Home Remedies for Colicky Tummies

A baby’s fuzzy tummy can be a painful experience for the entire family. No one gets to sleep and it seems to never end. You try to fix your diet, breastfeed not to breastfeed; there is no lack of advice. Before you run to the store to buy a remedy for your baby’s colicky tummy you should go through this check list and see if you have tried the suggested home remedies. Don’t worry, the tummy will settle eventually and then you will all be able to sleep, eat and enjoy each other’s company just like you dreamed it would be during the pregnancy!

What are you Eating?
If you are breastfeeding you do need to check this carefully and get advice from a pediatrician who understands the connection between your body and your baby’s tummy. If you are giving formula you might want to switch and this is also something to discuss with your pediatrician.

Massage and Movement
Try to massage your baby’s tummy and move his legs up and down in bicycle movements. Some baby’s do very well with this type of massage and immediately relieve pent up gas. Movement can also be achieved by putting the baby in a baby carrier and walk around. Try to do this after feedings and check if your baby is burping once hung on your front or back.

Gripe Water
You can make your own gripe water. In fact, some chamomile tea might be enough to calm your baby’s colicky stomach. Just make sure to make your home remedies for fussy baby tummy in clean utensils. Clean cups and spoons with boiling water before you start. Why not make yourself a cup of chamomile tea as well to relax a bit from all of the fuss?!

Helping Hands
Try to get help from family, neighbors and friends. You can even pay a babysitter to come and wear your baby as you take a nap or get something done at home. This doesn’t cost much and it helps you keep your mental health and get through the time of baby colic without losing all hopes of any future siblings for your little siren!

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