Does Gripe Water Work?

Your baby’s tummy problems are keeping you and the rest of the block awake at night and you can’t think about anything else than what to do about this situation. Someone tells you to get gripe water while another one mutters that it doesn’t help. Who is right and does gripe water work? It all depends on why your baby is crying and if it is truly because of gas and fussy tummy.

What are you Trying to Treat?
Before you get a bottle or two of gripe water you must determine why your baby is crying. It is very easy to say that it is because of gas but truth is that babies can be fussy from many things. A typical sign of gas aches is that the baby is crying during certain hours and then calm down. If your baby is crying night and day you might be dealing with something more complicated like reflux.

Many babies are born with a hernia that becomes evident during the first months of his life. Your doctor might tell you that a baby hernia doesn’t hurt but you should know that there are also specialists that claim the opposite. Ask a doctor working with this and you will hear that in fact, many babies stop crying once they’ve had the hernia operated. Make sure to check your baby well before you decide that it is all about gas.

For Gas, Gripe Water does Work!
If your baby is suffering from regular gas problems and fuss because of this you have a great chance to soothe the pains with gripe water. Get a natural kind and try it out. This is not a big expense and you should definitely try it to see if your baby will feel better. You got nothing to lose so give it a try! If it does work for your baby you should make sure to share this wisdom with other parents who are also wondering if gripe water really works. Put a comment in this blog or post your own post about it for the sake of all sleepless parents in the English speaking world!

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