Activities to Help Kids to Lose Weight

When a child needs to lose weight you can’t really speak about fast and focused diets and exercise. A child can get both emotionally and physically hurt by getting on specific food binges that grownups can entertain themselves with. At the same time a child certainly needs a plan both for the food and movement to lose the weight and keep it off. Here are some fun activities for children that need to lose weight. You will most likely find them to be constructive for your own needs as you come along the ride to healthy living for body and mind!

A Child that Needs to Lose Weight is a Blessing

If you have realized and confirmed that your child needs to lose weight this is a blessing! When you have to stop and reconsider what you eat, how you live and what your focus in life is, it helps everyone in the family to get back on the right track. A child that is overweight didn’t become so out of their own desire to live an unhealthy life and the sooner the entire family change track, the better. So embrace your child and be thankful for this challenge and opportunity to lose weight and unhealthy lifestyle patterns together!


Try to walk whenever you can. If you can walk 15-30 minutes a day for regular chores this is excellent. When your child’s school is a few blocks away it makes sense to get up a bit earlier and walk there together. Perhaps not every day, but whenever you get the chance. You can also go for walks together and chat about the day while you are burning fat and energies.

TV, Computer or an Activity Toy

You can replace the TV and computer games with toys that will help your child lose weight. Learning to bike, rollerblade or kick bike is something most kids enjoy. Take a break and go outside to move. Many times it is enough to just step outside and see what is going on in the local park. Kids find things to do, and outside this means moving in healthy ways.
Go to the Beach Year Around

Swimming is known to be a good way for a child to lose weight but what should you do in the winter? If you are lucky enough to be close to the beach you can go there also during cold days. The beach is a fun place to run, build figures in the sand and throw rocks into the water also when it is cold. Get dressed and go there to burn energies and weight. The fresh air will invigorate everyone that comes along but make sure to have healthy food awaiting you at home. A visit at the beach makes you hungry!

See this inspirational film from the beach:

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