Can’t agree on co-sleeping

You want to co-sleep but your partner says “no, no kids in our bed!” This is a quite common scenario and it can create problems in the marriage if you don’t solve this issue in a respectful and working way. If the mother doesn’t want to co-sleep things are pretty easy to work out. The … Read more

How to co-sleep with many kids

Co-sleeping with many kids can be fun and very relaxing but you won’t succeed unless you work on the space and the rules for co-sleeping. First of all, you must have space for co-sleeping if you are planning to let a lot of kids come and co-sleep with you. You might consider having a bedroom … Read more

Moving from co-sleeping to separate beds

If you have been co-sleeping but you feel that it is time to move to separate beds there are many ways to do this. You will always have to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of your baby. If the baby is not ready to sleep alone it would be a big change to … Read more

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