A good activity for older kids – drawing a cartoon

A rainy day it can be a great idea to sit down with your older kids for a good drawing game. This game can also come in handy when the older kids have friends over and suddenly look for you to entertain them.

All you need for this drawing game is some paper and colored pens. Tell the kids that they are to draw a cartoon together. Each one gets assigned one part of the cartoon, the head, the torso, legs, and so on. You arrange the parts of the cartoon according to the number of participants.

Each one secretly draws their part and then folds the paper so that no one can see what they did. The next person will draw their part without looking at what was drawn before and this way it continues till a cartoon is complete. The result is hilarious and the kids will get a kick out of it.

Watch this video for a demonstration of this easy and fun drawing activity.

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