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Gripe water – 23 questions about colic drops and gripe water

There are many questions about gripe water and here you will find a selection of the most common ones and their answers. Before you buy colic drops, start searching for Woodwards gripe water or Mommy’s bliss gripe water online, you should have a look at this Q&A page that can be a great help in making the right choices. For most this is a passing stage and your baby will soon stop crying from gas. But even if it is just a matter of 3 months the remedies can truly make a difference so it is well worth to learn more about them and pick the one that will fit your baby the best.

Remember that gripe water just like other working remedies for baby colic like Secrets Of Tea Magic Tea must be used correctly to give the desired results.

Let us jump into the questions and have a look at their answers…

23 questions about colic drops and gripe water

  1. Are colic drops, gripe water and gas drops the same?

These drops do the same but in different ways. Some like the gas drops the best because they aren’t ingested, other prefer gripe water because it us all natural like Mommy’s Bliss gripe water, yet others go for the colic drops like Colic Calm that treats gas, hiccups and colic with one remedy.

  1. What is pediatric colic drops?

These are colic treatments made for small infants. Drops like Telament Paediatric Colic Drops are known for their effectiveness against colic and wind but pay attention to the fact that they have ingredients that are not natural and must be used with care according to their instructions.

  1. Where can I get gripe water for colic?

You can buy this product at a local pharmacy but if you want better prices you should look online. Amazon is a great choice where you can quickly compare products and read reviews from real users that will guide you to or from a specific product.

  1. Why not use gripe water?

If the baby is not old enough for the brand you want to use you should not use it. You might also want to be careful with colic drops and gripe waters that include alcohol and substances that are not natural. Also look for FDA approval or similar certification in your country not to take risks with herbs and ingredients that are not controlled and checked to be safe.

With homemade gripe water you control the ingredients

With homemade gripe water you control the ingredients

  1. What exactly is gripe water and how does it work?

Gripe water is a liquid with natural ingredients like fennel, chamomile, ginger, cinnamon, licorice and more. This liquid is meant to soothe a baby tummy which is upset and gassy. It works by having a soothing effect and also by giving the parent a tool that can reduce stress which in itself has a negative effect on the situation.

  1. Why was Woodwards gripe water discontinued?

2012 caused some gripe water commotion as one of the most popular brands Woodwards was temporarily halted on the UK market. The reason was the wording on the packaging. Today you can get Woodwards gripe water easily on Amazon, good choice when you want gripe water without alcohol.

  1. Are there side effects to gripe water?

Yes, there can be side effects but this highly depends on the gripe water ingredients. If the baby is allergic to one of the herbal extracts it can cause different reactions like skin rashes, more upset stomach and perhaps even a swollen through and breathing difficulties. The fennel plant extracts can have chemical similarities to the estrogen hormone which can influence the sexual development of the body. This is mostly of relevance when the gripe water is used for an extended period. If the product includes sweetener a possible side effect to gripe water can be tooth decay.

  1. Which gripe water is FDA approved?

The most common colic drops products and tummy soothers for babies are FDA approved but never count on it. If you choose Colic Calm it is FDA approved. Mommy’s Bliss gripe water should also be approved, check the version you are buying.

  1. How is gripe water made?

Gripe water can be made at home by boiling the herbs and adding other ingredients. The commercial ones are made in industrial fashion in larger facilities where the different ingredients are mixed and bottled to produce the colic drops, gas drops and gripe waters that we can buy over counter.

  1. When to use gripe water vs gas drops?

Gas drops should be used when you know that the baby has a lot of wind and not necessarily colic problems. As you probably know this is a pretty shady area and there are yet to be scientific proves of what colic really is. As a parent you need to listen to your baby and choose the remedy you think work the best. Use safe gas drops and gripe water, and go for the ones that gives results whether it be soothe the baby or reduce wind.

  1. Can you use gripe water and infacol together?

Yes, it is possible to use both hoping to treat wind and burps in one shot. Just monitor this well and make sure that the baby responds well to the different products.

