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Review of Bop It

Bop It is by no means a new toy but it never seem to go out of style. If you played with it as a teenager you might not have thought about the possibility of giving this as a gift to your 4 year old but it is actually a great idea. This toy will introduce rhythm and concentration in a wonderful way. What a great break from the TV or computer games and how lovely with a toy that can be shared by siblings of different ages.

This is how it works

There are a few different versions of Bop It but they all include different task that you need to carry out. Honk the big button, twist one of the side handles, pull the other, scream, and so on… This is the game in a nut shell. Depending on the level you choose you need to do this at different speeds so you can raise the level for older kids.

Who will enjoy it?

Everyone loves Bop It!! You can sit with the 4 year old, the 12 year old and Grandma and have a good time passing the Bop It around to cooperate. This is simply a fun game for anyone that is ready for a challenge. It is a must in every household and something you can give as a gift without any worries of how it will be received.

Bop It can be used in the car, at home on the couch, in the park, anywhere where you need something to stimulate the kids. Get ready to go nuts of the Bop It voice telling you things like “you can do it” and “I remember the first time I played Bop It…”

This is a cool game that can be recommended warmly by Expertmom.

Cheap Toys for the Park

What do we do with an afternoon when the weather is warm and pleasant? We go to the park of course! In the park there are other kids to play with, swings, a sand box, and stuff to climb on and areas to just let loose and yet the kids are looking for more. Here are some cheap toys to bring to the park…

A ball

Both girls and boys enjoy playing with balls. Bring a soccer ball, smaller tennis balls and perhaps some light weight balls to play with. If you need some ideas for cool games with the balls check online for good games for kids with balls and find the one that is age appropriate for your crowd. If you are looking forward to sit on the bench, you can relax; there are other kids in the park to engage in the game…

Street chalk

Street chalk is also an excellent idea for the park when you want to bring an activity that won’t cost you a lot of money and effort. With street chalk the kids can just paint whatever they feel like or draw the lines for fun games. Teach them to write the ABC or do a hang man with older kids.

Jumping rope

Jumping ropes and stretch bands can be used in many ways. Girls are usually pretty good at games with these tools and they don’t cost much. Get the longer type of rope and watch a whole bunch of girls get active to the delight of the Moms that get to take it easy and just read a book or talk to like-minded.

Water gun

If it is a really hot day nothing will beat the fun of water games. Get some cool water guns and let the kids fire away with them. Bring bottles with tap water for refill unless there is a tap in the park. Instruct the kids to play in a certain corner of the park as not to disturb other who might not be interested in these games.

It can also be fun with water balloons. These are amazing little toys that will keep your kids busy like never before. Bring smaller drinking battles with a thinner neck to make it easy to refill in the park.

Bowling set

Another fun game for the park is the bowling set. Get the plastic kind that is easy to bring along and not dangerous for little kids to play with. This is also a game that can have many different kids engaged at the same time but you need a flat surface for it which should not be right next to a road.

The Gifts that 4 Year Old Boys want

If you are wondering what 4 year old boys would like as a gift you only have to ask them. At this age they have plenty of ideas for cool gifts. Don’t be surprised if they will mix big things like a bike with fantasy objects like flying robots. When you are looking for gifts for a 4 year old boy you shouldn’t miss the chance to get his own take on it. It will be a blast and if you record the conversation he will be able to laugh at it at a later point.

Things to ride on

It is never wrong to give a 4 year old boy a toy ride. He might have a bike but even so he will find a new scooter or some cool pedal ride to be the rave. You can browse toy stores online to see the most amazing toy rides for kids. He can get a pedal toy car which is shaped like his favorite figures from the movies. This is something that he will never forget and enjoy immensely!

More Building Blocks

Another thing that 4 year old boys can’t get enough of is building blocks. Today you can get some really cool toys with special functions like the Clics. These toys will challenge his imagination and let him create and that is something that you will enjoy watching. You can also introduce smaller building blocks like the Lego styled blocks at this age. He is big enough to understand what to do with them and he will see the benefit of being able to construct more advanced buildings and items.


It should also be mentioned that 4 year old boys enjoy books. You will have to read them for him but this is very important and not something you want to miss out on. Get real stories but with vivid and cool images, you might even want to get a bigger science book with pictures of airplanes, fireman and other things that captivate the imagination of a 4 year old boy.

These are some ideas of the things that 4 year old boys will pick if you ask them. If you want to hear a real 4 year old boy talk about his ideas for gifts you can watch this video clip with a recording of a boy sharing his wishes. Enjoy the clip and go get him the best present you can think of to surprise him with!

