Healthy Gifts for a 5 Year Old Boy

There are so many unhealthy and yet popular gifts for young boys. It seems that every kid knows what Angry Birds are and if they won’t get to play the game on their Mother’s phone they will find other ways to follow the stories of these weird birds and their friends. If you are looking for healthy gifts for a 4 year old boy of for a 5 year old boy, you might find it hard to find anything that is not meant for passive entertainment. Well, it isn’t, but you have to start thinking differently. If you are not ready to get rid of the TV you can still do a lot of things to change the environment at home. Here are some healthy ideas to trade for those less healthy gifts…

Instead of Video Games

Video games are NOT healthy. In fact, they are a huge waste of time. Today kids will sit by their television for hours. They switch from regular TV to the games and then it is bedtime. If you are thinking about getting a new game for the PlayStation or other gaming console you should stop and consider what sort of behavior this will promote. Instead of getting Wii games where the kid will get off the couch, get the real deal. A 4 year old kid can start playing tennis, soccer just as well as a 5 year old. Invest with your time and take him out for some physical activities. If this is impossible get something that can keep him busy at home like a trampoline.

There are also board games and yes, you will find the Angry Birds version. If you get your 5 year old boy a board game you must make the time to play with him. He is not old enough to play by himself and he will most likely demand that you let him win!

Instead of Movies

Movies can be helpful as babysitters when you really must get some quiet time but if you overdo it they are very unhealthy for your child’s development. The movies are a very passive activity and should be traded for something that will engage the boy. There are fantastic pre-school books to work together in. You might not think that he is ready to learn the ABC but you will be amazed how fast he can pick up reading and writing if you start by sitting a little bit each afternoon. Trade the movies for learning books and play him story tapes while he build with Clics and other cool toys for this age group.

Instead of Violent Toys

It is tempting to get the soldiers and guns because he most likely asks for them. However, these are not necessarily the type of toys you want him to play with. Get him a cool robot that can transform into a car or truck instead. Another idea is to get something that relates to airplanes or space travel with the same kind of convert function to tease his imagination.

Instead of Cell Phone

OK, if you even thought that a cell phone would be a good gift for a 5 year old boy, something is not right! Cell phones are not good for grownups and they are certainly a bad idea for a child. If you want him to play with the concept of talking on a phone, go for walkie talkies or something similar. Remember that there was a time when people got by perfectly without portable phones? Save your child from all of the bad influences that he can get through the phone and go for something more playful and easy without the games and other passive entertainment.

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