  1. Which gripe water to use?

Different moms vouch for different brands and products. Among the most popular you find Gerber, Mommy’s Bliss and Woodwards gripe water.

  1. Why does gripe water make babies sleepy?

Try crying for 6 hours and then get a relief, what will you do? Right, go to sleep!

Gripe water for good sleep...

Gripe water for good sleep…

  1. Why use gripe water?

If you feel like you have tried most things and they aren’t working it is time to use gripe water. Pick a good brand and see if this will change the situation. Remember that it is always good to discuss using colic drops, gas drops and gripe water with your pediatrician before you start.

  1. Why does gripe water need to be refrigerated?

The natural kinds without preservatives needs the cool to stay good longer. If they are exposed to high heat they might spoil altogether so proper storage is a must.

  1. What does gripe water taste like?

Many times like concentrated sweet herbal tea. Try your baby’s for yourself before you give it!

This is how you can make your own:


  1. How to give colic drops when breastfeeding?

After feeding, drop the colic drops on baby’s tongue. Follow the ordination of the drops you are using and try to be consistent in order to see results from the treatment faster.

  1. Why is gripe water called that way?

It is said that the founder of gripe water in the UK, William Woodward, took the name from the 19th century name for gastroenteritis, namely watery gripes.

No more griping with the gripe water!

No more griping with the gripe water!

  1. Is there gripe water for adults?

Adults have many other options but there is no problem using the baby colic drops or other gas remedies for infants if you have them at home and suffer from similar problem. Adults can also use gripe water!

  1. Can you overdose on colic drops?

It is possible to overdose on colic drops but this rarely lead to life threatening problems. If overdose happens and symptoms like heavy breathing and problems passing stool occur it is important to seek immediate medical help.

  1. When can babies drink gripe water?

Depending on the product used it can be given to the baby from the very first few weeks to sometime during the baby’s first year. Babies usually don’t drink it, you drop it on the tongue or mix it into bottle.

  1. Why does gripe water expire?

Just like all other products gripe water has an expiration date. This date will be influences by your storage. The ingredients in the bottle will not stay fresh and potent forever, that’s why it expires.

  1. When to stop colic drops?

When the baby becomes calmer and has less gas it is time to stop. You can do this gradually to see if the colic drops or gripe water is still needed.

Here are some tips for how to treat colic from Dentinox:

Gift when wife gives birth?

What a great idea! Of course you should give your wife a gift when she gives birth. Go for something that she really likes. Perhaps her favorite food… If you want to really gladden her heart you might want to opt for some jewelry. Perhaps you paid attention last time she eyed some jewelry and said she really liked it. Get it for her now.

But you don’t have to go for big and expensive things to make a statement. A bouquet of flowers can be just right as she rests up after the birth. This will remind her of your love and care.

Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys – Presents for Brothers

It is a lot of fun to give gifts to little boys. They will love most things and the truth is that there isn’t much difference between gifts for 4 year old boys and gifts for 5 year old boys, and this especially when they are brothers. If you need to get gifts that will fit brothers of this age you should consider some of the following ideas. When you have to get presents for brothers it means a bigger cost and then it can be smart to get something which isn’t too costly. Should you get the exact same color? This is individual.  Some siblings don’t care about getting the exact same things while others must have the very same shade of blue or it just won’t do.

Before you move on to the list, know that it has been based on real people’s opinions. This is a list with the gifts for 5 year old boys and the gifts for 4 year old boys that 2 brothers want. They belong to the category that can share things but they do like to get their own toys and the prices on these items should leave space for that…

1. Angry Birds

These Finish birds are a hit all over the world. In places where people have no idea of what angry and birds mean the kids pronounce this name and begs to get the ice cream where a little bird is included. Why are they angry? Because the green pigs took their babies! Makes sense, no? Get them each a set of the figures.

2. Robot

You can find robots for kids in any price range and this is a toy that is sure to work for ages 4 and 5. If you make this a robot with remote control you have made their day. A toy with remote control is hard to share so you had better get two and plenty of batteries!