The Best Toys for 3-6 Year Olds

What toy should you get to make young kids sit still and let you focus on the computer, laundry, telephone or whatever you must tend to? Did you think that the best toys for 3-6 year old kids are games for the TV or movies? While these might be effective in getting you the quiet time that you need they are not a long term solution. Most kids get bored with a movie after having seen it a few times.

If you get better toys for your kids they will stay occupied for longer and also get stimulated to learn and grow. If you can’t let your kids out to play freely, it is a good idea to invest in some smart toys for indoor play. Here are some of the best ideas for toys for 3-6 year old kids that will keep the busy and happy:

The best Toy ever, Clics!

You might have heard of the building toy called Clics. The original Clics are made in Belgium and they can be built in the most amazing ways. Children love Clics and they can sit for hours creating houses, cars, and anything you can think of. Just make sure to get a big bucket of Clics so that there will be enough pieces for the various creations that your young friends want to go for. You can read a Clics review here at Expertmom and also see a video of what they look like.

Building is Fun

Any form of building blocks work well for younger children and if you combine them with train sets and other toys that can be expanded they will be played with for hours! The most important thing to think about when you are getting different types of building toys for kids ages 3-6 is that they should be of a high quality. Poor quality building toys go to the trash quickly and are not fun to build with.


Another great idea for toys for children ages 3-6 is different types of craft projects. You can be smart and go to a thrift store and get cheap wooden items. It is easy to find wooden key rings and little note holders shaped as plants. Give your kids these with some ink pens and let them paint away. This is an easy crafts project that stimulates their minds and creativity. You can also get more advanced stuff depending on how much they know about creating things from paper, glue and stickers.

Once you get into cool toys for children ages 3-6 you will not have to turn on the TV or computer at all. Kids thrive when they get to use their creativity and imagination to play and develop!

What Toys does a 4 Year Old like?

Are you trying to figure out what toys a 4 year old like because you need a gift for a grandchild or child of a friend? It might actually be your kid and you just want to look into new ideas for what toys to give to a 4 year old. The smartest gifts for 4 year olds are the things that will last longer than a few days or even a month or two. The thing with 4 year old boys is that they can turn anything into a toy and you need to get the mindset of the little gentleman you are trying to please.

Some safe Cards

You can’t go wrong with toys that are meant to ride on somehow. Little boys love things that move and make sound and if they look real that is even better. If you have been to the park with the little man lately you know that he can turn a regular slide into a real fire engine. Why not get him a pedal toy that is shaped just like a fire engine? He will never want to leave the park with this ride!

Boys love to build

Another safe choice of toy for a 4 year old is a set of building blocks. There are so many awesome versions of building blocks and you can find huge sets with hundreds of pieces to turn into the most amazing structures. This is a healthy choice for a child and something that will last many years while it can be shared with friends and siblings to join into the fun. You can read a review of Clics here on Expertmom or go for something more classic. The idea is to get the type of blocks that will challenge and stimulate his mind and creative abilities.


Kids love puzzles and if you want to give them a unique experience you can get a magnetic puzzle. Some magnetic puzzles will fit on the fridge while others have a structure which is better built with on a table or on the floor. Find a puzzle that will excite the 4 year old by a really cool picture!

Get the Kids off the Computer with Educational Toys!

You keep telling yourself that you will limit the time they spend in front of the computer or TV but face it, when there is no time there is no time. You don’t have the help of another 20 families with kids that all play down in the backyard by a road without any strangers or cars. This means that your kids are propped up in your house expecting you to activate them. No wonder that so many parents simply turn to the computer or video for entertainment so that things can get done around the house!

Educational Toys

If you berate yourself for letting the kids watch too many movies you should probably ease up a bit. Don’t expect to cut it in one shot but make a plan that will let you get into new habits. You can still use the computer and a movie every now and then when you really lack for better alternatives to get some quiet around the house. To get the kids to play like kids have done in all times you need to think about educational toys.

Educational toys are the type of gadgets that stimulate your kid’s fantasy and creativity. Back in time they were simply the things that children found outside on the road or in the woods. Now that you can’t let your kids out like that you will have to substitute the gadgets of nature for gadgets manmade. This is certainly possible and you will be amazed at how many wonderful smart toys are out there for your kids to grow and find their creativity.

