Fun Gifts for Kids

What should you get for a child that has it all? You’ve considered building blocks but the last thing the parents of the child need is another bunch of pieces to tidy up from the house. It would seem that a large and fun toy would be in place but as the summer is coming to an end it should be something that will also work well inside.

Here are some sweet ideas for fun toys to play with indoors or outdoors. They are lovely gifts for kids that like to jump, hide or just make regular games of house and home. You can also consider these gifts for a birthday party where they will present a nice activity for all the kids present.


A big trampoline in the garden is really cool but not everyone has the space for it. Luckily there are smaller versions that are safe and fun for kids to use. Get a smaller trampoline for play indoors and watch kids and grownups bounce up and down on it. It could be smart to have the trampoline placed on a floor with carpet or something soft like a blanket while in use just to make sure that any kid flying off won’t hit a hard wooden floor or tiles.

Ball Baths

OK, this gift idea for kids can get a bit messy but it works really well for toddlers. You get a regular baby pool for the garden and fill it up with balls. This will make a ball bath for the house and be perfect for birthday parties or play dates. You will be highly appreciated for such a creative gift by both the child and the parents. It is a smart idea to remove the ball bath after use so that the child won’t take it for granted and keep seeing it as an attraction.

A Play House

If you really want to get a gift for a child of age 3 to 5 that will make a huge impact you can get some sort of play house. There are fancy ones in plastic with doors and little kitchens and you can also get the tent version which is cheaper but still a lot of fun. By placing a play house in the child’s room you are creating that little private corner where the kids can camp out and even have slumber parties. It is a really cool gift and especially suitable as a present for kids with siblings that will join in the fun!

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