t afford the expensive toy stores you should turn to the thrift stores. It is possible to get little cars and other fun toys for around $1. You could even get a few and put them into a box, individually wrapped. It will make the little boy feel like he is getting an explosion of toys! Many 3 year old boys love helping out around the house. (If their parents encourage it) so another nice low budget gift could be a miniature broom and dust pan. These are also usually available in thrift shops for very cheap prices.


3 year old boys know to play easy board games like Memory and Bingo. However, they will also enjoy bending the cards and spreading them all over the house. If you get a game like this, it needs to either be very cheap so that it can be ruined without too many tears or made out of plastic so that it can take the attempts for making rolls and other things from the cards and plates. If you are getting a gift for a 3 year old boy with older siblings you could get the Rory’s Story Cubes. These are more for the older kids but it is a nice gift to bring to a family that is giving a party for their 3 year old.

For a Larger Budget

When you want to spend some more money on a 3 year old boy there is no lack for great gifts! A 3 year old is active and you can think of many fun activity toys. Get him his first bike, kick bike or why not a Water Play Wheel? Make sure that his parents have the time and space for this kind of toy so that it won’t end up standing in the basement collecting dust. If they have a garden they might already have swings and other toys that could use some company so get something to play with outside for everyone’s peace of mind! Another nice gift for a child in this age is a family wagon. Have a look at this type of useful toy ride in this review of the Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon Red.

The 7 Best Gifts for a 4 Year Old Boy

Do you need a gift for a 4 year old boy? Then you are in for a lot of fun! 4 year old boys love toys, and lots of them. Still, when you want to buy a gift for a boy there are some things to consider. There is no rocket science involved but things like durance and how much the parents will appreciate the toy come into play. Truth be told, 4 year old boys find a way to break anything so it won’t matter much if you give them a fire truck for $10 or one for $50. If the wheels, ladder, and red color are all in place the boy will love it till it can no longer run on the empty wheel houses! You may want to check this gift ideas source for more options.

A Fast List for an Easy Choice

If you need a good toy as a gift for a 4 year old boy you are bound to find something useful in this list. You don’t have to go to the toy store since a safe and trusted site like Amazon will get you these toys to their best price and straight to your door. Expertmom has put together a list of 7 good toys that will be very smart gifts for a 4 year old boy. They should also be appreciated by parents and siblings and create many hours of healthy play far away from any TV or computer screen.

Angry Birds: Knock on Wood Game
Do you love the angry birds? Here is the real Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game! Shoot at the birds but be careful to place the game in a place where a table cloth or carpet will keep the pieces in reach. The game is easy to understand so very young children can join while older and adults also find it entertaining and fun.

Step2 WaterWheel Activity Table
This is a wonderful toy for younger children that lets them play with water without driving parents nuts. Use it in the bathroom or outside and let them enjoy the water and the tools that come with the table. For a review of the Step2 WaterWheel Activity Table click here.
The table is sturdy and will make an excellent gift for any little boy or girl!

A Great Water Gun
This is a toy for a boy! You can’t go wrong with it. Water guns are a must during the summer months and you will make the child very happy. Just make sure that his parents are OK with this type of gift. If they do approve it is a very good choice for quality and many hours of fun! The Nerf Super Soaker Scatterblast Blaster is a great choice.

Nothing like a good water gun for a 7 year old boy!

Nothing like a good water gun for a 4 year old boy!

Playmobil Adventure Playhouse
The PLAYMOBIL Adventure Tree House provides him and other kids with hours of fun. This is the kind of play that develops imagination and that will last long after the 4th birthday. Since Playmobil toys are known for their great quality they are a very good option for boys that will test the stuff in every thinkable way.

Crayola 4ct Washable Fingerpaints Primary
Finger paints are a lot of fun and for kids with parents that have the space and patience for these types of activities this is an excellent gift. The Crayola Washable Finger Paints, 4-Count ( 4 ounce tubes ), Red, Blue, Yellow and Green set is a wonderful idea for a birthday party where the kids can get to enjoy it right away but remember to warn the parents to send some clothing that can afford a little coloring for the day! (washes right off after the party)

LEGO set with many parts
No list with great gifts for a 4 year old boy can be without LEGO! This is the age when the kid starts to understand how to truly assemble the pieces to create all sorts of things. This is a gift everyone will be glad you brought. Go for the LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box 10696 that includes many pieces for a lot of creativity!

Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel
With the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel you will navigate the paint from walls and doors to the easel where everyone can enjoy the 4 year old’s creativity and ambition. He can paint over and over on this and other siblings and friends will also join in the fun. Parents can also use this toy to teach drawing and basic writing in an easy and entertaining way.

Kids love to paint standing up, just like an artist!