Building Blocks

If you have browsed around Expertmom you know that I am a huge fan of building blocks. Get them in wood or make them yourself from cartoons, kids love them and there is so much they can create from simple shapes. If they seem to be out of ideas then give them a little push and suggest that they build a parking lot or garage for the trucks. From here you will watch an amazing world grow in your living room, kitchen and their room. Don’t get mad about the mess! This is a great way for kids to play in a smart way that will challenge their thinking so let them explore and play and tidy up afterwards.

Board Games

Kids that are a little bit older can enjoy board games but you might have to sit down with them so this is something that could come in handy when you have an older sibling or baby sitter at hand. There are a lot of cool board games like the Qwirkle Board Game that fits the entire family. You can also send your kids off to a chess course which will ensure quiet in the house and challenged minds!

Review of the Qwirkle Board Game

If you are looking for a board game that suits kids of different ages you should read this Qwirkle Board Game review! This board game is shaped to fit children as young as 3-4 years old and up. What is even better is that you as a parent won’t get bored by it either. It makes for a lovely play time when for different reasons you are stuck at home with kids looking for some meaningful activity.

How to Play

At first look this game look very simple, and yes, you will get through the play rounds very quickly. Basically you just need to match the shapes and colors but as you can imagine there are many different ways to do this. This is how the Qwirkle Board Game makes such a great fit for different ages and as a gift for kids it is simply outstanding. While you sit with your 6 year old trying to make out patterns diagonally, your 4 year old will be building Qwirkle Castles! You will find the rules of the possible games so simple and yet interesting enough to have you engaged as well.

A Thinking Game

This Qwirkle Board Game review must point out that this is a smart game for kids and adults. Each game becomes a challenge at the level that you choose. Therefore this is a game to recommend for smart gifts for kids. As a parent you need to stay in check and don’t let your competitive impulses take over. You will be tempted to out-think the kids but you might want to leave them some space to develop their strategic and logic thinking. It is a wonderful game for a brain work-out without being complicated. Just pure fun in a smart way!


Qwirkle is addictive! Many reviews of the Qwirkle Board Game keep on saying the same thing; Mom, Dad and kids of all ages just insists on playing it over and over. Only bring it out when you really have time to play and patience to let everyone have a go at their level!


Qwirkle has a fair price but you can get it cheaper online than in a regular toy store. Make use of specials from Amazon and get this game. It will be a great asset for your family weekends as well as a good gift idea for children. You might want to get more than one copy already now to prepare for the upcoming birthday parties where you will want a great gift for a normal price. This will definitely be appreciated by any child that receives it, regardless of age!

Mom, get ready, it is time to go back to playschool!

The summer is coming to an end and school and playschool will be on again. You know this is so because all the malls are displaying back to school stuff that you will need to supply your kids with. Here are some suggestions for the things your child will need when time for back to playschool has come. You don’t have to buy them at the mall. You can get the same discounts online and even better. Getting the school equipment online will also let you enjoy a few more days in the sun and away from the areas of your regular working days.

Food and Drink

Depending on the playschool your child goes to, you could need some supplies for packages of food and drink. If you usually send your child to school with a bag you might want to consider switching this to a plastic box or a kit designed specifically for lunches that you send. Many times these kits inspire for better combinations of veggies and fruit than what you will be able to send in a bag. Many kids simply find it more attractive to eat a peeled and sliced orange from a box rather than getting it in a plastic bag.

Remember that it can still be very hot when playschool starts again and it makes sense to send your child with his or her own bottle to drink from. It is more hygienic and also ensures that you can check how much they really drank that day. Get a regular water bottle with a simple screw cap or buy a cool kid’s bottle with some nice design that your child will enjoy. Some of these designer bottles also come with an insertion to keep the liquid cool throughout the day.

School Bag

Getting back to school and playschool also means that your child needs a proper bag. In playschool it is enough with a smaller bag with a nice print. There are so many lovely designs to choose from and your child knows very well which print he or she prefers. Just make sure that your food box fits the size of the bag and that you can get the water bottle in there as well!

You might feel tempted to get the bags with wheels but these are really for older school kids and not so necessary for playschool. Safe the money and throw some cool present in there instead. Get a back-to-playschool gift that your child will enjoy. Hide it in the bag as a surprise for the first day. A small gift like an action doll or pen set will make an excellent gift for a child that is getting ready to go back to playschool, or why not a bag of marbles?

Speaking of bags… Will your child get a ride to and from playschool in a car? Then you should also consider the bag and booster seat which is a 2 in one product meant to support your child’s need for bag and safety while going in a car. Check it out!

