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A Gift for a Toddler’s Birthday Party

Have you been invited to a toddler’s birthday party and now you need to come up with a gift for a toddler that is affordable and yet respectable. Not that the toddler will think less of something that you found in the container on the way to the party. It is rather the parents of the kid that might look weird at you if you come with something from a yard sale. Here are some great ideas for birthday gifts for a toddler. They are all affordable and easy to get through Amazon.
This way you can simply order the gift and have it delivered to your door in time for the party!

Little Girls

If you need a gift for a girl you should consider something like a toy set with purse, necklace and similar. Little kids love to dress up and anything that will look similar to what Mom uses will be a success. You can find sets like the Kidoozie, My First Purse, in regular toy stores and on Amazon. It is a wonderful idea for any little girl and the parents will approve without suspecting that you paid a low price for it!

Sounds and more Sounds

Toddlers love things that make noise and if the thing looks like a real thing it is even better. Now, you might feel tempted to give your old cell phone as a gift to the toddler but this is not a very safe idea. Better to get one of the copies that make more noise, and yet make the kid feel like a real grown up. There are all types available but be careful not to get the kinds with very small batteries. They can be very cheap but often the battery hatch is possible to open and that will present a sticky situation. Go for a Fisher Price telephone and noise toy. It will last much longer and you don’t have to pay that much more for it.

Everyone Loves to Paint

Don’t forget about finger paint! This lovely tool for healthy development is always a smart gift for the toddler birthday party. The toddler will love it and so will his friends. His parents will forgive you if you make sure to clean up the mess. You can get finger paint which doesn’t stain and is easy to remove. It must also be non-toxic if the child decides to have a taste.

Building Blocks

A very safe toy to get for a toddler is building blocks that are big and colorful. Get a whole set with many different shapes and colors and watch the parents and toddler smile from delight. This is a toy that will make you a star of the toddler party and it is also a gift that won’t cost you all that much. This is even true if you get the highest quality of building blocks for toddlers like Duplo!

Review of the Fisher-Price Rock, Roll ‘n Ride Trike XL

If you are looking for a toy ride as a gift for a 1 year old and up, the Fisher-Price Rock, Roll ‘n Ride Trike XL is an excellent choice. Not only does it have a decent price, it is also sturdy and big enough to be a toy to enjoy for many more birthdays to come. Read more in this Fisher-Price Rock, Roll ‘n Ride Trike XL review about the 3 wheeler bike that could make the day of the child you want to celebrate!

Easy to Use

You don’t need a Fisher-Price Rock, Roll ‘n Ride Trike XL review to understand that this toy ride is very easy to use. As you can see from the picture below, the child only has to straddle the bike and start scooting away. In fact this is what many 1 year old kids do, till they get the hang of the pedals, which can take another year or more. The feeling of sitting on a real bike like this will make the child grow in so many ways so the ease of use is an important point and something that both you and the child will enjoy.


This review of the Fisher-Price Rock, Roll ‘n Ride Trike XL must point out that the bike itself is safe and indeed very sturdy. What you might want to be extra careful with is when your child goes on and off the toy ride. This is when some kids fall over since they need to learn how to properly swing the leg over the seat. As soon as the child is scooting or biking along with the Fisher-Price Rock, Roll ‘n Ride Trike XL it is very safe and doesn’t tip over but like with any other toy ride you should make sure to be there as he or she gets used to how to get up on it.


As mentioned in the safety paragraph, this is a sturdy toy and it lasts. You don’t have to worry about parts that fall off after one day of use. Even if your child is a bit on the rough side with his toys this is one that will be able to handle it. You can count on enjoying the Fisher-Price Rock bike for many years to come so it is a smart choice if there are siblings that might be interested in this kind of toy in another year or two from now.

What Parents Say

Parents love this toy ride since it is so safe and easy to use. There are even families with several copies of this toy, to keep the children satisfied in several locations. It should also be mentioned that this is the updated version of the Fisher-Price Rock ride and it has certainly been improved. If you enjoyed the previous version this one will only make you appreciate the design and durability more. Some parents find the wheels a bit slippery but this is also a matter of where you drive with it. On grass, side walk and living room floor it works like a charm and don’t forget that you have the handle there to help out when you must get through a muddy patch!

The pricing of this quality toy is excellent and just what you need for a gift for a 1 year old and up. You get something that is sure to be a hit and for many years. Just make sure to buy it online for the best price and don’t pay more in a regular store. Expert Mom recommends Amazon for the best price and reliable service of shipping.

The Best Toy Ride Gifts for Kids

If you have decided to get a toy ride as a gift for a kid you will soon realize that there are plenty of cool rides out there. Which toy ride should you get? It all depends on the age of course. If you need a gift for a 1 year old it will be a great idea to get the simplest kind of toy car to scoot around on. If it is a gift for a 4 year old, or older, you might want to get something more advanced. In any case you should know that a car, three-wheeler, scooter or any other toy like this will be a very popular choice and the child will cherish it for many months, if not years, to come!