Kids love to paint standing up, just like an artist!

If you want something bigger and fun for the whole family, you can consider a family wagon like the Radio Flyer Pathfinder Red. It will let the children enjoy a safe ride and also give you a new way to transport them to different outings which is even better than a regular stroller. Read more about it in this review of the Radio Flyer Pathfinder.


Watch the video below to see even more gifts ideas for a 4 year old boy

You can also go for a classic Bop It which is a really nice toy for many different ages. Read a review and see a movie of how it works here: Bop It!

When Can I Start Playing Board Games with my Kids?

Are you waiting for the day when your kids will sit patiently around the table enjoying a good board game with you? There are great board games for smaller kids but you can’t expect them to play like older kids from the start. If you want your toddlers to start playing board games with you, you should get the best kind and have lots of patience.

Play One on One

If you have several toddlers and younger kids in your house it is not a good idea to gather all to learn how to play board games. This type of arrangement will usually end up a big mess where fights about cards erupt. To avoid this kind of irritation you should try to sit down with one at a time. Explain the game patiently and play it over and over. Once one of your kids get the hang of the board game you can bring more of them into the game and watch how it develops to a really nice activity for a Sunday afternoon!

What Board Game Suits Toddlers?

The first board game to start with should be something fairly simple. For ages 2.5-5 you can pick out a nice memory game. Memory is the game where you have to pair two cards by turning them face up on the table and remember where which symbol is hiding. Kids love this game and it is very stimulating for their logical thinking. Start with 4-7 sets of cards and add on as you see that your child understands and enjoys the game.

Play even if they don’t get it!

If you are playing Memory with a 4 year old and a 2.5 year old, you will most likely notice that the 4 year old gets the rules of the game. The 2.5 year old will also enjoy turning the cards and follow the rules but he might turn the same cards over and over to get to exclaim what is on the pictures. Don’t get stressed out about this. If everyone is having fun it really doesn’t matter if you play by the rules or not. Let the 4 year old collect the matching pairs while the 2.5 is turning the same cards over to yell “it’s a cat!” (5 times in a row)

Bingo Style Games

If you want to expand the memory theme you can get board games where you need to match the cards to a board with pictures. This is a lot of fun and also a great way to learn shapes and the name of different objects. Go by the same technique as for memory and let your kids understand the games slowly in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.
Also, don’t forget that you must always lose! So keep turning that cat and cow up and call it luck when you happen to get a real pair of symbols.

How to Dress Your Baby for the Winter

Cold weather is a fact for many of us and during the winter months you might find it too tricky to go out and play with your kids. It is cold and wet outside so you suffer inside with kids climbing at the walls. To get through this kind of scenario you must either learn how to activate your baby properly indoors or know how to dress your baby for the winter.

The second option is the best one because playing outside dressed properly is healthy both for you and your baby.


The first thing to know about is layers. Layers of clothing help to preserve your baby’s heath. You should not overdo it. Your baby must stay mobile to be able to run, climb and have fun outside. Put on a good long sleeved jump suit or sweater coupled with long join underwear. Put another layer of shirt and pants over this. Depending on your baby’s shoes you might also want to layer the socks for maximum warmth. Just make sure not to pack it too tight as it is the air in between the layers that becomes warm and keeps the heath better.

Keep the Water out!

Over your baby’s regular clothes and jacket you should add some form of rain set unless you have an overall which is also rain proof. It is very important to keep your baby dry and especially so by the feet, head and hands. Make sure that your overalls or rain suit has snaps and straps that make sure that your baby’s shoes or both fit well inside so that no water can creep in through cracks.

Hat and Gloves

Don’t forget about the hat and gloves. It is a well-known myth that most of the body heath goes out through the head but even if this is not true you should keep the head warm and protected by a comfortable hat. Make sure that your baby won’t sweat and get wet hair under the hat. If he already got wet hair you should take him inside and dry it, not remove the hat to let the cold wind give him a blow dry!

Quality clothes are always great but remember that it is how you dress your baby for the winter that matters. Use your Mommy senses and get out there for play also when the wind howls and the puddles stand deep. These moments will become sensatory and emotional memories that your baby will cherish for life!

Time to Clean the Toys

Spring cleaning, Pesach cleaning, as the days get warmer and the trees start to turn green and lush again many of us feel the desire to clean toys and perhaps even more important clean them out! Trucks and cars with 3 wheels and dolls who did not survive attempts of saving limbs gets to go to the trash bin.

When cleaning toys the throwing them out part should be done during the times when the kids are out. If a certain toy holds a special place in your child’s heart you should obviously let it stay no matter how broken it is but for those pieces of plastic collecting dust the coast is clear; to the bin!

