A Gift for a Kid that makes for Great Play – The Play House!

Today it is pretty common to get a playhouse to use at home, indoors or outside. There are really cool playhouses available starting from low prices. You can get a playhouse as a gift for a child and it will be appreciated, guaranteed. What you want to think about before getting a playhouse is what features it sports. Is it important that is should have slides and something to climb on? Take a look at this list of possible playhouses and see what the advantages to each type are.

Little Tikes Home and Garden Playhouse

This playhouse is one of the cheaper playhouses around that still delivers high quality. The price is an advantage and you still get a toy which lets the kids enjoy the feeling of having their own house. The set-up is simple but fun. You can use the house indoors and outdoors. Click on this playhouse link to see what playhouses in this category are available and to what price.

Little Tikes Picninc ‘n Play Playhouse

This playhouse comes with a slide and climbing function and by adding on another 100 from the cheaper option you do get a house that looks more real. The house has the door and windows and can be used outside and inside. This is a really cool gift for kids ages 1 and up and it is made out of sturdy plastic that can be kept clean easily. Click on this playhouse link or the picture below to see the current price for Little Tikes Picnic ‘n Play.

Step 2 Naturally Playful Welcome Home Playhouse

If you move up a little bit more in price you get the dream house from Step 2. Step 2 is known for their excellent products and toys for kids and this house is no exception. It truly gives the feeling of a real house which is pretty and fun to play in. It is on the larger side but can certainly be used both indoors and outdoors. Here you get the window shutters that kids love to play with. Click on this playhouse link to see the current price of the Step 2 Welcome Home Playhouse or simply click on the image below.

These are just a few samples of playhouses for kids and if you are considering this kind of gift for a child you can find bigger and smaller alternatives. Keep in mind that assembly and durability are important factors. The better models of playhouses are easy to put together and also stand well in wind and rain. A playhouse as a gift for a kid is especially smart for grandparents that get visits from kids of different ages that will enjoy a place to gather and play.