For the Young Child

For a very young child it is smart to get something simple. There are excellent toy rides for 1 year old kids that will stay in use for many more birthdays. If there is more than one kid in the family this ride will also be liked by the other sibling or siblings. Just make sure to get a quality brand and don’t be too impressed by effects like music. The most important is that the car has sturdy wheels and some height to fit a year or two from now as well.

Kick Bike or Scooter

A kick bike is an excellent gift for a 3 year old and up. This is also a toy which gives the child lots of opportunities to move and burn energies and calories. The kick bike should ideally be used outside but very small kids can also scoot around on it on a big living room floor. Be prepared for love at first sight and a need to go to bed with this amazing toy ride! The initial excitement will eventually calm down but the bike will stay one of the most treasured toys for ever and ever.

Power Wheels

If you want something that will actually give your child a ride without any peddling or scooting, you can look closer at power wheel rides. These rides usually work with batteries and they are not made to drive very fast to keep the safety of your child. A power ride is a great gift for 4 year old kids and up. If you buy it for a younger child you must be prepared to help out a lot with the driving. For a power ride toy you should also consider the kind of space you will need to enjoy it. It will work fine in a regular park but if you have a big yard it will be a great opportunity for the child to enjoy his gift more often.

Good luck in finding the best toy ride gift!

The Best Gifts for a 7 Year Old – Time to Move!

Kids are getting used to a life where most of their activities require sitting still. When both leisure and school is done in this fashion it is really no wonder that so many kids find it hard to concentrate. They get no natural outlet for their energies and that is something that could change if we just try to change the things we stimulate them with after school and in weekends.

Here are the best gifts for a 7 year old that are meant to get the kid to move and get rid of those energies!


A bike is a wonderful tool for movement and if your child does not have one you should consider investing in this wonderful gift for a 7 year old. If you can start taking bike rides together you will all benefit and find a new way of spending quality time together. You don’t have to get the traditional type of bike, a kick bike is also a lot of fun and great for lots of movement.


Kids love roller blades so this is also a wonderful gift idea for a 7 year old. At 7 a child should be able to learn how to balance on roller blades but use them with care and make sure that the child has a proper helmet for any toy with wheels! Rollerblades can be enjoyed in the backyard or taken along to a visit to the local skating hall. They will certainly have the kid off the couch and up and moving.


Another wonderful gift for a 7 year old is a trampoline. Trampolines used to be viewed as a bit dangerous but today you can get them together with safety net and covers for the springs that make them an ideal tool for burning fat and energies. Surprise the child with a trampoline and let the whole family enjoy bouncing on it.

Virtual Video Games

If your child must stay inside then at least get him off the couch and get virtual video games. You can get virtual games from most brands and there are cool versions like virtual tennis where you can enter tournament mode and play against each other. This will be a better solution than the regular games where the child sits still for hours. A virtual tennis game is a lot of fun and also gives the family another type of quality activity for rainy days.

5 Gifts for Boys Age 5 and 6

Do you have a birthday coming up for a little boy? Congrats! Birthdays are a lot of fun and you are probably preparing a gift for a boy that loves to play so besides the new clothes from grandma and his auntie he will cherish some cool new toys. What can you possibly give to a boy that has it all already?

New Toys, Really?

In all honesty, aren’t you already sick and tired of stumbling over his broken toys? The truth is that kids today have more toys than what your grandparents could ever dream of at that age. Still, you can’t try to live in a time when you are not and a gift for a boy with a birthday is part of the rituals of our society so put those feelings of guilt away and get something of a high quality but for a low price!

5 Gifts for Boys Age 5 and 6:

1. We will start with the dream gift for every boy, a bike!

If he doesn’t already have one now is the time. Don’t waste time on pulling it from the store downtown when you can order it cheaper online from Amazon and have it delivered straight to your door! Also make sure to get a helmet. For a 5 and 6 year old you should get a bike of the size 14 to 16 inch and up.

2. Sports Toys

5 and 6 year old boys love and need to move a lot. When you take them with you to the park you can bring a regular ball but if the friends come along you could also get volley ball sets with net or rackets for beach style games. The more they run and jump, the better! You will get rid of these energies and have a nice a quiet evening together at home.

3. Jumping is fun!

A smashing gift for kids is a trampoline and there are many sizes available. You don’t have to get a big professional one to make an impact and the best models come with safety nets for the protection of the children playing in the trampoline.

4. Smart Games

At age 5 and 6 boys start to enjoy board games for real. Get a Chess game and send him off to a chess course. This will stimulate his logic and strategic thinking and be good for school and creative thinking.