3. Remote Controlled Car

What is it with boys and cars? They will be able to spend hours driving remote controlled cars around the house. This is an excellent gift for times when play outside is harder to come by. Make sure to get good quality and to include the batteries that are needed for the toy.

4. Perplexus

You might have seen this maze like toy where you are supposed to get a ball through a certain track. It is said to be suitable for older kids but a 5 year old can definitely handle it. You don’t have to get 2 of this. The Perplexus is an excellent toy to share.

5. Car Track

This is another toy that can be shared. A car track is a lot of fun and even kids as old as 6, 7 or 8 might enjoy playing with it. Get something sturdy of high quality. When 2 kids are playing on the same car track it must be able to take the pressure. Therefore it is smart to pay a little bit more for quality that will last.

Gifts for a birthday party for a boy

What should you get for a boy when time comes for his birthday party?  Thos os not always easy to know. The dream ideas of your kid are all nice but not comfortable to your wallet. You want to bring something nice that won’t cost a fortune. Here are some ideas …

Cooperation makes it happen

Remember the sesame street song?  It is true that you can get a lot more by buying it together with other parents. Check the class email list and exclude the birthday boy from your message. Write down a suggestion and ask who is in.

What would you like?

The thing is that this birthday boy most likely wants the things that your child wants. Consider what you would appreciate and go for this.

The 7 Essential Things that every Mom must know…

Every Mom learns a lot by trial and error but there are a few essential things that you can learn by the mistakes of others. If you have the knowledge of these before they happen to you, you can save a lot of money and preserve your sanity. It is really possible to make a long list of the essential things that a Mom must know. These are some of the crucial ones. If you think there should be more, you can add on in the comments!

Here it goes, the 7 essential things that every Mom must know:

1. Your child had a fever 2 days in a row without any signs of recovery. At this point you go straight to the doctor since this could indicate bacteria which in many cases should be treated by antibiotics.

2. Defrosting the Freezer
OK, so Dad can defrost as well as Mom but make sure that he knows that by using a knife or sharp object he can actually punch a hole in the fridge wall and no insurance will cover this. Simply turn off the power and let the ice melt till you can remove it by hand.

3. Raising your voice will not lower theirs!
Don’t scream at screaming kids. It is hard to follow this advice but try it. With time you will see that they take you much more seriously when you speak normal all though they are throwing a tantrum at you. Just wait till they are ready to listen and don’t waste your precious voice on screaming games!

4. Your child will not be in a diaper till 18.
Up with your chin! Your child will get out of the diapers eventually. Read the porry training advice here and keep on trying.

5. Pin worms, lice and their eggs hate water, soap, direct sunlight and all forms of regular cleanliness so this is your best weapon against them.

6. Positive re-enforcement has the same effect on your children as it has on you!

7. Negative re-enforcement has the same effect on your children as it has on you!

These were the 7 essential tips for every Mom. Hope you enjoyed them. Feel free to comment below.

This morning Google Panda went with her kids to playschool then…

One day my son told me, “Mom, why do you look like a Panda?” Good question, being that I am a writing Mom, it could have something to do with Google…

This morning Google Panda went with her kids to playschool then…

…she went to the supermarket to buy some apples. The sign said “fresh Granny Smith, yum yum!” but in the basket Google Panda found rotten figs.
“Hmpfh”, Google Panda thought and crossed out the apples from her list. “I’ll just go check in the grocery across the street; they claim “Granny Smith Yum Yum!” as well…”

As Google Panda crossed the street she met her friend Mrs. Reevyou who told her the latest news from the neighborhood. Mrs. Reevyou also informed Google Panda about a new store for flip flops and ensured that they were the best.
Google Panda did not need new flip flops but as she saw that Mrs. Reevyou’s advice was candid and original she gently made a mental note and walked on.

As she turned the corner of her street, Google Panda heard a terrible noise. 30 youngsters were running up and down the stairs of each apartment building placing notes on doors and banisters. They were also shouting “Hello friends, we’ve got personal notes for you, you are so nice and we love you.” Google Panda stood in silence as three youngsters shouted this very same slogan at her and pushed their notes into her purse. Luckily Google Panda has burglar lock on her purse and the notes simply fell to the ground.

