5 Healthy Gifts for an 8 Year Old Boy

Today it is only too common to see young children who are not fit. While the world of fashion demands a slim and trimmed body, the world of the 8 year old boy is not necessarily a place where this will happen. One might think that young boys don’t concern themselves with these matters but that would be a lie. Boys are just as subjected to the current body ideals as girls. That’s why you could consider looking for healthy gifts for an 8 year old boy that will help him get active and stay trim. Here are some suggestions to consider…

1. Anything with Wheels

If he doesn’t already have a bike it is not too late to get one now. Just make sure that he will have a place to use it. If he doesn’t it will only collect dust on a balcony or in the basement. When you think about healthy gifts for an 8 year old boy, wheels have a natural place in the picture. Get him roller blades or classical roller skates. These are easier to store than a bike and they might also be safer to use if he can’t bike right by the house. More ideas within this category are: skateboard, scooter, or why not a radio controlled car to run around with outside or in the house?

2. A Membership in a Sports Club

There are so many fantastic sports out there. Many times we only know about one or two of them due to our own interests. A great sport for boys and girls is swimming. Swimming is good for the coordination, the lungs and all of the body. It is also an activity that can be practiced year around at the indoor pool. Check out what sports clubs you have in your area and take him for an introduction to see where he would like to join.

3. Trampoline

This is a healthy option for the entire family. If you are lucky enough to live in a place where the weather permits the use of a trampoline outside year around, go for it! Otherwise you will need a big garage or a basement that can fit the trampoline. Also make sure to get one which is safe and easy to install and use.

4. If it must be Video Games…

Then opt for the Nintendo Wii. It has the sports games where you have to get off the couch and move along as you play. This is a lot of fun and most 8 year old are vying for one of these consoles.

5. If he likes to Dance

Get a dance game! There are plenty of them and you can get the version that will fit your entertainment center. Go for a DVD dance game or get something for the game console that you have. This is also one of the best gifts for an 8 year old boy that is not spending enough time with the family. Get together and dance!

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