Are you ready for potty training

The focus in potty training lies mostly on the child and this makes sense. You are looking for the baby to show signs of being ready for potty training. Is the baby talking about number one and two? Is he or she aware of the bowel movements? Can you discuss the process by reading books and watching movies?

As you go through these essential questions for potty training you tend to forget about yourself. Are YOU ready for potty training?

Some parents feel resentful of moving from diapers to potty because it entails many mishaps and a lot of extra work cleaning up after them. You don’t have to feel bad about if potty training seems like another daunting task to get through. If your baby is already asking you to start the potty training you won’t have much choice but to go ahead with it.

Some babies simply take off their diapers and start their own potty training. If you are lucky it will go fast and you will have a week or two of cleaning floors and mattresses. If the baby goes ahead to potty train you will simply have to get ready whether you are or not.

If things are moving more slowly, you can get yourself ready for the potty training by learning more about different methods and also by setting some kind of schedule for yourself. Go for the warm season when it will be easier to keep the baby without any pants so that you will have less laundry to deal with.

Make sure to have things that you need to deal with the mishaps. This includes plastic gloves, sheets, wet napkins and lots of patience. If you are ready for the potty training it is bound to work smoother and faster to the benefit of everyone involved!

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