Google Panda shook her head, these youngsters did not even care to look her in the eye and she certainly would not include their notes in her purse or life! It reminded her of Spamela A. Lot, a woman who lived in her building and lo and behold here she was and she was heading straight towards Google Panda!

“Google Panda, do I have news for you!” shouted Spamela A. Lot. “There is a new store with the best flip flops!” Google Panda smiled to Spamela and silently whispered “copycat” and then moved up the stairs to her home to tidy up the dishes. As Google Panda was cleaning up the sink she glanced out her kitchen window and nearly fell over by surprise.

On the balcony across her kitchen window she saw at least 50 minks crowded behind the metal bars. In alarm she opened up her window and shouted to her neighbor, “What is this?! Have you opened up a mink farm on your balcony? What a hideous smell and those poor animals are suffering!”

Her neighbor across the yard, Herr Mink Deerectery apologized for the smell and defended himself, “everyone wants minks these days and I need to be wise and put many in one place to get the most out of my clients.”
Google Panda closed her window and decided to get a good ventilator to air out the stench right after she’d call the cops on Herr Mink Deerectery.

She turned around to see to the laundry when she suddenly tripped over a toy left in the living room. Google Panda fell on the floor and there she sat for a while to check that all of her limbs where OK. When she realized that she had only stubbed a toe she crawled over to her phone to call a friend to cheer up a bit and learn something new. With the mink farm across the yard fresh in mind, she was pleased to hear about her friend’s fake mink coats.

“Oh, yes they are gorgeous, and I spend a lot of individual time on each one. You know, we are all people so each coat is customized and cared for. Takes time, I know, I know, but hey, the clients are so happy and they keep coming back to see me!”
Google Panda was already feeling better. These were the kind of minks she liked and she made a note of them at the top of her list!

The rest of the day went by without much drama. Google Panda tidied her house, drank some tea and learned the latest news of the World. When she came to playschool to pick up her kids they asked her, “What did you do today Mommy?”
She smiled her sweet Panda smile, twinkled with her eye and said, “Oh not much, you know the usual, checked on this and that…”

Her panda brood looked at her with smiles “did you make us cake?”

Google Panda took their little paws and ensured them “Yes, I made you cake and only the best one from original ingredients for a healthy long life for all of us!”

And that my friends is the essence of Google Panda. Make sure to treat her nice, original and with the right volume and she will be just as gentle and smiley to you!

Killer Gift Ideas – 5 Best Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Are you stressed out because someone demands a gift from you? Even if you want to give gifts with all of your heart and know no greater pleasure than the happy smile of the receiver, it can be pretty tricky to produce great gifts for all occasions. Some people are born gift givers and they seem to come up with the greatest gift ideas like nothing. If you don’t belong to this category the following gift can help your creativity center to start functioning again. Enjoy!

1.Take a look at all of those gift-demanding people around you. They sure could use a facial or other beauty treatment. Give them a facial or why not massage? That should have them relaxed and happy thinking you’re a doll for giving them the best gift ever! Make the gift even better and get a duo treatment which means that you get to come along to perk your facial gestures up as well.

2. Send your kids off on weekend fun and camps. Check what fun things are available and make sure to include a ticket for a responsible adult. You could either be looking forward to a great weekend just for you and your significant other or a much needed breather with no one asking you for anything!

3. Many men enjoy being smooth just like women and if you know a man like this you could send him off for a wax treatment. Waxing of chest for men hurts a lot, especially the first time. This should have him appreciate the efforts you make for him so much more.

4. Are you tired of cooking? Get your family a clip card for a nice take out restaurant and make sure that they use it!

5. If you are an employer looking for a good gift for your employees you should consider an experience. Send them team working up in trees or at the shooting range. Just don’t forget to give them a gift with the card to the event. A nice little hand gun together with the invitation to the shooting range could be nice, just make that a lighter hand gun!