Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys – Presents for Brothers

It is a lot of fun to give gifts to little boys. They will love most things and the truth is that there isn’t much difference between gifts for 4 year old boys and gifts for 5 year old boys, and this especially when they are brothers. If you need to get gifts that will fit brothers of this age you should consider some of the following ideas. When you have to get presents for brothers it means a bigger cost and then it can be smart to get something which isn’t too costly. Should you get the exact same color? This is individual.  Some siblings don’t care about getting the exact same things while others must have the very same shade of blue or it just won’t do.

Before you move on to the list, know that it has been based on real people’s opinions. This is a list with the gifts for 5 year old boys and the gifts for 4 year old boys that 2 brothers want. They belong to the category that can share things but they do like to get their own toys and the prices on these items should leave space for that…

1. Angry Birds

These Finish birds are a hit all over the world. In places where people have no idea of what angry and birds mean the kids pronounce this name and begs to get the ice cream where a little bird is included. Why are they angry? Because the green pigs took their babies! Makes sense, no? Get them each a set of the figures.

2. Robot

You can find robots for kids in any price range and this is a toy that is sure to work for ages 4 and 5. If you make this a robot with remote control you have made their day. A toy with remote control is hard to share so you had better get two and plenty of batteries!

3. Remote Controlled Car

What is it with boys and cars? They will be able to spend hours driving remote controlled cars around the house. This is an excellent gift for times when play outside is harder to come by. Make sure to get good quality and to include the batteries that are needed for the toy.

4. Perplexus

You might have seen this maze like toy where you are supposed to get a ball through a certain track. It is said to be suitable for older kids but a 5 year old can definitely handle it. You don’t have to get 2 of this. The Perplexus is an excellent toy to share.

5. Car Track

This is another toy that can be shared. A car track is a lot of fun and even kids as old as 6, 7 or 8 might enjoy playing with it. Get something sturdy of high quality. When 2 kids are playing on the same car track it must be able to take the pressure. Therefore it is smart to pay a little bit more for quality that will last.

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