Is co-sleeping dangerous

It is true that there have been horrible accidents when co-sleeping has led to the unspeakable. Does this mean that co-sleeping is dangerous? The answer to this question is yes and no. It all depends on who you are and how you will co-sleep. Co-sleeping is dangerous if… Your bed isn’t secured (read more in … Read more

How to co-sleep safely

Once you’ve decided that you want to co-sleep with your child you need to make sure to do this safely. In the Western world we don’t sleep on cots on the ground and a fall from a bed could be very dangerous for a baby. You will also have to consider your own medical condition. … Read more

Why co-sleep with your kids

Today most moms are aware of the concept of co-sleeping. Not that sleeping with your kids is something new. It is just that today it has become hype and we are supposed to be for or against it. The truth is that all parents co-sleep to some extent. Kids and parents love to snuggle together. … Read more

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