Cheap Potty Training

It is time to get rid of the diapers and as you start to look forward to move forward and save that weekly expense of a package of diapers you realize that this too will cost. Potty training is no longer a natural part of each home which is done with whatever exists in the bathroom. Today everyone seem to agree that potty training includes potty chair, training sheets, pull up diapers, stickers, toys, books and all sorts of gadgets meant to make the young ones want to move out of the nappies. Is there such a thing as cheap potty training? Well, you can make the potty training cost effective by following these advices.

Skip the Potty
You don’t really need a regular potty to potty train. It will be much cheaper to go straight for the toilet. Use a regular foot stool and let your child learn to sit on the toilet as good as he can. If you want to make this a tad easier you can invest in a potty seat with latter. This shouldn’t be a major cost and it will save you a lot of cleaning.

Get ready for the mishaps. If you insist on using a diaper because you can’t handle the accidents you are causing yourself the additional cost. For cheap potty training you need to accept the accidents and be ready to clean floor, carpets, couch and so on for a week or so. This is part of effective potty training and it lets your child experience what goes on with bowel movements.

You can cut the costs of potty training by getting cheap rewards. Get a bag of actions heroes for a dollar or big cool stickers for a few cents. A child loves any little trinket and you know just which type is good for your baby. It is not so important if this toy will last or not. The issue here is to reward and give a surprise to stimulate your child to use the potty.

Free Potty Instruction
You don’t have to buy a potty training book. In fact, for cheap potty training you should make use of the internet where most things can be found for free. Make a potty training playlist on Youtube. So many people have filmed their angels doing on the potty and all you have to do is let your child sit and watch. Very soon he will get that this is something he can do as well and simply emulate the heroes of the movies.

Cheap potty training is absolutely possible. As long as you are ready to forgo certain comforts and think out of the box!

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