A Gift for a Toddler’s Birthday Party

Have you been invited to a toddler’s birthday party and now you need to come up with a gift for a toddler that is affordable and yet respectable. Not that the toddler will think less of something that you found in the container on the way to the party. It is rather the parents of the kid that might look weird at you if you come with something from a yard sale. Here are some great ideas for birthday gifts for a toddler. They are all affordable and easy to get through Amazon.
This way you can simply order the gift and have it delivered to your door in time for the party!

Little Girls

If you need a gift for a girl you should consider something like a toy set with purse, necklace and similar. Little kids love to dress up and anything that will look similar to what Mom uses will be a success. You can find sets like the Kidoozie, My First Purse, in regular toy stores and on Amazon. It is a wonderful idea for any little girl and the parents will approve without suspecting that you paid a low price for it!

Sounds and more Sounds

Toddlers love things that make noise and if the thing looks like a real thing it is even better. Now, you might feel tempted to give your old cell phone as a gift to the toddler but this is not a very safe idea. Better to get one of the copies that make more noise, and yet make the kid feel like a real grown up. There are all types available but be careful not to get the kinds with very small batteries. They can be very cheap but often the battery hatch is possible to open and that will present a sticky situation. Go for a Fisher Price telephone and noise toy. It will last much longer and you don’t have to pay that much more for it.

Everyone Loves to Paint

Don’t forget about finger paint! This lovely tool for healthy development is always a smart gift for the toddler birthday party. The toddler will love it and so will his friends. His parents will forgive you if you make sure to clean up the mess. You can get finger paint which doesn’t stain and is easy to remove. It must also be non-toxic if the child decides to have a taste.

Building Blocks

A very safe toy to get for a toddler is building blocks that are big and colorful. Get a whole set with many different shapes and colors and watch the parents and toddler smile from delight. This is a toy that will make you a star of the toddler party and it is also a gift that won’t cost you all that much. This is even true if you get the highest quality of building blocks for toddlers like Duplo!

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