Great Snacks for Kids that need to Lose Weight

If you have a child that needs to lose weight you are already aware of the fact that the potato chips, cheese doodles and other goodies must go. This leaves a vacuum and now you need other snacks for your kid. Just because a child needs to lose weight you don’t have to cut the joy of eating good food. If you are smart you can teach your child to appreciate food which is healthy and tasty. Why not get into this kind thinking you too?!

What you Eat Influences your Child

If you are telling your child to eat fruit while you avoid it, you can’t expect your child to do anything different. Children look at their parents and learn what is considered tasty and what is not. Make the good stuff an attraction by acting as if you are bummed when you are all out of apples, “who took the last apple?!” Try to think how you would normally act around the house when it comes to candy and cake and adopt this attitude. In the beginning it will be like a fun game but the effects are awesome!


Each season has different fruits and during the summer you can go for different types of melons. It is true that they include a lot of sugar but if you server delicious cubes of watermelon it will be both satisfying and also be a great idea for fluids on a hot day. Apples, pears, plums and nectarines can be better enjoyed if you cut them into smaller pieces to present them on a platter. Every now and then you can offer a child that is overweight stuff like ice cream, just make sure to place more fruit than ice cream on the plate!

Pretzels are pretty much OK to give as a snack to a child that needs to lose weight. They are low fat and give a satisfying feeling in the tummy. Just don’t overdo it and couple the pretzel bag with a fruit.

Apple chips

Some kids actually enjoy the chips made out of apples. They are basically think slices of apples dried in the sun to become similar to potato chips only chewy. Try these chips out and if you are lucky they can be a great help for your child to lose weight in a fun and tasty way.

Snack times

Remember that you need to set the times for snacks. If your child is having a snack every hour or so it doesn’t really matter what he or she eats. For a child to lose weight they need to eat steady meals and combine this with exercise. Routines are a must for anyone that wants to lose weight so make sure to apply them to your life for the best results.

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