Gifts for Children – Theme Packages

When you are looking for a gift for a child it can be helpful to think about a theme. There are certain themes that kids simply love and by sticking to one of them you are sure to get the perfect present for the birthday party. Depending on the child’s age you could also combine several items from one theme in one big cardboard box. An excellent choice for a gift for a 8 year old girl would be a cardboard box full of smaller gifts hidden in little pieces of foam. Even if the actual gifts are smaller, like gum balls and pens, the gift will become a memory for life for the excitement it causes.
Here are some cool themes for children’s gifts that can help you find the perfect present for a child that you love.

Have a Ball!

Balls are fun but when you think about giving a ball as a gift for a 3 year old it can seem a bit dry or boring. It is all about how you package it. For a younger child a big bright ball will certainly be a lovely gift but older kids might want something to play with the ball like rackets or basketball basket. Consider getting many different types of balls at once. If you get rubber bouncing balls, a soccer ball, beach ball and some other cool ball and put them into a decorative bag it will be an amazing gift for a 2 year old to chase around the living room. Balls as gifts are also smart when the child has a garden or back yard to play with them in.

Another great idea for the ball theme is to get a plastic baby pool and make a smaller child a ball bath. It is original and fun!

Creative Time

Another lovely theme for gifts for kids is the creative one. All kids love to explore paint, play dough and other creative materials and you can base your choice on how much time you have to help the child with the crafts. A gift for a 6 year old girl could very well be a pretty set to get ready for school with. Add a diary and some very special pens, erasers and stickers and the girls will feel ready to start taking notes and being a real big girl. Both boys and girls can enjoy sets of colors and creativity sets. Parents will also appreciate when older kids can get busy gluing, painting and drawing for a silent and pleasant Sunday afternoon!

Costume Mania

Did you think that costumes are only for Halloween? Actually, most kids love to dress up, year around! You can certainly get a cool costume as a gift for a 3 year old and older. If you know their favorite story characters get them clothes to transform into the character. Girls usually love to dress up like princesses, movie stars or just to look like Mom. If you don’t want to get a specific costume you can stuff a box with cool accessories like clip on earrings and fake moustaches.

Story Time

The last theme for gifts for children in this article will have to be story time. Stories are always great gifts whether you tell them from your heart or get a book to sit down with. A great book is a good gift for a child 2 years and up, if not younger. You should find out what types of stories the kids enjoy and stick to the same type. For example, little boys enjoy stories that include fire engines, robots and ambulances. If you need a gift that can fit diverse ages it can be wise to get a book with a lot of information and interesting pictures. This will let you sit down with the bunch and enjoy the story!

Smart Gifts for Kids

With a birthday or special occasion for a gift coming up, you should consider getting a gift for the child which will be to enhance brain activity. There are plenty of toys that aren’t really meant to make the kid think for himself and these might be entertaining and great looking but if you are truly concerned about the development of the child you should invest in smart gifts for kids. They are smart both for the kid and for your future together as you will see that stimulation of thinking processes at an early age also lays the foundation for smart thinking in the future. Here are some gift ideas for kids that could make that difference!

First Thing First

Something crucial to understand about smart gifts for kids is that they often demand that you participate in the play at some level and this is a great thing to know. In fact, if you can make sure to be involved in your child’s learning at least once a day, you will form a better relationship and also see that the development and learning improves. This is simply because children love to be with parents and grownups and feel that they are important and loved. If only for this reason, it is a true investment to get a smart toy as a gift for your child. To get inspired you can read this book by Stevanne Aurbach, Smart Play Smart Toys:

Building a Future of Smarts

Building blocks are smart toys and especially when you get many different shapes and colors. Children love to build and structure games with building blocks and this is also a game where you can participate. Take your time and sit down on the floor with your kids. Start building something and let the kids take over and decide whether it will be a road to the kitchen, a tower to the ceiling or a parking lot for all of the toy cars that you have given them as gifts during the past few years! If you are anyways on the smart and engaged thinking thread, then why not get eco-friendly building blocks?! Nothing like a big wrapped and square gift for a child!

Chess is a Smart Game

Are you dreaming of seeing your kids play chess? Chess is a great game for logic and strategic thinking and even if you are not a big chess fan you can surely see how this game will aid the development of your children. Start early and put the kids in a chess course. There should be one in your city. You will soon see if they like the game and if they do they might be able to teach you some of that constructive thinking! Here is a book that teaches chess to kids in a playful way. Start reading it together and play your way to the new thinking abilities. This will be a wonderful smart gift for a child so consider getting one copy for the cousins as well.