Back pains from baby wearing. What should I do?

You want to wear your baby and keep him in arms as much as possible but what should you do when this is simply too heavy? Some women do get back pains from using baby slings and wraps and this is not a very good situation. You need your back to function and feel good so take a break and read this if you are forcing yourself to wear the baby despite the pains!

Share the wearing
The first thing should be obvious, share the wear! Unless you are unfortunate enough to be completely alone with your baby you should be able to share the carrying with someone else. Baby wearing is an excellent opportunity for dads to bond with their baby at an early stage when they would normally feel a bit left out due to the lack of milk supply, mommy smell and right tone of voice. Let the men in by sharing the wearing!

Look into different baby carriers
The baby sling or wrap you are using might not be the best alternative for your physique. This is why it doesn’t make much sense to go and by expensive baby carriers before you know how they actually feel on you with a baby in them. After birth your body goes through changes and you will need to work up your back strength again. Make sure to do this right by wearing your baby right. Try friend’s slings for a few days before you invest in a new one.

Take breaks
Wearing a baby is great but it gets heavy for anyone. Take breaks and don’t overdo it. The baby can certainly spend time on the floor or in a pram. He will let you know when he needs arms again so don’t worry that you are ruining the bonding and trust by letting baby spend some time on its own. Your back needs this no matter what baby sling you are using!

Don’t wear at all times!
There are times when you should consider putting your baby down and be without a sling. If you are carrying on your back movements in front of your body will be fine but don’ try hanging laundry and similar things with a frontal baby carrier.

Many women have experienced sudden back pains by trying to lift in front of the baby. To keep your baby wearing healthy you need to consider how to move and lift things when the baby is on you. This is both for the safety of your baby and your back.

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