How can I make a copy of a famous ring with loose diamonds wholesale?

Dreaming of that perfect ring? Longing to wear that famous diamond engagement band worn by Jennifer Lopez, Princess Di, Priscilla Presley, or Elizabeth Taylor? With loose diamonds wholesale available online your dream can become a reality. While the rings worn by these four women contained many carats and cost millions, duplicating a famous ring is not out of the question. With a little ingenuity and the help of a diamond specialist you can design a ring that dreams are made of!

Famous Rings from the Past

Before the 1930’s engagement rings were not as widely worn as they are today. When the diamond mines in South Africa began extracting a surplus of diamonds, jewelers around the world recognized the opportunity for mass sales. The silver screen added to the allure…soon every engaged couple was seeking the perfect ring, no longer a luxury but a necessity, a statement symbolizing a bond that would last a lifetime!

Elizabeth Taylor is known for sporting a 33-carat, flawless, virtually colorless ring, presented to her in 1968 by her husband, said to be worth between 2 ½ and 3 ½ million dollars. This ring was just one of the many rings women around the world sought to emulate.

When Elvis Presley asked for Priscilla’s hand in marriage, she received a 3 ½ carat diamond surrounded by 21 smaller diamonds…the effect was stunning!

Famous Rings Today

Lady Di was the envy of millions of young women when Prince Charles gave his princess-to-be a lavish, blue-oval 18-carat sapphire encircled with a stunning array of diamonds.

Jennifer Lopez received an equally stunning pink diamond ring weighing 6 carats. Three white-diamond baguettes and an equally beautiful band of platinum accented the stones. At the time the ring was said to cost over a million dollars. The diamond created a huge demand for pink diamonds for weeks afterwards.

Copying Famous Rings

Then and now jewelers are asked to create beautiful replicas of famous jewelry. To duplicate the look of the original jewelry can be an expensive endeavor. The diamonds and type of metal used in the jewelry have a strong bearing on the final price. Famous rings can be duplicated in many ways. With a little creativity and the right loose diamonds, gorgeous jewelry can be designed in ways that closely match those worn by the rich and famous. While it’s possible to use synthetic diamonds the look is never quite the same, real loose diamonds wholesale can’t be beat. Like everything else in life, there’s really no replacement for the real thing, unless of course it comes to duplicating the precious jewels worn by the rich and famous!