52 Fantastic Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Babies 2019

12 months have passed since the birth of another amazing person in your life. It is time to celebrate with gifts for 1 year old babies that makes little ones giggle and parents smile. Whether you are a parent, grandparent or dear friend, look no more, here are the best 52 gift ideas for that little person that will not believe what you came up with…

This is a guide for anyone looking to surprise child and parents with something really cool, unique and useful.

Let’s start with the boys

gifts for 1 year old boy

26 gifts for 1 year old boy

  1. Playmat

Let the boy enjoy floor play with an easy to clean foam floor mat. Have a look at this one. Parents and kids simply love it and that is easy to understand. This is a gift for 1 year old boy that fits his parents equally. They can use the mat for yoga when he goes to sleep…

  1. Ride on Car

Little boys love them. But at 1 year, he might not be ready for his own ride on car with peddles. You could get one that he can use in another few months. Or you can opt for this ride on car which will have him drive around safely. It is perfect for walks and can also be played with at home in the living room without parents’ assistance. Check out the car by clicking on the picture below.

  1. Bike seat

This is not a toy for 1 year old boys but it is certainly something they will enjoy. If dad and mom have a bike that is. With a sturdy bike seat, like this one, you can leave the car at home and get some fresh air. This gift will be enjoyed over and over again!

  1. Magna tiles

Kids can start early with the Magna Tiles. They are so easy to play with. The one year old might not enjoy them the same way a two year old will. But time goes by fast. Create the foundation for his coming collection of Magna Tiles. This is indeed a very nice gift for 1 year old boy.

  1. Baby balance bike

In the beginning, he will just crawl by it and maybe try to raise himself on the bike. But soon enough he will straddle it and go for a little spin. This baby balance bike is a great gift. It will promote better balance and let him do the kind of things most little boys want to be busy with. Wheels and speed of course!

  1. Radio Flyer Family Wagon

This is a toy for the whole family. When the 1 year old get it he won’t understand what’s coming. But as soon as he gets to sit in the wagon with an older sibling the fun begins. This is a smart gift when you want something that is meant to celebrate the birthday in family style. Parents and kids will love this gift for many years to come. Have a look at it here.

  1. Noisy things

Not always loved by parents, noisy things attract the 1 year old boy like nothing else. You can opt for the soft picture books with effects. Or simply choose a toy that is meant to work a bit like an instrument. These are very cheap toys for 1 year old boys and they won’t last that long.

  1. Roller Coaster Ride On

This is one of the best toys ever! It is fast, but not too fast. It is tall, but not too tall. It is easy to assemble on the soft living room carpet. Soon enough this little 1 year old boy will be ready to take his ride on car down the coaster ride. You find a great roller coaster ride with good reviews here.

  1. Activity center

OK, you say, but you want something that will be just right, right now! Go for an activity center. This will fit a baby from 4 months and up. Here he will sit safely while he tries out noisy things in beautiful colors. Click on the picture below to learn more about a good activity center for the 1 year old boy.

  1. Safe toddler bed

He is still sleeping in a crib or perhaps with his parents. Soon enough there will be thoughts of moving him into a toddler bed. But many toddler beds are too high for babies this age. Not this one! A safe toddler bed with a lovely frame is just what he will need. This is a quality gift for 1 year old boy!

  1. Fed by a silver spoon

Give the little boy a keepsake. A beautiful silver spoon can be a wonderful gift for the 1 year old. The parents can feed him with it if they want. Or they can keep it as a lovely ornament to show him when he is old enough to understand the value of precious metals. Have a look here!

  1. Organize his toys!

He already got so many gifts for 1 year old boy. Yours might not even be played with when there are so many blocks, books and more to enjoy. So get him organized instead! With a smart organizer for toys play time is much more enjoyable. The little boy learns good habits. Everything has its place. His parents will thank you. Click on the image below to learn more.

  1. A real Jeffy

Get him a real Jeffy. This is a doll that brings out a laugh from anyone that sees it. Jeffy is very popular but make sure to get a real one like this one.

  1. Bath time

Get some cool toys for the bath. With this set, the boy will enjoy exploring the power of water. It can be used in the tub or in the play bath on the porch.

