Mom, get ready, it is time to go back to playschool!

The summer is coming to an end and school and playschool will be on again. You know this is so because all the malls are displaying back to school stuff that you will need to supply your kids with. Here are some suggestions for the things your child will need when time for back to playschool has come. You don’t have to buy them at the mall. You can get the same discounts online and even better. Getting the school equipment online will also let you enjoy a few more days in the sun and away from the areas of your regular working days.

Food and Drink

Depending on the playschool your child goes to, you could need some supplies for packages of food and drink. If you usually send your child to school with a bag you might want to consider switching this to a plastic box or a kit designed specifically for lunches that you send. Many times these kits inspire for better combinations of veggies and fruit than what you will be able to send in a bag. Many kids simply find it more attractive to eat a peeled and sliced orange from a box rather than getting it in a plastic bag.

Remember that it can still be very hot when playschool starts again and it makes sense to send your child with his or her own bottle to drink from. It is more hygienic and also ensures that you can check how much they really drank that day. Get a regular water bottle with a simple screw cap or buy a cool kid’s bottle with some nice design that your child will enjoy. Some of these designer bottles also come with an insertion to keep the liquid cool throughout the day.

School Bag

Getting back to school and playschool also means that your child needs a proper bag. In playschool it is enough with a smaller bag with a nice print. There are so many lovely designs to choose from and your child knows very well which print he or she prefers. Just make sure that your food box fits the size of the bag and that you can get the water bottle in there as well!

You might feel tempted to get the bags with wheels but these are really for older school kids and not so necessary for playschool. Safe the money and throw some cool present in there instead. Get a back-to-playschool gift that your child will enjoy. Hide it in the bag as a surprise for the first day. A small gift like an action doll or pen set will make an excellent gift for a child that is getting ready to go back to playschool, or why not a bag of marbles?

Speaking of bags… Will your child get a ride to and from playschool in a car? Then you should also consider the bag and booster seat which is a 2 in one product meant to support your child’s need for bag and safety while going in a car. Check it out!

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