How can I get the Kids to Order their Room?

If you want your kids to pitch in and help with the cleaning and ordering you will have to start from a young age but it is never too late. The best thing you can do is set an example. If you make a big deal out of cleaning and ordering they learn that this is a task which is not fun and even aggravating.

If you yourself leave the house without putting everything back in place you can hardly ask from your kids to be any different. Try to better your own practices while you try to influence your kids to become more ordered.
Positive reinforcement is always a good idea and even if you feel completely annoyed by the mess in the kid’s room you should stop yourself and think of constructive ways to make them clean and order it. If they are very young it might be enough to ask them to make order and then they will get a treat.

Once the room is ordered you will walk in and inspect it and make a big fuss over how nice it is. Even if some toys are still out on the floor you should act as if it perfectly fine. This will make young kids want to do this again and they might just surprise you with a neat room without you having to offer treats for it.

You can also get in there with them and make the order together. Make sure that all things have a place and involve the kids in where this place should be. Buy cheap storing boxes and let the kids help you label them. Put building blocks in one, pens and crayons in another and do this together with the kids.

Put some good music on and make the kids feel that order can be fun. You will also enjoy ordering the kid’s room much more this way. The cleaning and ordering will also become quality time which brings you closer to bedtime that much faster!

Happy cleaning and ordering with your kids!

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