6 Tips for Gifts for a 6 Year Old

Do you need a gift for a 6 year old? Don’t panic! A 6 year old might be a lot more mature than the toddler who will be happy to get a copy of your cell phone, but a 6 year old can handle toys with small parts and understand games. This opens up for many cool gift ideas and here are 6 tips for presents that you can give to someone who turns 6!

1. Something Fun!

The first tip is something that everyone loves and that is an experience. Make some room in the schedule for you and the 6 year old and take off on an adventure. At this age there are many things that will be of interest like going to the movies, an amusement park, and the zoo or why not the toy store where she or he gets a free choice of toy?

2. A Game

A great gift for a 6 year old is a game and there are plenty of cool ones to pick from. If you want to get something which is stimulating for the development of the child Expertmom can recommend Angry Birds. This game is cool both for the child and the parents and siblings that join. Basically any board game will be of interest and you can get a classic like Monopoly as well.

3. Book

If you know that this little person enjoys good books this will also be a good choice. Check out the best titles for children right now and go with the one that looks good to you. You can also get a set of books for the avid reader. The parents will also enjoy that you get something to stimulate the child’s mind with.

4. Creative Material

Sometimes the best gift for a 6 year old is simply a set of colors and papers to go with it. Get a coloring book, pretty pens or other creative material. There are special sets that will keep the child busy for hours with the nitty gritty details of an art project! Look into products like Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden.

5. Furniture

Yes, little kids love furniture as well! Now, it is not so polite to come with stuff that will require a remake of the child’s room unless you are the parent and willing to do the home improvement work. Get something small and cool like a
miniature white board where the 6 year old can dream and play games of being in real school.

6. Clothes

OK, clothes is not the gift for a 6 year old that will have the child jump up and down from excitement, unless… it has some really cool print! Find out what the kid love the most. If it is Winnie the Pooh you can get a nice set of hat and scarf with this print. You can also get things like bags with the print of the hero that this specific 6 year old loves the most. Don’t forget about costumes, get a cool outfit for the child to parade around with whenever the desire to dress up hits home.

Good luck in finding the perfect gift for a 6 year old girl or boy!

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