Cleaning toys can be a great activity for the afternoon with your kids helping you out. Gather all of the plastic blocks and lego pieces and dump them into a bucket of soapy water. Get tooth brushes and let everyone help with the scrubbing. Smaller kids really like this activity! All of the clean toys that needs rinsing goes into a separate container and you will handle the rinsing after bed time if necessary.

Be prepared for a mess so do the cleaning of toys with your kids in the bathroom or outside. Lots of water will end up on the floors and be ready for soaked children. If you think you can handle the scenario, cleaning toys with your kids is a great activity which makes you get closer to bed time all that faster!

For soft toys and teddy bears you simply toss them into the laundry machine to make sure that all of your children’s toys are clean and ready for another round of play!

How to make a puppet show for toddlers

A great way to entertain toddlers is to put up a puppet show for them. You don’t need to hire a professional clown or buy expensive hand puppets. By using your kid’s favorite toys you can put together the best puppet show ever!

Decide which story you want to tell. The best is to pick one of the stories you usually tell at bed time or whenever story time comes up. You can also tell a real story from your toddler’s life like when he got a bike for a birthday present or when a friend came over to play.

To set up a puppet theatre you need two chairs and a blanket. Hang the blanket between the chairs so that you can sit on one side without your toddler seeing you from the other side. If you need the blanket to get up higher you could use a table or ironing board to hang the blanket or sheet on.

Pick together some of your toddler’s favorite toys like bears, cars, dolls and so on. Let these toys demonstrate the story that you are telling. You can also let one of the toys tell the story. Toddlers like this very much. Seat your toddler and siblings and friends on the other side of the blanket and let the puppet show begin!

Soon enough you will find the audience coming around to your side to help out with the story line and acting of the puppet show and this can be a lot of fun. Don’t make silly rules but enjoy the puppet show just as it is.

Toddler Activities – Drawing

Toddlers love to paint and draw but you might have experienced what can happen with a toddler that loves to experience with places to paint. White walls with toddler art can be interesting but you will most likely want to keep those walls the original color. Here is a great idea for how to draw with toddlers and kids without worrying too much about mess ups with the colors.

Go to the park!
Make a special bag with water colors, crayons, papers, brushes and ink pens that is specifically for the park. Each time you go to the park you bring it and let your toddler paint and enjoy the colors without any restrictions. You might want to think about not dressing the toddler in sensitive and lightly colored clothes but this is something you probably think about each time you go to play outside.

You can also bring glue and let the toddler play around with pieces of paper just as he likes. You can introduce other interesting things to glue to the paintings like dry leaves and other things that fall to the ground from bushes and trees.

Street Chalk
In the bag with the colors and papers you should also put some chalks. Chalks can be used for drawing on the sidewalk or in the park if it has concrete floors. This is a great way to make big drawings and you can be sure that the next rain will wipe away the paintings so there is no reason to feel that this should somehow ruin the park. Invite other kids to draw with you and you’ll make the day of the other moms!

Finger paint in the park
Finger paint can be really messy and this toddler activity is ideal for the park. Just try to finger paint in the park during really warm summer days as your toddler might get wet and if it is cold this is not a good combination.

Enjoy drawing with your toddler in the park!

What are good activities for the toddler party?

A party for 2 years old and up can be a lot of work. If nothing else it is an intense experience and it is very good to have some proper toddler activities planned before the party sets off. Here are some good ideas for what kind of games you can offer the toddlers in a toddler party. Just remember not to try and squeeze too much in. The toddlers will most likely be very satisfied with the new assortment of toys available.

Energetic games
Toddlers love to move and run so it is a good idea to start the toddler party with some kind of physical activity. Play “Simon Says” with them but forget about the whole trick part where they are not supposed to do whatever you say when you say it without the “Simon says…” The toddlers will find it amusing enough to copy you and the funny movements and noises you show them.

Dance and music
If you plan to dance a bit with the toddlers this is also a good thing to do at the start as well as the end of the toddler party. Let them dance in a ring or in a train. They will be able to do this for quite some time but you have to steer it up and make sure they don’t start fighting or rolling over each other.

Eating is an activity at the toddler party
Make sure to have a good space for the eating part of your toddler party. The smorgasbord might be efficient but if the toddlers don’t have a good place to sit together you will have a mess all over the house. Try to sit them around a table or make a ring of pillows on the floor for them to sit and eat on.

Getting a treat
No toddler party is complete without some kind of treat or gift for all of the kids. To create a fun and exciting activity for the toddlers you can give it to them through a game. Set up a sheet in a doorway and let them “go fish.” All you need is some kind of stick like from a broom. Hang a string to this with a clothes pin. Each toddler gets to fish by the sheet and you hang a treat for them to catch.

To make this game more entertaining you can let them catch something weird every now and then like a shoe!