12 Gifts for Mom – Month by Month

Do you need a gift for Mom fast but you are all out of ideas? Then this list should help you get into the game again. This is a list with 12 gifts for Mom based on the month. You might not find the most ideal present for your Mom on the list but it should definitely trigger some ideas. Your Mom deserves a gift from your heart so go with what feels right rather than looking to impress with the latest thing. In the end of the day your Mom will always cherish the fact that you remembered her which is why your drawings from 3rd grade still warms her heart.

Here we go… 12 Gifts for Mom, Month by Month:


In January it is still cold, depending on where you live of course, the holidays are over with and now there are quite a few days left to any type of vacation. Let Mom enjoy feelings of spring and summer by sending her to a Spa! You can give over the gift card in a nicely arranged Spa basket full of stuff that will invigorate her senses again.


February is already a giant leap closer to the sunny days but Mom might still be spending a lot of time indoors. Why not get her a classic movie and a new DVD player to go with it? Moms also appreciate electronics and if she is a fan of running and walking you might want to get her a MP3 player loaded with her favorite songs.


Mom is looking at her watch marveling at how much longer the days are. The birds are chirping outside and you might even be able to celebrate her birthday on the balcony, at least for a few moments of fresh air. The world is turning green, get her a Fruitz watch!


Mom is no April’s Fool but why not invest in her smile? Get her some professional products for the bathroom to keep her teeth healthy and beautiful. She will love the fresh feeling and this is exactly the type of thing that a Mom will not get herself but be happy to receive. If she already has an electrical toothbrush you can give her the updated version.


May rolls around and now the sun is shining with the promise of a hot summer. Your Mom will be shining too with the diamond earrings you get her as a present. Diamonds are forever and they will certainly be your Mom’s best friends. With this gift for Mom you can’t go wrong!


You can make juice out of anything but without a juice maker it will most likely not happen. With her own professional juice maker, your Mom can always get refreshing drinks for hot summer days. Give it over with a basket full of fresh fruit to squeeze the juice out of!


If July is hot, your Mom might be suffering and you can help her with a new air conditioner. Get her a portable one for the office, studio, bedroom, or wherever she is without cool air on hot summer days, a cooling gift that will warm her heart!


Now it is time for a new camera! Your Mom deserves something that will make it fun and easy to take pictures. She might not even have a digital camera or she has something from the time when 1-2 megapixels was viewed as the standard.


It is now cool and calm outside and people are back from summer vacation. Your Mom might be thinking about starting a new hobby or realize that New Year’s promise to start exercising. Get her a treadmill to get started. A treadmill is both for walking and running and it can inspire anyone to get into shape.


Now Mom has been running for a month and she is looking really great. Her muscles are a bit sore though and since you can’t be there all the time to massage her back and legs you should spoil her with a massage chair. If this will appear as an invasion of her living room you can simply get her an electric massage cushion that she can place in any chair.


November means chilly nights and days and you can make them easier for your Mom with a blanket. There are so many lovely blankets. Go for a snuggie style with arms, a blanket that she can wear, or be more advanced and get her an electric blanket for best comfort at night.


In December some hot chocolate will make your Mom warm and fussy. If she is already a grandma she will please all of the grandkids with hot chocolate from a machine or she could just spoil Pa some more!

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