Gifts for Children – Theme Packages

When you are looking for a gift for a child it can be helpful to think about a theme. There are certain themes that kids simply love and by sticking to one of them you are sure to get the perfect present for the birthday party. Depending on the child’s age you could also combine several items from one theme in one big cardboard box. An excellent choice for a gift for a 8 year old girl would be a cardboard box full of smaller gifts hidden in little pieces of foam. Even if the actual gifts are smaller, like gum balls and pens, the gift will become a memory for life for the excitement it causes.
Here are some cool themes for children’s gifts that can help you find the perfect present for a child that you love.

Have a Ball!

Balls are fun but when you think about giving a ball as a gift for a 3 year old it can seem a bit dry or boring. It is all about how you package it. For a younger child a big bright ball will certainly be a lovely gift but older kids might want something to play with the ball like rackets or basketball basket. Consider getting many different types of balls at once. If you get rubber bouncing balls, a soccer ball, beach ball and some other cool ball and put them into a decorative bag it will be an amazing gift for a 2 year old to chase around the living room. Balls as gifts are also smart when the child has a garden or back yard to play with them in.

Another great idea for the ball theme is to get a plastic baby pool and make a smaller child a ball bath. It is original and fun!

Creative Time

Another lovely theme for gifts for kids is the creative one. All kids love to explore paint, play dough and other creative materials and you can base your choice on how much time you have to help the child with the crafts. A gift for a 6 year old girl could very well be a pretty set to get ready for school with. Add a diary and some very special pens, erasers and stickers and the girls will feel ready to start taking notes and being a real big girl. Both boys and girls can enjoy sets of colors and creativity sets. Parents will also appreciate when older kids can get busy gluing, painting and drawing for a silent and pleasant Sunday afternoon!

Costume Mania

Did you think that costumes are only for Halloween? Actually, most kids love to dress up, year around! You can certainly get a cool costume as a gift for a 3 year old and older. If you know their favorite story characters get them clothes to transform into the character. Girls usually love to dress up like princesses, movie stars or just to look like Mom. If you don’t want to get a specific costume you can stuff a box with cool accessories like clip on earrings and fake moustaches.

Story Time

The last theme for gifts for children in this article will have to be story time. Stories are always great gifts whether you tell them from your heart or get a book to sit down with. A great book is a good gift for a child 2 years and up, if not younger. You should find out what types of stories the kids enjoy and stick to the same type. For example, little boys enjoy stories that include fire engines, robots and ambulances. If you need a gift that can fit diverse ages it can be wise to get a book with a lot of information and interesting pictures. This will let you sit down with the bunch and enjoy the story!

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