Facts about Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon Red

The Radio Flyer All-Terrain Pathfinder Wagon Ride On, Red in red is one of the most popular family wagons and there are several reasons for this. First of all this review of the Radio Flyer Pathfinder will look at security because this is what most buyers find special about this family wagon.

Other important points you should check out before buying the wagon is the assembly and also the durability of the materials. Some parts of this classic family wagon have been upgraded so if you know it from before it is a good idea to check the information provided here for an informed buy.


This fact sheet for the Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon must put safety first because this is where this family wagon has some really nice features. First of all, the wagon has seats with seat belts. Any parents know that even handheld toy rides like this can move fast and unpredictable. When you go out for a stroll with the kids in tow you don’t have to twist your neck each second to check if they are still safely in the wagon.


The wheels of the Radio Flyer Pathfinder are fairly big and this means that it runs smoothly and easy around corners and over wobbly paths. You can definitely bring it along instead of a stroller with mobility that is just as convenient. This is especially true when you need to transport more than one kid around a car show or other areas where you prefer that they sit in one place while you stroll around. The front wheels can move individually and this also makes it easy to turn and move with the wagon but be prepared to learn how to do that if you are used to the locked type of wheels in family wagons.

Putting the Radio Flyer Together

You will not get the Radio Flyer in one piece when you order it but luckily this is an easy product to assemble. You should know that the wheels are no longer made out of rubber but rather from plastic. They are sturdy and reliable but if you expected the previous rubber style of wheels you might get disappointed so calculate with this detail before you order!
Pay special attention to the back of the wheels when you assemble the Radio Flyer Wagon. The little red pieces can be a bit tricky to get on, unless you have a look at the instructions so don’t skip that part, no matter how handy you are!

If you want the canopy to shield the kids from the sun you have to order this extra but it could be a good idea if you plan long outings in the middle of the day. It is not a necessary detail but it does add to the look and feel of the ride. The canopy snaps on easily and most should manage to add it to the wagon without much instruction.

Material and Durability

The original Radio Flyer Pathfinder was made out of metal and you might be tempted to go for that classic feel and look. The plastic version of the Radio Flyer has some advantages all though the plastic might take some of that original feeling and touch away. Here it is important to mention that the plastic is easy to clean and you don’t have to worry about any rust even if you store it in the garage.

What Customers Say about the Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon

“We like that this family wagon has seat belts for extra protection” – Jean, Arizona

“I think that the new edition of the Flyer has become a bit plastic. but it is still a wonderful family wagon to use in the park and when going out with the kids” – Maxime, Los Angeles

“This is a durable wagon and I think the price is perfectly fine considering the quality” – Mike, Lake Tahoe


It is a safe family wagon
Kids and parents love it!
Easy to assemble and drive/pull


Some might miss the rubber wheels
You have to buy the sun canopy separately


The Price of the Radio Flyer Pathfinder can vary a bit depending on where you buy, online or offline, and if the canopy is included, but somewhere around $130 is to be expected. You should also take possible shipping fees into consideration but considering that you get a toy ride and a form of stroller in one the price is reasonable. Just make sure to buy it from a brand that you trust!

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