Gripe Water – How Much Gripe Water Should I Give?

Gripe water that you buy in a store or online usually comes in a bottle with a tool to administer drops. You don’t give your baby more than a few drops by each feeding so this is very convenient to buy readymade natural gripe water. If you decide to make your own home remedy for the tummy troubles you could always use a similar style of bottle. You might have one left from some other treatment; just make sure that it is thoroughly clean before you use it for your baby.

How Many Drops?
Each bottle of gripe water comes with its specific instructions and you also need to consider the weight of your baby, just like you would do with any other medicine. Gripe water is natural but natural doesn’t always mean mild and harmless. Be careful when you start with the treatment and check for your baby’s reaction. If your baby is allergic to any of the ingredients of gripe water you must immediately stop the treatment and it that case you’ll be glad that you didn’t overdose.

If the bottle says 2-3 drops by each feeding you should stick to 2 drops to begin with and perhaps not by every feeding. When you see that your baby is handling the gripe water well you can continue to use it more frequently and in bigger doses. Always contact your pediatrician if you feel that something is not OK. When it comes to the health of your baby there are no silly questions!

Buying a New Bottle
If you see that the gripe water is working well for your baby you need to keep track of how much you are using so that you can order a new bottle in time. Since gripe water bottles tend to be of dark color you need to hold it up against the light every now and then to see how much you have left. It is easy to order gripe water online and get it delivered straight to your door step. This is also a very good solution when you suddenly realize that you are out of it or when you understand that you must start some kind of tummy treatment quickly but can’t get to the store for various reasons.

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