Do You Give Gripe Water Every Day to Your Baby?

Gripe water is meant to help your baby’s tummy with digestion and also soothe it when gas is keeping you all up, day and night. A fussy baby tummy is no game and anyone who has been in this situation knows how it can turn everything upside down. Once you get gripe water you might not see results from the first drops but with some patience the gripe water should make a difference.

How Often do I Give the Gripe Water?
Most gripe water is meant to give when you feed your baby. If you have a set schedule you can choose to give the drops of gripe water before each feeding. To begin with you can give the gripe water morning and night and then increase the times you give it as you see fit. Gripe water doesn’t work the same way for everyone so it is important that you are sensitive to your baby’s cues rather than feeding him gripe water according to the instructions on the bottle.

Breastfeeding and Gripe Water
If you breastfeed you might do so on cue rather than every 3 hours. In this case you might not want to give gripe water by every feeding as it could become too much. With many feedings a day it can help a lot to apply different methods of relieving gas along with the gripe water. Carry your baby in a baby carrier and give it massage in the abdominal area a few times a day.

Every Day
You should give the gripe water every day and not go too far in between the drops. Natural gripe water is not dangerous for your baby but make sure that you keep the syringe that you give it with clean. It is preferable not to touch your baby’s mouth with it if possible. You should also try to use your gripe water within reasonable time. If it sat on the shelf for more than a month you might want to get a new batch, especially if you touched your baby’s mouth and your own hands with the syringe when it was in use.

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