5. Advanced Toys

The advanced toys are trucks, cars and airplanes that are more than simple toys. They have technical functions like a fire engine that can be filled with water and used like a small model engine. If you have a very technical child it might even be appropriate with some kind of model toy to glue and assemble.

That’s 5 tips for gifts for boys age 5 to 6, good luck and have a happy birthday!

The Best Pool and Beach Toys

Summer is a fact and your kids want to live in the water. They will find every opportunity to get wet and by now you have just decided to go with the flow and let them have that paddling pool. If you have a garden or balcony you might actually be able to create a miniature water world for your kids pretty easily. All you need is the best pool and beach toys and then you can set the whole thing up. Don’t forget to make yourself a comfortable seat where you can read a book, surf online or talk to a friend while they get wet.

The best thing about water toys for kids is that they are age less. All kids love to play with water. Here are some ideas for water toys that you can set your kids up with.

For no Budget

With no budget for extra beach toys and cool water game sets you can simply give your kids stuff from the kitchen cabinets. This is something to keep in mind when you are abotu to throw out empty plastic containers and similar. Save them for the water games. You can use water colors and let your kids create pretty bottles by using colored water and simple glass bottles. Smaller kids are more than happy to fill and dump water from one container to the next. Throw in some pieces of fabric or a regular kitchen sponge with a lot of dish soap and they will have a rave!

Getting Water Toys

For toddlers you should invest in something like the Step2 WaterWheel. This is a great tool for water games that you can put on a balcony or out in the yard. There are also smaller versions of this table where the kids can let wheels spin by using water or sand. This type of toy also comes in handy when it starts to get colder and you let them continue the play outdoors in a sandbox.

Toys for the Beach

If you have the chance to go to a pool or the beach you can bring the smaller water wheel toy or even the Step2 WaterWheel table. For older kids you should consider getting something to float on. There are really cool water toys for older kids that can be used as they are in the pool or at the beach or even as a ride in a water slide. By getting a double seat version you make sure that no one will start up a fight about who’s turn it is to use the water toy and you might even enjoy getting in there yourself!

Does it make a Difference with a Teether?

Some babies suffer more from teething pains than others and when you see that your child is constantly rubbing at their gums a teether might be helpful. There are many different types of teething tools and when you pick one for your baby you need to keep a few things in mind. Foremost is safety but after this you can enjoy the cool designs available and get something which is both practical and playful.

A Simple Teether

Look, the simplest teether is usually for free and exists in your home already. Kids are good at finding solutions for soothing their itching and sore gums. It might be perfectly sufficient with fingers or the edge of a treasured toy. The thing you need to think about here is that finger sucking could become a habit and it is much easier to remove a teether toy than get rid of such a habit. This works much like a pacifier, and indeed a pacifier can also be a teether.


If you are already using a pacifier you can be lucky enough to go through the teething period without much noise. Many children find the pacifier soothing enough and you don’t realize that they are actually suffering from itchy gums. Put the pacifier in the freezer every now and then to give an extra cooling effect, especially when you do see that it is being used for this purpose.

Cooling Teethers

There are some very simple teethers with fluid inside that can be cooled down to have a better effect on the gums. These are usually available in any pharmacy or grocery store and they are pretty efficient. However, some of these teething tools can start to leak the water if your child is persistent enough and this is a bit scary. They can also be too plain to be of interest to the child but this is a question of personality and taste.

Cool Teethers

The very best teethers are shaped like toys and the child can play and gnaw away to everybody’s satisfaction. In fact, getting a teether toy meant for this purpose is probably the safest solution since the materials and colors used are not harmful for the child to gnaw off. For children that are eating on their toys this is a smart solution and one that doesn’t cost much. Get a popular toy teether and surprise your baby with it. It will become a treasured companion for Mom and baby, also for after the actual teething period.

5 Best Tips for Gifts for a 2 Year Old

Do you need a gift for a 2 year old? This article will give you some good ideas for gifts that can gladden the heart of the toddler as well as the parents. If you are the parent you know just what your baby likes to play with and still it can be hard to come up with a present when time is tight. Here is a list of the 5 best tips for gifts for a 2 year old. Read it and get inspired!

1. At 2 years old the time has come for a toy car! Toddlers love to scoot forward on a 4 wheeler and if you didn’t get him, or her, this great toy last year now will work just as fine. In fact, at the 1 year birthmark it can be hard to balance on a toy car but at 2 most kids thrive and enjoy scooting around on it.

2. In the summer water games are a must but there are toys that can also work for water games year around if you can fit them into the bathroom. A water toy is a lovely gift for a 2 year old. Get smaller parts for the bath or a whole play station set meant for water games. It should be a hit that will provide many hours of fun!

