The Best Pool and Beach Toys

Summer is a fact and your kids want to live in the water. They will find every opportunity to get wet and by now you have just decided to go with the flow and let them have that paddling pool. If you have a garden or balcony you might actually be able to create a miniature water world for your kids pretty easily. All you need is the best pool and beach toys and then you can set the whole thing up. Don’t forget to make yourself a comfortable seat where you can read a book, surf online or talk to a friend while they get wet.

The best thing about water toys for kids is that they are age less. All kids love to play with water. Here are some ideas for water toys that you can set your kids up with.

For no Budget

With no budget for extra beach toys and cool water game sets you can simply give your kids stuff from the kitchen cabinets. This is something to keep in mind when you are abotu to throw out empty plastic containers and similar. Save them for the water games. You can use water colors and let your kids create pretty bottles by using colored water and simple glass bottles. Smaller kids are more than happy to fill and dump water from one container to the next. Throw in some pieces of fabric or a regular kitchen sponge with a lot of dish soap and they will have a rave!

Getting Water Toys

For toddlers you should invest in something like the Step2 WaterWheel. This is a great tool for water games that you can put on a balcony or out in the yard. There are also smaller versions of this table where the kids can let wheels spin by using water or sand. This type of toy also comes in handy when it starts to get colder and you let them continue the play outdoors in a sandbox.

Toys for the Beach

If you have the chance to go to a pool or the beach you can bring the smaller water wheel toy or even the Step2 WaterWheel table. For older kids you should consider getting something to float on. There are really cool water toys for older kids that can be used as they are in the pool or at the beach or even as a ride in a water slide. By getting a double seat version you make sure that no one will start up a fight about who’s turn it is to use the water toy and you might even enjoy getting in there yourself!

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