The 5 Best Gifts for an 8 Year Old Boy

If you think that the best gifts for an 8 year old boy are the ones that require him to step outside, you should check another list with gift ideas. This list will focus on his passion, electronic gadgets and video games! He might already have his own PlayStation or he wishes for a handheld device that he can bring in his pocket or bag. Today there are so many great solutions for high quality video gaming, and you might even want to share in the fun on some of them.

Considering that video games become the property of the entire family, you should invest in something with high quality. Try to think about the types of games that are available more than the games that will come. He already knows what games that must be played right now so stick a copy of this game with the gift, unless it is already a part of the package!

Here are the 5 best gifts for an 8 year old that loves electronic gadgets and video games:

1. MP4

Let’s start with the MP4; this is the little gadget where he can store pictures, videos and music clips. He will love to have access to the entertainment when he sees his friends and wants to compare or show favorite songs with videos. If he likes to exercise he can also use this little machine for jogging or at the gym.

2. PlayStation 2

You might be aware of the newer version of PlayStation, PlayStation 3. The reason that this list of gifts for an 8 year old boy will focus on the PlayStation 2 is that it comes to a very good price. Also, the best games for PlayStation are still the ones made for PlayStation 2. This machine will certainly give you value for the money and you can always upgrade at a later point when more smashing titles are coming in for the PlayStation 3.

3. Nintendo Wii

If you are not against video games for kids but feel that they tend to make them into couch potatoes, this is your solution! The Nintendo Wii is the game console that has the sports games where you get up on your feet and move your body for real. When you point with the remote as a racket you will see the same motion on the screen. This is a lot of fun and definitely one of the game consoles that get grownups going as well. It is true that this is a bit more expensive than the PlayStation 2, but look at the features and cool games that it comes with.

If you are not sure whether your 8 year old would like a Wii or a PlayStation, you’ll have to risk the surprise and simply ask him which console has the coolest games in his opinion.

4. Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is not a newbie on the video games market. Microsoft has done a lot to upgrade this console and they have done a great job. This is truly a device that the entire family can enjoy and you might already have heard the boy praise it. Make sure to get it installed properly and enjoy how it works without making noise!

5. Nintendo 3DS

This is the suggestion for a handheld video game console. It is simply a magic experience to play on the Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo 3DS comes with 3D graphics and you don’t have to wear glasses to enjoy these. It is also possible to adjust the intensity of the 3D experience so that the eyes won’t be strained when gaming on it. There are a few different colors to choose from, so pick one that you know that he likes.

There are more gaming consoles out there for 8 year old boys that enjoy video games. However, not every device will give you the highest quality and the backup of great games. The consoles suggested in this list are well known for their high quality and also for being so popular among children and young adults. This is something to take into consideration when you are buying a gift for a child that will most likely want to use the console during many years. By sticking to one of the well-known brands you ensure that it won’t be outdated prematurely.

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