3. Another smart gift for a 2 year old could be a potty, yes a potty. If your relationship to the child is suitable for this type of gift the parents will certainly appreciate it. Get one that plays music or a ladder for the toilet and get that child out of the diapers.

4. 2 year olds also love to draw and paint and any set of crayons, papers and stickers will be a good gift idea. Just think about the concerned Mom and Dad and make sure to get colors that are non-toxic and easy to wash out of clothes and from furniture and floors. If you know that the parents will allow it you can get finger paint and then offer to help out with the actual activity, perhaps for the birthday party.

5. If the child already has a toy ride with wheels your present for the 2 year old could be a toy ride without wheels. You might have noticed the large rubber animals that are so popular. They let the child bounce around in a safe and fun way and they are easy to keep clean. The hard rubber also makes them last many years so the 2 year old will enjoy it way past 4!

Good luck and happy birthday!

Something for Mom and the Kids to do, fast!

It is summer and your kids are home. Camp is over and you have to be Mom, Teacher, Cook, Entertainer and everything else. Now, to get through these last of summer fun you need some good tricks up your sleeves. This will help you put up with the hot and sticky summer days and the nudging for Mom to get things moving. Here are some ideas for what you can do right now with your sweaty and bored brood and their friends.

Stay at Home

If you have AC and you’d rather stay home than face the heat you need to find some activity to entertain the kids with. Start by promising them a good game and a treat if they tidy up their room and the house. This means picking up their toys and putting them in place. You can help them and get some cleaning done at the same time. When the house looks nice again you will have better peace of mind to start some game with the kids.

Possible Games

Board games are great for days around the kitchen table. Place some snacks and cold drinks and sit down together. If you have smaller kids you can set them up in their baby chair or with something that will keep their hands busy like carrot sticks or stickers and paper. Start a good game and get into it. Kids love when Mom is in the game for real. No acts. Beat them and do it with a smile!

Good ideas for board games are Memory, Lotto games, dice games and creative games where you are supposed to guess things and come up with stories. A great idea here would be a game like Rory’s Story Cubes but only if the kids are big enough to make their own stories out of pictures.

Coloring Books

When mixed ages are around the table you can bring out some coloring books. Let some kids color and other place stickers on the pictures. For older kids there are great games with paper and pen. One is very simple. Each person draws one part of a body without seeing what the others are adding. Each one folds the paper to cover the picture he made. In the end you get a very funny figure to laugh at together.

Face the Heat!

You can also head out to the park and let them burn off some steam. Ignore their objections and just go out to see what happens. Even older kids will find something fun by the swings so just get out there and see what you will find. Hopefully there will be other bored and hot Moms in the park to suffer the last days of summer with!

6 Tips for Gifts for a 6 Year Old

Do you need a gift for a 6 year old? Don’t panic! A 6 year old might be a lot more mature than the toddler who will be happy to get a copy of your cell phone, but a 6 year old can handle toys with small parts and understand games. This opens up for many cool gift ideas and here are 6 tips for presents that you can give to someone who turns 6!

1. Something Fun!

The first tip is something that everyone loves and that is an experience. Make some room in the schedule for you and the 6 year old and take off on an adventure. At this age there are many things that will be of interest like going to the movies, an amusement park, and the zoo or why not the toy store where she or he gets a free choice of toy?

2. A Game

A great gift for a 6 year old is a game and there are plenty of cool ones to pick from. If you want to get something which is stimulating for the development of the child Expertmom can recommend Angry Birds. This game is cool both for the child and the parents and siblings that join. Basically any board game will be of interest and you can get a classic like Monopoly as well.

3. Book

If you know that this little person enjoys good books this will also be a good choice. Check out the best titles for children right now and go with the one that looks good to you. You can also get a set of books for the avid reader. The parents will also enjoy that you get something to stimulate the child’s mind with.

4. Creative Material

Sometimes the best gift for a 6 year old is simply a set of colors and papers to go with it. Get a coloring book, pretty pens or other creative material. There are special sets that will keep the child busy for hours with the nitty gritty details of an art project! Look into products like Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden.

5. Furniture

Yes, little kids love furniture as well! Now, it is not so polite to come with stuff that will require a remake of the child’s room unless you are the parent and willing to do the home improvement work. Get something small and cool like a
miniature white board where the 6 year old can dream and play games of being in real school.

6. Clothes

OK, clothes is not the gift for a 6 year old that will have the child jump up and down from excitement, unless… it has some really cool print! Find out what the kid love the most. If it is Winnie the Pooh you can get a nice set of hat and scarf with this print. You can also get things like bags with the print of the hero that this specific 6 year old loves the most. Don’t forget about costumes, get a cool outfit for the child to parade around with whenever the desire to dress up hits home.

Good luck in finding the perfect gift for a 6 year old girl or boy!