  1. Ball tent

This is soooo much fun. Get a big ball tent with several entrances. He will enjoy the toy by himself and with siblings and friends. A ball tent can also be brought along on trips. It can be enjoyed indoors as well as outdoors. What an amazing gift for 1 year old boy. Click on the picture below.

  1. Walker and toy

A walker that doesn’t tie him in can be safer than the models that have him scoot around in the walker. The walker with built-in toys for sitting or standing play is also a smart choice. This toy walker has gotten many good reviews. It is a favorite on Amazon!

  1. Flappy elephant

This is such a cute toy. The 1 year old boy will love it. The ears allow for fun peek-a-boo play. The elephant can become a best friend for many years to come.

  1. Sports center

Get him a sports center with hoop and more. Built for his size he will figure out how to become a sportsman indoors or outdoors. Lights, sounds, and animations work to encourage and stimulate for more play.

  1. Baby Einstein toys

The Baby Einstein brand is very popular. It offers many great toys for 1 year old boys. Just look for this brand and pick something that sits right with you. It will be a great gift that he can enjoy for many months.

  1. Workshop

A workshop play set can also be an excellent gift for 1 year old boy. Hammers and other tools made out of colorful plastics are safe to use. The curious little guy will get to discover the tools at his own pace.

  1. Wooden musical toy

He pounds on it with a wooden hammer and it makes musical noise! So perfect for the 1 year old boy. It has music, action and is durable. A great gift. Have a look here.

  1. Larger saucer swing

Let him lay in a saucer swing under a tree or indoors. This larger saucer swing is a great gift for a little boy. He can enjoy it now and also when he gets older and understands how to operate the swing on his own.

  1. Rocking ride boat

A rocking ride toy is a wonderful gift to the 1 year old boy. Give him something a bit unusual. This wooden rocking ride boat will have him fantasize of being a captain. The toy is also beautiful to look at.

  1. Trampoline with safety net

He can start bouncing in a big trampoline already now. A trampoline with a safety net is a gift for the entire family. If they have space for this they will enjoy it together. The trampoline can also be a lovely place for a little afternoon nap with a parent who also sees the beauty in a bouncy carpet.

  1. Spinning see saw

A spinning see-saw is like getting your own little amusement park at home. This is a very popular see saw that has special functions to give more action. It can be installed in the backyard and provide him with many years of fun.

  1. Rocker for him and friends

A safe rocker from plastic with room for him and 3 more is a very smart gift. He can use it with siblings or with friends. Works well indoors as well as outdoors. See here.

And now the girls…

Girls that turn 1 can also enjoy many of the gifts for 1 year old boys mentioned above. Maybe you already saw the perfect gift for 1 year old girl above. But here are some more tips if you are still looking…

gifts for 1 year old girls

26 gifts for 1 year old girl

  1. Doll Stroller

She knows how you are pushing her around in a stroller and now she wants to do the same. This is a toy that fits the development of this age very well. Just make sure to get a high-quality stroller with good reviews. There are many cheap versions and they look nice but break way to fast. Here is a good stroller with good reviews.

  1. Walk in kitchen

There are several models of kitchens for toddlers. This walk in kitchen will be a hit. As she starts walking she also discovers this type of play. The walk-in kitchen is safe and can be easily moved from room to room or perhaps outside on a sunny day.

  1. Magical Unicorn

So sweet, so magical. This is a perfect toy for 1 year old girl. You can be sure that she will love it. Have a look here.

  1. Rockin Rider Pony

You should be warned, the Rocking Rider Pony melody will never leave your mind! This is one of the best gifts for 1 year old girl. She can enjoy her Rocking Rider for a long time. It is a sweet friend that wants to play forever! Just have a look at it here.

  1. A rocking horse without effects

Sometimes simple is the best. This rocking horse has a plush cushion to sit on. It is sweet and a lot of fun. The wooden parts make it very sturdy. A beautiful gift for a little girl.

  1. A reel looking doll

She will soon understand the importance of a reel looking doll. Have a look at this one. It is simply amazing. A big lovely doll can definitely work well as a gift for 1 year old girl.

  1. American Girl doll with book

This doll is also thinking ahead. Since it comes with a story, the birthday girl can slowly get to know the doll. See it here.

