How can I get my Husband to change the Diapers?

Many men feel that they can’t cope with diapers and for some reason they believe that this doesn’t have to be dealt with. If you have a partner that won’t pitch in and shape diapers you might just accept it or you might be looking for ways to change it.

First of all, complaints and anger won’t make your husband change the diapers any faster. Try to be as nice about it as you can while giving him hints that it could really help you if he also took care of a change every now and then.

When he changes a diaper you should give him enormous positive feedback. Much more than what you might think is necessary. Blow on the big horn without making him feel that you are making fun of him.

You can also put your husband in situations where he will simply have to change that diaper. This will teach him that changing a diaper really isn’t such a big deal. Make sure that he has the things that could make it easier for him like wet napkins, plastic disposable gloves and easily accessible trash bags.

If he still refuses to change the diapers you might want to let him watch this little video. Yes, even gentlemen change diapers!

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