Can I buy wholesale diamonds and then bring these to a jeweler?

Yes, you can buy diamonds and bring them to the jewelers. Most jewelers will be more than happy to work with customers who bring in wholesale diamonds. Besides taking diamonds to the jewelers why not consider some great online options available for your loose diamonds. A few simple tips can help you before you even enter the jewelry store. Take the time to make decisions ahead of time so that you won’t risk becoming sidetracked by suggestions that may not suit your needs, your budget, or your personal style.

Tips – start with a budget

Decide ahead of time how much you plan to spend. This price will include the diamond purchase, jewelry setting, and the cost for mounting the stones.

Have a clear idea about the type of diamonds. Understand the significance of the 4-C’s. The number of carats, the color, the diamond clarity, and the cut, all are significant features. Even though no two diamonds are the same loose diamonds fit into distinct categories. The shape of the diamonds will also play a role in the type of jewelry decisions that you will make. So take the time to consider each aspect and establish your priorities.

Choose a setting that’s right for you and your diamonds

The solitaire and pave settings are two of the most popular styles for diamond rings. While these are often highly sought after styles, other settings are also popular. It’s necessary to have a warranty and certificate for the diamonds and for the setting. While it’s preferable to have them supplied by the same jeweler, it’s not absolutely necessary as long as you’re guaranteed an appropriate return/refund policy that includes delivery.

Buying diamonds and jewelry online

Buying diamonds and settings online from the same site offers several advantages. Once you’ve located a reliable dealer who offers a diamond certificate coupled with a warrantee/guarantee, you’ll have many great options available to you for selecting the perfect piece of jewelry. Online shopping provides many advantages over shopping in the traditional jewelry store. Most sites have extensive lines of jewelry available to their customers. You’ll be able to select price ranges within the scope of your personal budget. Because your selections will usually take place on the same day there is less of likelihood for surprises or hidden costs. Large inventories provide a great range of wholesale diamonds and beautiful settings. You can buy wholesale diamonds online and then bring these to a jeweler. You can many great options online for all of your jewelry requests. With a simple search you are ready to turn up countless possibilities all suited to your needs and budget.