  1. Up and stand with activity table

An activity table from wood is not only a smart toy for a 1 year old girl starting to walk. This toy will be great for shared play with siblings and friend. It offers something from every angle and is a keep sake for the future. Check it out here.

  1. High chair and school desk

This is a high chair that converts to school desk and rocking horse. It is an item that will be passed down to the next generation. The little girl will enjoy it. Even better, she will forever remember this chair. What a cool gift!

  1. Flower girl wagon

I listed a wagon in the gifts for boys and the same item is a great gift for 1 year old girls. Have a look at this one. It is easy to assemble and makes it so much fun to take baby around for different occasions. This is just like the high chair, a gift that creates special memories for the child and parents.

  1. Huge monkey

This is such a cool toy for 1 year olds. This monkey is bashful and cute. It immediately becomes a best friend. She will bring it with her everywhere. It is easy to understand why. Have a look here, but be ready for falling in love with the monk. Click on the picture for more information.

  1. Collectors doll

She peeps and poops for real! This is a collectors so I can’t guarantee that it is still possible to buy the doll. Check it out here. If Baby Alive is still available, grab her and give to the little girl!

  1. A party

Throw her a party. A gift for a 1 year old girl doesn’t have to be a thing. It can be a party. Make sure there will be cake, music and that her favorite people will be there.

  1. A grand piano

Get her a pink grand piano. This toy for 1 year old girls is very popular as a gift. It can be enjoyed for many years. It will also be a surprise. No one will guess that you thought of such a fun toy for her! See it here.

  1. Animal seat

She is about to scale furniture. In the beginning, this is a bit nervous. Ease the stress by getting her a chair that is safe to climb on. This animal seat is cute and safe. She is going to love it!

  1. Princess castle play tent

Get her a tent fit for a princess. It has lights and makes playtime magical. This tent can be used indoors or outdoors. It is a perfect gift for a little girl that is starting to discover the world. Have a look here.

  1. Ball tent

This is a smaller version of the ball tent I recommended for boys. (scroll back up to look at that) It is pink and sweet. Since it is smaller it is a perfect toy to bring along. Click on the picture below for more information.

  1. Organizer for the toys

She got so many toys and you come with the perfect organizer for them. This is furniture that can be used in her room or in other places in the home. The organizer teaches good habits and makes it so much nicer to play. See it here.

  1. Sprinkle and splash play mat

Fun for the summer. This is a cool play mat that makes water games the best ever. She might have to wait a bit to play with it. But as soon as summer comes around this toy will come out and brighten everyone’s day. Click here to see it.

  1. Kids chopping cart

This is a kids shopping cart from wood. It can be enjoyed by 1 year olds as well as older kids. The good thing about wooden toys for 1 year olds is that they last longer. Good quality is a nice gift for the little girl.

  1. Heart pendant

She won’t wear it now but it is a beautiful gift. The heart pendant shaped like a key is a classic gift. She will appreciate it a lot as she gets older. This is a good choice when you feel that you want to give something of greater value that is symbolic of your special connection with the child. See the heart pendant here.

  1. Diamond letter

If you don’t want to opt for the classic heart pendant you can go for her initial letter. This is a gift for a 1 year old that she will only wear when she gets a bit older. But it is still a wonderful gesture and something that will last her a lifetime! See the diamond letter pendant here.

  1. Heart, diamonds and name

This piece of jewelry has it all. It is a symbolic gift that the family will be overjoyed from. It shows great taste and that you are thinking ahead. Have a look here.

  1. Huge teddy bear

This human sized teddy bear is so popular that kids cuddle it to pieces! If you want a gift that will be like nothing else she ever got this is it. A huge teddy bear is something quite amazing. Look at this one!

  1. Swing

This is a safe swing that gets many thumbs up. It has a design that makes it fun to swing. It looks like a combination of plush toy and swing. A really nice toy for 1 year old girl and a gift you can’t wait to hand over! Click on the picture to learn more.

  1. Toddler swing set

Let her enjoy a swing and a slide. It is not only in school that kids need to move. 1 year old girls should also get active at an early age to stay healthy. This is a very nice toddler swing set that can be used in the garden or on a porch. She will certainly enjoy this special birthday gift!

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