Gifts for a 5 year old boy – 5 cool suggestions from a 5 year old boy

If you are looking for gifts for a 5 year old boy, you don’t have to worry much about budget. The great thing about 5 year old boys is that they will be just as happy with a pocket light as they will with the most expensive truck that you can find in the toy store.

Here are some cool gift ideas for a 5 year old boy. They are not taken from recommendations of toy stores but rather straight from a little boy named Solomon who just turned 5. He was very particular about what he wanted so we will start the list with 5 gifts for 5 year old boys and then we will make a little spin off list with the things that he truly got and how he reacted to them…

The 5 gifts for 5 year old boys that Solomon suggested before his birthday:

1. Pocket Light

It could be big or small, but a pocket light is something fun that can be played with under a blanket or simply sitting in a chair in the living room discovering the walls and ceiling with it. Don’t forget to get pocket lights for the siblings as well!

2. Watch

Several boys in playgroup now wear watches and therefore Solomon also wants one. He said it should be the sporty kind and digital is cool. This means that it should be a bit bigger and not the girly styles with cute decorations.

3. The Smurfs!

The Smurfs are going as strong as ever and Solomon wanted the old guy with the red hat the most. The other Smurfs are also cool and he hoped for a set made out of iron which he had seen another boy in playschool play with.

4. Umbrella

Yes, it gets even better. Solomon was hoping for an umbrella with Diego print. Who is Diego? Diego is Dora the Explorer’s friend.

5. Walkie Talkie

The last thing on Solomon’s wish list for his 5 year old birthday was a set of walkie talkies. He wanted to use it while playing helicopter man or police and with a set he could get right into it with friends and siblings.

Now, let us see what Solomon got, and how he liked it…

He got the pocket light and that was a great idea which kept him busy and still does. The watch didn’t materialize but that was not a big deal since he understood that the specific big and cool style could not be found in time for the birthday party. He got the Smurfs! Not made out of iron but from plastic. It was a set with sporty Smurfs and the old Smurf with red hat was not part of it which was OK. The umbrella became a reality but it had Spiderman print and not Diego, but Spiderman is awesome so this one was truly liked!

Other cool toys that Solomon got where, Kliks building toys, high quality crayons and some new cars for the collection which can never get too big!

All in all Solomon was satisfied with his gifts and by reading this you might have gotten some new ideas for what to get for your 5 year old boy, enjoy!

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