5 Cool Personalized Gifts for Mom

If you are looking for personalized gifts for Mom you have so much to choose from and you will most likely get inspired by just looking at different suggestions. Since the present should have a personal touch it usually means that you will have to add some features that will make it stand out as especially for your Mom.

Here are 5 cool personalized gifts for Mom that you can consider. They are easy to get and they will most likely be appreciated now and in the future…

1. Number 1 on this short list with cool personal presents for Mom must be a photo canvas. Photo canvas is simply something amazing. You take a picture that you really like and then you transform it into a painting. It can still keep the original look and not be made into an artsy version of the photograph. This is a very good idea and you know just what picture your Mom would enjoy the most!

2. If your Mom is a tea time type of Mom you can consider a cookie jar and some matching tea cups to it. Engrave something personal on the cookie jar or make a joke of her dieting with a phrase reminding her not to open when she is alone at home. Personalized kitchenware is a lot of fun and you will be able to come up with more options that can gladden the heart of your Mom!

3. Let’s return to the theme of photos… Make a family tree for your Mom. A family tree can include the people you know about. You can also do some serious research and dig out some people further up in the family tree. This information is not that hard to come by and if you don’t have pictures for the people you simply write down their names and what you found out about them.

4. Another photo-oriented personalized gift for Mom is the scrap book. Make your own and write a little story to your Mom. You can write her poems and anything you feel like. If the glue, scissors, and paper are not what you call a good activity you can also invest in a digital photo frame and stack it with the best photos from the family.

5. Last but not least, forget about the stuff and get her some sort of experience! Why not make a picnic together at the local skating hall? Choose a theme and bring her along. Nothing will get more personal than this!

Hopefully, you got some cool ideas from this little list and now you should be ready to get that gift for Mom. Just remember that the most important thing for Mom will be that you DID remember so don’t feel stressed if you are unsure of how this gift will be perceived by your Mother. With a love of course!

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