Big Gifts for Boys Ages 3-5 – The 6 Best Ideas

When you are looking for a big gift for a 3-4 year old boy you have many cool alternatives. Kids this age love BIG gifts and it is a lot of fun to look for the things that will not fit in to your typical LEGO-box-sized package. When it comes to big gifts for boys ages 3-5 it can be very helpful to buy them online. This way you don’t have to pay extra just for walking into a regular store and you also get the shipping taken care of.

Here are the 6 best big gifts for boys ages 3-5:

1. A Big Seesaw

Kids this age love the seesaw at the park but when playschool starts again and the days the shorter you find that you don’t get to the park all that often. So why not surprise with a seesaw for the house? The Spiro Hop lets your kid burn off that energy also when snow and rain are making the park a dream for the spring!

2. Big and Cheap!

You can also go for a gift that is big and cheap like an inflatable ice rink. This is one of the coolest gifts for boys ages 3-5 that are just learning the thrills of skating with or without skates. With your own inflatable ice rink you can let the boy enjoy the ice when the weather allows in your own back yard.

3. Let’s Start the Drums!

Kids as young as 3 years old can start to play the drums and there are special drum sets shaped to fit very young children. This is really not a question of whether the birthday boy will love the gift or not. You should rather consider if you will be able to tolerate a drum set in your house!

4. A Big Toy Ride!

At 3 he loves Fireman Sam and at 5 he still enjoys anything to do with big trucks, and especially if he gets to ride them himself! Get him a real fire truck to ride on and add a fireman costume. This is the ideal toy for a 4 year old boy that is still a bit young for riding on bigger 2 wheelers but enjoy the pedal ride that is unique and big. With a toy ride that is big and special you will make that gift a memory for life.

5. Soccer Game

A soccer game table is a great choice for a big gift for a boy. Just make sure to get something that is quality and robust. Little and big boys will gather around this table and get into the games with heart and soul so it needs to be strong enough for that type of energy!

6. A Playhouse

Both boys and girls enjoy playhouses and some fits both the garden and the house. You can get the most awesome models with 2 floors and details like slide and ladder. Playhouses are also a good choice when there are several siblings that need smart toys to play together with.